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Best Books for IIT JAM Biological Science
As Answered by Anila K in the below section:
Quantum Mechanics - By Zetili / Griffith / Schaum Series
Solid State Physics - By Kittel / M.A. Omar / S O Pillai 
Statistical Physics - By Reif
Mathematical Physics - By Riley, Hobson and Bence /Arfken Weber
Classical Mechanics - By Goldstein / J. R. Taylor / David Morin (J C Upadhyaya can be referred to )
Thermodynamics - By Zeemansky / F. W. Sears and G. L. Salinger.

These are the perfect books if you are preparing for IIT JAM 2019. These are the most famous standard books of all. Other than these you can also go for some study material as well to support your dream. Visit: to know which one will be better for you.
All the Best

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