Expert Views: 10 Tips To Choose The Best Career Option

Career Counselling: After class 12th Board Exams are over, you will soon be out of your school and will be looking forward to your future dreams. That will be the time when you will choose “College” of your dream to pursue your higher education.

Generally, due to the lack of Career Guidance to the students, college brings mixed thoughts to once mind. Some positive, some negative. Like its a place where all the Bollywood romantic movies are used to film in or its a place where you don’t have to follow the “Dress code” and you can go for a party, movies or anywhere you like to without any intervention from your family.

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For someone, it’s about reaching the corridors of their ambition but on the other hand, there are many who are not sure about how to choose a career and which college to go for? The dilemma of choosing a career in one of the best colleges from the wide array of available courses makes everyone confused and hence the lack of research and proper planning put a negative effect on our career plan.

1. Useful Resources
2. Entrance Exams

Useful Resources

Below we have mentioned the Class 1-12th Useful Resources which will definitely help you crack the CBSE Board Exam 2020.

CBSE Study Materials:

Therefore It is highly recommendable that before choosing any career path, one must undergo a special career aptitude test and career counselling to discover the best-suited course for the candidate. Here are some of the golden tips for choosing the right career options one can have after class 12th.

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1. If you aim for a better grip on the subject and aims to do research kinda things then try to stick with the chosen stream and go for the higher education.

2. Depending upon the stream you have in 12th, you can appear for the entrance exams for various courses. It will acknowledge the depth of your knowledge and will also introduce you to this cut-throat competition. Do appear for Entrance examinations. 

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3. Choosing a vocational course will give you some extra weight and can also improve your chances to get succeed. Courses like travel and tourism, foreign languages and computer courses can set your confidence level to a new height.

4. As admission to your dream courses are competitive in nature and there are limited seats with many takers. So even if you are best for those courses, admission is not guaranteed. Hence Planning for an alternative option can be a good option, in case you don’t get the course/college you are preparing for.

5. Try to choose the course/career where you can utilize your aptitude to the fullest. You can consult any good councillors or your teachers, senior who can interpret your interest and can help you to find the best-suited career for you.

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6. In India, almost every student wants to get enrolled in the best colleges and hence making those options quite difficult to chase. Good research can help you to find many institutions that have the quality of educations like the big name in our country. Dedicated Faculties integrated with all the modern facilities can help you to get succeed.

7. Try to consult with your parents, teachers and the current students for the information you need. You can also take help from “GOOGLE”. The one who has all the answer to your questions can satisfy your anxiety and boost you up with the confidence to excel.

8. If I get low marks in Board exams..? M I be eligible to choose the best career option..? These kinda question often distract us from our dream. You can go for other related career options if you won’t able to get the course/college of your dream. Usually, we, are scared of trying something new but always keep in mind that scenario is changing day-by-day and now peoples are grooving for the unconventional sectors too.

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9. Spend more time introspecting and getting to know yourself and then take a step out of your comfort zone and try something that will captivate you and inspire you to do the best.

10. Don’t blame yourself for not getting a good college. Now a day’s employers are increasingly looking for students who have excelled in the various field and attempted to enhance their employability skills irrespective of the pedigree of the institution they have graduated from.

There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it, listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications and just go for it.”

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