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Explore the World of Biology with Career in Biotechnology

A Career in Biotechnology is bright and sharp basically Biotechnology or simply Biotech is an amalgamation of Biology and Technology. Biotechnology is considered as an evolving field since it comes up with interesting technologies and products for the well being of living organisms. It has an influence on almost every field that concerns biology such as agriculture, where it helps in the creation of products to prevent insects and pests and thereby increases the yield. It also plays a vital role in keeping the atmosphere surrounding us cleaner and safer.

Nowadays, the world has reached a point where no one can live without Biotechnology since it is essential for fueling, feeding and healing the world. Currently, Biotechnologists have developed healthcare products and vaccines for diseases which were categorized under untreatable diseases. Throughout this article, every aspect related to Career in Biotechnology will be discussed.

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What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a broad discipline that covers the exploitation of biological processes, organisms, cells or cellular components for industrial and other purposes. A career in Biotechnology involves the transformation of biological systems or organisms with the aid of technological applications for specific uses. It is an aggregate of fields such as Bioinformatics, Bioprocess Engineering, Biorobotics and Chemical Engineering. Biotechnological applications are nicknamed using colours on the basis of where it is used. The colours and the corresponding applications are as follows:

Colours Explanation
White Biotechnology It involves everything that related to industries for finding solutions to processes happening around an industry
Red Biotechnology It is centred around medical fields and helps in the production of value-added healthcare products
Green Biotechnology From the name itself, it is understandable that it involves agriculture for seeking solutions to various agricultural problems and processes.
Grey Biotechnology It is related to the environment to find ways to keep the surroundings safe and clean
Blue Biotechnology It is connected to oceans and they seek to leverage oceans to develop products for industry

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Who is a Biotechnologist?

The one who practices Biotechnology is known as a Biotechnologist. They harness cellular and biomolecular processes for the development of new products and technologies to improve the lives of human beings and other living organisms. They modify or manipulate biological processes and organisms such as plants, animals, microbes etc. to develop and improve products in fields related to medicine, agriculture, ocean, insects, environment etc. by conducting experiments and researches in private or public laboratories.

Various Biotechnology Courses in India

If you wish to pursue a college degree in Biotechnology, then you can go for either a four year (B.Tech.  or B.E.) or a three year (B.Sc.) degree course. Even though students who have pursued these two courses can work in the same industry, there is a slight difference in the subjects covered. A B.Tech. or B.E. in Biotechnology is more centred around the technological aspects whereas a B.Sc. in Biotechnology is more focused on fundamental science rather than the technological side.

Biotechnology Course Duration Eligibility
Diploma in Biotechnology 3 years Admission seekers must be pass 10 or equivalent exam from a recognized board.
Certificate Courses in Biotechnology A few months to one year Admission seekers must be pass 10+2 or equivalent with science stream exam from a recognized board.
B.Sc. in Biotechnology 3 years Admission seekers must be pass 10+2 or equivalent with science stream exam from a recognized board.
B. Tech. / B.E. in Biotechnology 4 years Admission seekers must be pass 10+2 or equivalent with science stream exam from a recognized board.
M. Tech. in Biotechnology 2 years Admission in M. Sc. (Biotechnology) candidates should have a graduate degree with any of the B. Tech./B.E. of Biotechnology/ B. Pharm. /M. Sc. in Bioscience form any a recognized university/college.
M.Sc. in Biotechnology 2 years Admission in M. Sc. (Biotechnology) candidates should have a graduate degree from any recognized university/college.
M.Phil. in Biotechnology 1 year Admission in M.Phil. in Biotechnology, candidates should have completed  Post-Graduation with relevant marks from a recognized university.
PhD in Biotechnology 3 years Admission in M.Phil. in Biotechnology, candidates should have completed  Post-Graduation with relevant marks from a recognized university.


Career prospects after Biotechnology course?

A Biotechnologist can find multiple job opportunities in fields such as pharmaceutical companies, agriculture, environmental science and research labs. One can grab a teaching position in colleges or universities offering Biotechnology. As compared to any other field, Biotechnology is highly research-oriented and hence most Biotechnologists end up inside a laboratory. Since Biotechnology is having an influence on many other areas, this field is really vast and diverse. Having a PhD degree in Biotechnology will help you to own a laboratory for research and conduct experiments on your own.

Top institutes in India offering Career in Biotechnology

Institute/College/University Name Links Here
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Click Here
Delhi Technological University, Delhi Click Here
National Institute of Technology, Warangal Click Here
Amity Institute of Technology, Noida Click Here
National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal Click Here
University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Punjab Click Here

Q. Is biotechnology a good career?

A. Biotechnology did not consider as a ‘valid’ course mainly because of minor, high-paying job possibilities in the field, of course, the chances of getting a biotech job, with a moderate/good salary increases with qualifications.

Q. What does a bio-technologist do?

A. Biotechnologists study the genetic, chemical and physical attributes of cells, tissues and organisms, and identify practical uses for this knowledge.

Q. Which country is best for biotechnology jobs?

A. According to the report, the U.S. has 11,367 biotech firms followed by1,950 in France and 2,831 in Spain. They are supported by, Germany, Korea, United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand and Belgium rounding out the top ten.

Q. Can a biotechnologist become a doctor?

A. For become a medical doctor or physician, you must apply to medical school. Several of the necessities required by medical schools are covered if you have an undergraduate degree in biotechnology.

Q. Does biotechnology have a scope?

A. The scope of Biotechnology is broad and offers opportunities in the field of both research and engineering.

Q. Is NEET required for biotechnology?

A. Biotechnology, BSc or B.Tech does not require NEET score For B. Tech in biotechnology you need JEE scorecard, for entry in government and (some private institutes).

Q. Is biotechnology a growing field?

A. Biotechnology: A comprehensive new report surveys a broad cross-section of biotechnology work across developing countries, revealing steady growth in areas tied to human well-being worldwide Biotechnology research has grown steadily, with a 117% increase in published studies.

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