Which Course To Go for, B.Tech or MCA? Career Perspective, Jobs, Salary & More

B.Tech or MCA: Being a career counsellor for the last 8 years, students often ask us questions about their career issues. One such question is to choose between B. Tech or MCA. Before we start comparing the courses, we want to clear out one thing. Whether it’s MCA or a B.Tech, if you’re going to make a career in the IT field, then any of these can work. There are a number of private and government engineering colleges in India available which provides the B.Tech and MCA programs to the candidate.

After doing the BCA program, a candidate can further go for MCA. Compared to the salary package and exposure available after 4 years, B. Tech programs, one can easily decide to go for B.Tech. But again, before making any quick decision, candidates are advised to consult with their parents/teachers etc., to bring out the best available courses for them from the wide array of available career options.

1. Course Profile
2. Impact of the Course
3. Future OF the Course
4. Top NEET Coaching Centre in Delhi NCR
5. Placement Opportunity
6. Change in Technology
7. Salary Offered
8. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

You can also apply for various other career options per your area of interest. To know more about the different available career options, click here.

To compare B.Tech or MCA courses, we will first discuss the following parameters before judging.

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Course Profile

MCA Stands for Masters in Computer Application. It is a 3-year degree course that includes studying computer applications like hardware, software, and other related stuff. The course is best suited for those students who want to join the Software industry, but the lack of money or ability to make it through engineering colleges put a barrier to their dream. At the same time, B. Tech in computer science is a field where one learns about modern-day technologies and computer-related stuff like software testing, research, Artificial intelligence etc. The 4 years B. Tech programs ensure a better understanding of the subject matter and excellent placement assistance.

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Impact of the Course

The impact of computers on our society needs not speak. Nowadays, more people want to be computer literate. Hence making the Computer software industry one of the brightest service sectors in India. Due to the rise of many computer outsourcing firms, Computer graduates have now become the talk of the town. Both B.Tech and MCA can give you the knowledge and wisdom to do great in the computer world. As a computer graduate, your role will be to improve traditional business procedures by applying modern technologies and software applications.

Future OF the Course

Nowadays, the word “Startup” has become the latest buzz. Every day, many young and brilliant minds try to put their knowledge and experience to make their dream a success. As the world is going online, the scope of computer literacy has widened, giving them the power to start from anywhere. Many of the companies doing their business online are making a strong global presence and hence making B. Tech or MCA are good career options to go for. You can further go for M.Tech and research, which will enhance your understanding and chances of making a successful career.

Placement Opportunity

Due to the boom in the Software industry and campaigns like DIGITAL INDIA, Computer / IT graduates now have a dream run. Students and candidates can pursue their careers in different IT and computer applications sectors like Software development & Testing,  Web Technologies, R&D, UI Specialists, ERP, Databases Management, Mainframes Technologies, etc. Ultimately, B.tech or MCA degrees can offer rigorous exposure to logical thinking. Both the BCA and B.Tech Candidates are eligible to apply for the significant blue-chief IT/ITES companies of India and Abroad.

Change in Technology

In the last few years, the scope of Computer / IT engineering has been overgrown. A major and vast improvement in advancement is incurred in online shopping, User Interface Design,  and Usability issues in operating systems.

Salary Offered

The one big question, How much I will earn after completing the course? Well, in this regard, B.Tech stands far ahead of BCA. As the average salary offered to engineer graduates is 20k-25k, whereas, for MCA graduates, it’s about 10k-15k. So if you want to score high with the salary offered, you should go for B Tech Courses.

Engineering Admission

In short, if you are a student who wants to do something in software engineering, development or research field. You are not able to do B. Tech has achieved the BCA degree, so MCA is undoubtedly for you. We can also say that MCA is another way to get the same goal as the guys with B.Tech in computer science do. Though, it usually takes more time than engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1: Which degree is better, MCA or BTech?

Ans: MCA is a Post Graduate (PG) Professional Degree, Whereas BE / Btech is just an Under Graduate (UG) Degree. Mainly, MCA with Only B.Sc. (Computer Science), the background is Equivalent to an ME (Computer Science and Engineering). So, MCA Degree Holders usually get MORE Respect and Recognition than a BE / Btech.

Q.2: What is the salary of an MCA student?

Ans: The MCA course salary ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 lakhs per annum for an MCA course student depending upon work organization and education skills. The MCA course subjects are designed to suit the graduates’ job roles. Both the private and government sectors hire qualified MCA course graduates for a job.

Q.3: What is the benefit of doing MCA?

Ans: A person who holds an MCA degree can execute various tasks such as software development, database management, designing application on both web and mobile, etc.

Q.4: Is MCA a good career option?

Ans: Benefits of MCA So, it is a better choice to grow your career in the IT sector, and the MCA course is the best option to make your career in the IT sector because MCA is not only a postgraduate program, but it is also a complete professional making course for students to grow a successful career in IT sector.

Q.5: How MCA is useful in banking?

Ans: With MCA as a qualification, you can get various technical positions in the banking sector. Most technical graduates, Engineering graduates and MCA holders can get positions like IT management or IT Infra management etc. Banking is more of a general job.

Note: Following article is just a comparison between two courses. We don’t intend to make any course superior to others. It’s all about your choice and corporate exposure. Students are advised to take their passion as ought most priority while making a career option.

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  1. Currently IAM studying b.sc IT .if I get job after final year b.sc shall I join in company or else have to do MCA to get better position in software industry

  2. Can u exactly tell me which one yields more salary MCA or B.tech ., Correspondence class for MCA in india .which provides to study anywhere

    • MCA and B.Tech is totally technical course, in technical course degree is equally important with your skills. So no matter which degree do you have, your skills and knowledge base is more important.

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