Aditi Mahavidyalaya 2020 Cutoff: Complete 1st to 5th Cutoff List

Aditi Mahavidyalaya

Aditi Mahavidyalaya is one of the popular constituent colleges of Delhi University. The college was established in the year 1994 and for two decades has been a pioneering institution bringing higher education to women students. The University of Delhi has announced Aditi Mahavidyalaya 2020 cutoff. Let us have a look at Aditi College Delhi 2020 Cutoff.

The Aditi College Delhi 2020 Cutoff is the minimum marks prescribed by the selection board for the admission of students. Merit list will be designed on these Cutoff scores. Aspirants who apply for the Institute needs to clear the Cutoff for various courses.

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Aditi Mahavidyalaya 2020 Cutoff

The Aditi Mahavidyalaya College 2020 Cutoff will be based on various parameters like numbers of appearing candidates, total numbers of seats, the difficulty level of the examination, and last year’s admission record.

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College Summary

Before we go to complete college review, let us have a look at the major details of this university Aditi Mahavidyalaya College 2020

rmgoe ads
Name of InstituteAditi Mahavidyalaya, University of Delhi
Popular NameAditi College Delhi
Year of Establishment1994
Institution TypeGovernment
Affiliated withDelhi University
Approved byUGC, NAAC
Courses OfferedVarious UG & PG Courses
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Official Website
CategoryColleges Affiliated to Delhi University
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Through this article, you can get complete information about the Aditi Mahavidyalaya (University of Delhi) like Aditi College Delhi 2019 Cutoff List, Aditi College Delhi 2018 Cutoff List and Other Details.

The consecutive Cutoff marks will be announced by the University of Delhi. Aspirants are advised to check our portal for the next round of the Cutoff score. The Aditi College Delhi 2020 Cutoff is not being published.

Here are the important dates you should keep in mind to get to know more about DU Admission 2020

Important Dates

Availability of DUET 2020 application form20 June 2020
Last date to submit the DUET 2020 application form31 July 2020
Release of DUET admit card29 August 2020
Delhi University Entrance Exam Dates6th September to 11 September 2020
Declaration of DUET resultAnnounced Soon

Aditi Mahavidyalaya 2020 cutoff

Before we check the Aditi Mahavidyalaya 2020 Cutoff (expected cutoff). Candidates are advised to read the most important instruction about Miranda House Delhi 2020 Cutoff. So Let’s check out the most important instruction regarding Cutoff.

Important Instructions

Below we have mentioned the Instruction regarding  Aditi Mahavidyalaya 2020 Cutoff.

  • The Aditi Mahavidyalaya Cutoff will be based on various parameters like numbers of appearing candidates, total numbers of seats, the difficulty level of the examination, and last year’s admission record.
  • The Cutoff marks will be announced to only those candidates who will qualify the DUET 2020.
  • The candidate who will secure the highest mark will get the top rank, whereas, the candidates with low marks will be allotted the lowest rank.
  • The Selection Board of DUET will not announce the Minimum Cutoff Marks for a specified Engineering Branch or College.
  • Board will announce the opening/first rank and closing/last rank for different  Top ten Colleges under DU./Other Colleges
  • Candidates are advised to fill their preferences according to their merit in the entrance examination.

Check out the University of Delhi Cutoff for Aditi Mahavidyalaya College.

Delhi University College 2020 Cutoff (1st Cutoff)

ParticularDownload Here
1st Cut-Off – Arts & CommerceClick Here
1st Cut-Off – ScienceClick Here
1st Cut-Off – BA (Prog.) Click Here

Delhi University College 2020 Cutoff (2nd Cutoff)

ParticularDownload Here
2nd Cut-Off – Arts & CommerceClick Here
2nd Cut-Off – ScienceClick Here
2nd Cut-Off – BA (Prog.) Click Here

Delhi University College 2020 Cutoff (3rd Cutoff)

ParticularDownload Here
3rd Cut-Off – Arts & CommerceClick Here
3rd Cut-Off – ScienceClick Here
3rd Cut-Off – BA (Prog.) Click Here

Delhi University College 2020 Cutoff (4th Cutoff)

ParticularDownload Here
4th Cut-Off – Arts & CommerceClick Here
4th Cut-Off – ScienceClick Here
4th Cut-Off – BA (Prog.) Click Here

Aditi Mahavidyalaya First Cut Off list 2020-21

1B.A(H) Geography80797876767677
1B.A(H) Social Work83808078787881
1B.Com (H)91898886868689
1B.Com (P)86848381818184
1B.A(H) Hindi Patrakarita Evam Jan Sanchar73717068686871
1Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management – Economics82807977777780
1Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management – Mathematicss80787775757578
1Economics – Mathematics75737270707073
1Economics – Psychology74727169696972
1Economics – Food Technology74727169696972
1Education – Political Science80787775757578
1Education – Human Development and Family Empowerment78767573737376
1Education – Geography75737270707073
1Political Science – Human Development and Family Empowerment81797876767679
1Geography – Food Technology75737270707073
1Hindi Discipline – Nutrition Health Education72706967676770
1Hindi Discipline – Office Management & Secretarial Practices70666765656568
1Hindi Discipline – Political Science80787775757578
1History – Sanskrit72706967676770
1History – Geography74727169696972
1Mathematics – Psychology72706967676770
1Music – Sociology72706967676770
1Music – Sanskrit70686765656568
1Nutrition Health Education – Sociology73717068686871
1Sociology – Office Management & Secretarial Practices75717270707073
1Political Science – Sanskrit78767573737376
1Political Science – Sociology82807977777780

Aditi Mahavidyalaya Second Cut Off list 2020-21

2B.A(H) GeographyClosed78.57775757576
2B.A(H) Social Work78737370707374
2B.Com (H)Closed868583838386
2B.Com (P)Closed818078787881
2B.A(H) Hindi Patrakarita Evam Jan Sanchar71696866666669
2Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management – Economics79777674747477
2Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management – Mathematicss77757472727275
2Economics – MathematicsClosedClosedClosed69696972
2Economics – PsychologyClosedClosed7068686871
2Economics – Food Technology71686765656568
2Education – Political Science74727169696972
2Education – Human Development and Family Empowerment72696765656569
2Education – Geography72706967676770
2Political Science – Human Development and Family Empowerment74706866666670
2Geography – Food Technology70686765656568
2Hindi Discipline – Nutrition Health Education68656563616366
2Hindi Discipline – Office Management & Secretarial Practices68656563636366
2Hindi Discipline – Political Science71696866646669
2History – Sanskrit68656563616366
2History – GeographyClosedClosed7068686871
2Mathematics – Psychology71696866666669
2Music – Sociology68656563616366
2Music – Sanskrit65626260586063
2Nutrition Health Education – Sociology70676765636568
2Sociology – Office Management & Secretarial Practices73696867676769
2Political Science – Sanskrit70686765636568
2Political Science – Sociology75737270687073

Aditi Mahavidyalaya Third Cut Off list 2020-21

3B.A(H) GeographyClosed787573737374
3B.A(H) Social Work77717168687172
3B.Com (H)89838380808083
3B.Com (P)ClosedClosedClosed75757580
3B.A(H) Hindi Patrakarita Evam Jan Sanchar69676664646467
3Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management – EconomicsClosed747371717174
3Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management – Mathematicss74727169696972
3Economics – MathematicsClosedClosedClosed67676770
3Economics – PsychologyClosed70Closed67676770
3Economics – Food TechnologyClosed666564636366
3Education – Political Science73706863686670
3Education – Human Development and Family Empowerment68666461616467
3Education – Geography71696763636369
3Political Science – Human Development and Family Empowerment72686663636468
3Geography – Food Technology69.5666563636366
3Hindi Discipline – Nutrition Health Education67626460586063
3Hindi Discipline – Office Management & Secretarial Practices66636361616164
3Hindi Discipline – Political ScienceClosed68.567.5Closed63.56568
3History – Sanskrit63606058585861
3History – GeographyClosedClosed69.567676770
3Mathematics – Psychology69676664646467
3Music – Sociology65626260586063
3Music – Sanskrit60575755535558
3Nutrition Health Education – Sociology69.5656563616366
3Sociology – Office Management & Secretarial Practices70676665656567
3Political Science – Sanskrit64626059596066
3Political Science – SociologyClosed7271.5Closed676872

First Cut-off List 2019

B.A (Hons.) Geography787573737376
B.A (Hons.) BSW838078787881
B.Com (H)918886868689
B.Com (P)868381818184
B.A (Hons.) BHJ737068686871
B.A. ASPSM- Economics827977777780
B.A. ASPSM- Maths827977777780
B.A. Economics- Food Technology747169696972
B.A. Economics- Maths757270707073
B.A. Economics- Psychology747169696972
B.A. HDFE- Political Science817876767679
B.A. HDFE- Sociology787573737376
B.A Food Technology- Geography757270707073
B.A Geography- History747169696972
B.A Hindi(D)- NHE726967676770
B.A Hindi (D)- OMSP706765656568
B.A Hindi (D)- Political Science807775757578
B.A History- Sanskrit726967676770
B.A Maths- Psychology726967676770
B.A. ASPSM- HDFE817876767679
B.A Music- Sanskrit706765656568
B.A Music- Sociology726967676770
B.A. NHE- Sociology737068686871
B.A. OMSP- Sociology757270707073
B.A Political Science- Sociology827977777780
B.A Political Science- Sanskrit787573737376

Second Cut-off List 2019

B.A (Hons) Social Work7370707374 
B.Com (Hons)8583808085 
B.A (Hons) Geography7371717171 
B.A (Hons) Hindi Patrikarita6563616366 

Aditi Mahavidyalaya 2018 Cutoff

Check out the University of Delhi Cutoff for Aditi Mahavidyalaya College.

First Cut-off List 2018

Course/CategoryGeneral (G)OBC (OBC)SC (SC)ST (ST)PwD (PwD)Kashmiri Migrants (KM)
B.A (Hons) Geography827777777780
B.A (Hons) Hindi Patrikarita787373737376
B.A (Hons) Social Work858080808083
B.A Programme757070707073
B.Com (Hons918686868689

Second Cut-off List 2018

Course/CategoryGeneral (G)OBC (OBC)SC (SC)ST (ST)PwD (PwD)Kashmiri Migrants (KM)
B.A (Hons) Geography807575757578
B.A (Hons) Hindi Patrikarita736868686871
B.A (Hons) Social Work777272727275
B.A Programme736868686871
B.Com (Hons)908585858588

Third List 2018

Course/CategoryGeneral (G)OBC (OBC)SC (SC)ST (ST)PwD (PwD)Kashmiri Migrants (KM)
B.A (Hons) Geography79.0074.0074.0074.0074.0077.00
(Hons) Hindi
(Hons) Hindi Patrikarita
(Hons) Social Work
B.Com (Hons)89.0084.0084.0084.0084.0087.00

Fourth Cutoff List 2018

CategoryGeneral (G)OBC (OBC)SC (SC)ST (ST)PwD (PwD)Kashmiri Migrants (KM)
B.A (Hons) GeographyClosed73.0073.0073.0073.0076.00
(Hons) Hindi
(Hons) Hindi Patrikarita
(Hons) Social Work
B.Com (Hons)88.0080.0080.0080.0080.0086.00

Fifth List 2018

CategoryGeneral (G)OBC (OBC)SC (SC)ST (ST)PwD (PwD)Kashmiri Migrants (KM)
B.A (Hons) GeographyClosedClosed71.0071.0071.0074.00
(Hons) Hindi
(Hons) Hindi Patrikarita
(Hons) Social Work
B.Com (Hons)86.5073.0073.0073.0073.0084.50

The Delhi University will announce consecutive cutoff for Aditi Mahavidyalaya (Delhi University) in upcoming days. The admission procedure to the college will last till the month of July/August. Stay Updated with us to get the latest information on Aditi Mahavidyalaya College 2020 Cut-off Score.

Contact Details

Aditi Mahavidyalaya (Delhi University)

Delhi Auchandi Road, Bawana, Delhi-110039
Tel No: 011-2752741, 011-27751317
E-Mail: info@amv94.o
Official Website:

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. Is Aditi Mahavidyalaya a good Institute/College?

A. Yes, Aditi Mahavidyalaya Delhi is the best College. It provides excellent exposure and placement and everything you need in the campus itself. With amazing infrastructure and facilities with highly educated professors.

Q. From which university ANDC College Delhi Affiliated?

A. Aditi Mahavidyalaya affiliated with the Delhi University(DU).

Q. What is Aditi Mahavidyalaya Fee structure, it is expensive?

A. Aditi Mahavidyalaya Fee Structure is affordable and the fees for all the programmes can be paid online.

Q. Is University of Delhi private or government?

A. The University of Delhi, informally known as Delhi University (DU), is a collegiate public central university, the University of Delhi has since become India’s largest institution of higher learning and among the largest in the world. the national or sub-national government which private universities are not allowed to get.

Q. How can I get admission in DU 2020?

A. The university will conduct DUET for admission into various UG and PG programmes. However, students can also apply for admission on the basis of merit of qualifying degree.

Q. Will there be any disadvantage for gap year students?

A. No, there be any disadvantage for gap year students.

Q. Is there be any relaxation offered to women candidates? 

A. Relaxation for women candidates varies from college to college and even from course. However, the upper limit has been fixed at 3%.

Q. How many colleges are under DU?

A. There are 90 colleges and 16 faculties affiliated to the University of Delhi, spread across Delhi. North Campus and South Campus serve as the two main campuses of the University.

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