Career in Dancing: Education, Jobs, Course, Eligibility, Scope, Salary etc.

Dance is a type of art that can perform purposefully through a determined succession of human movements. The dance movement is attractive, and every particular culture has its dance form. We can classify and relate dance by its choreography, through its repository of steps, or according to their historical place and time and their origin.

If you want to make “a career in dancing in India,” this article will help you. Read complete detail about the different types of dances, the Job scope, and other related information on dancing.

इस आर्टिकल को हिंदी में पढ़े: अब डांस में भी है करीयर की अपार संभावनायें

A Career in Dancing in India

Dancing is an inherent part of our culture and tradition. Dance is divided into two categories:

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Edufever Common Form
  • Theatrical dance.
  • Participatory dance.
  • Choreograph.
  • Work in the art department for a dance company or theatre.
  • Become a yoga instructor.
  • Become a physical therapist or dance medicine specialist.

These two types of dance are not always completely separate: they have their special functions, which are social, martial, sacred, competitive, liturgical or ceremonial. Other forms of dance qualities are figure skating, cheerleading, synchronized swimming, martial arts gymnastics, and many other forms of athletics.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria for dancing:

QualificationCandidates wishing to enroll in an undergraduate course in Dance, such as BPA in Dance or BA in Dance, must complete 10+2 from a recognised school successfully.
AdmissionSeveral dance institutes and colleges undertake only candidates with a prior background in dance or a proven track record of participation in dance events and activities.


Dancing is the presentation of skills and knowledge through instruction and teaching or appropriate capacity and proficiency through investigation. We see that dance is a part of Indian celebrations. In India, the function is not believed to be completed without shaking hands and legs in ceremonies.

Degree & Education is not a benchmark in Dancing

Degrees in dancing will never prove that you are a good dancer. Dancing is an infinite sea and we are just at the shore. If you are confident enough of coming into shows.

There are so many classical and folk dances in India. These dances represent certain parts of India and take on the shade and weave of that zone. In India, Dancing is mainly divided into two parts; classical and folk dance. Some of the popular classical dances of India are as follows.

Bharatnatyam of Tamil NaduKathakali of Kerala
Kuchipudi of Andhra PradeshOdissi of Orissa
Manipuri of Manipur etc.Kathak of Lucknow and Jaipur

Dancing Career Roles

If you want to make a career in Dancing, you should enjoy the movement of your legs, soles and full body. Once you get started, the rhythm will improve with training and guidance. Nowadays, you may start your career as a Dancer from the early age of 5 to 6. You may learn to perform dancing from any Dance teacher, choreographer or assistant. The primary demand for dance training is 10+2. Yet, for postgraduate elevation flow, graduation in the subject is compulsory.

“There is no fixed age for dance; You can start when you love to”

Time for Courses

The certificate courses in dancing may range from 6 months to one year. The graduation or bachelor courses in dancing may range from 3-4 years, and the diploma or postgraduate course is done in two years. Apart from your passion for dancing, a creative mind, versatility, knowledge of rhythm, poise, and stage presence in inclusion are some of the basic skills you need to pursue the courses in Dancing.

Career Roles

Choreography: Choreography means dance configuration, classifying dancers and the beginning of the sequence of dances. For this particular role, dancers with freakish creative powers with the skill to elucidate music in terms of dancing are needed. Mainly choreographers work in movies, on stage, on television and in video music shows.

Teaching: In teaching, it is the required ability for teaching, enterprise, and consideration. A Dance Teacher must know the empirical and conceptual aspects of Dance.


You may start your career as a Junior assistant or can start your dancing class. The pay could be around 15k to 30k per month if you work as an associate. Once you make your name in the industry, you will have ample opportunities to knock at your door. Apart from that, you can always get a chance to do stage and TV shows.

Job ProfileDescriptionAnnual Salary
Dance TeacherTeaching at a studio or public school system with a Master’s degree or any other qualification is one of the most popular career choices. It is interesting to know that dancing would not exist without dancing teachers. Rs. 6,50,000
ChoreographerYou can either start your own dance company or work at a local theatre group for plays or musicals as a choreographer for commercial work.Rs. 4,00,000
Work in Arts AdministrationIf you desire a less physically active career in Dancing, you can shift to a desk job; schedule meetings, show rehearsals and organize fundraisers and budgetary finances.Rs. 7,00,000
Yoga or Pilates InstructorWith kinaesthetic knowledge, Pilates mat and apparatus training offer wonderful careers and additional income to full-time dancers. This is best for those who wish to transition into a field that is gentler on their body while keeping them physically active at the same time.Rs. 5,00,000
Marketing for DancersProfessionals can become graphic designers or closely work in arts administration for a company. You will be actively crafting web pages, promotional materials, and flyers or promoting an event through social media. Rs. 10,45,000
Dance Photographer or videographer.Being a dancer, you can become aware of different movements; therefore, photography can be easier to give you an edge in predicting video framing and great photo movements.Rs. 3,40,000
Costume or clothing designerApart from dancing, you can create costumes and dancewear designed to move in with the body. Moreover, the internet has paved the way for a booming self-employment market like Paypal, Etsy, Shopify, etc.Rs. 5,00,000
Physical Therapist or Dance Medicine SpecialistWith an academic degree program along with extensive training and a wide range of kinesiology and anatomy knowledge, graduates can choose to work as physical therapists.Rs. 4,00,000

Top 10 Institutes for Music and Dance in India

There are few organized courses or training schools for Dance in India. But we have tried to mention some of the best Dancing Schools in India. Let us have a look.

S. No.InstitutesLocation
1.Saraswati Music CollegeDelhi
2.Bhatkhande College of Hindustani MusicLucknow
3.Karnataka Sangeetha Nrithya AkademiBangalore
4.West Bengal State Music AcademyCalcutta
5.Kala Academy CampalGoa
6.Abhinaya Institute of danceMumbai
7.Arunodaya Kala NiketanMumbai
8.Ashwini Kala KendraMumbai
9.Bharatha Natya NiketanNew Delhi
10.Abhinay, Jayalakshmi EshwarNew Delhi

What Expert Says

Shiamak Davar, in a conversation with India Today Education[1]

While classical and folk dance forms represent us the best, even the western styles have found a place. Dance is not just a hobby, dance is not restricted to only girls; today, from metropolitan cities to towns, the awareness about dance is much more. People now have the capability and access to make their passion a profession

According to Shiamak Davar, here are the main reasons for the changing outlook of parents and children in India towards dance:

  • Global popularity
  • Progress of music pushes forward dance
  • Need for a healthy lifestyle
  • Behavioural development in children

The avenues through dance are aplenty. Whether it is becoming a performer in films, shows or musicals or teaching in academies or schools, there are various strong career opportunities, Says Davar

Pros and Cons

For Passionate People: Extremely satisfactory as one gets to do what one is in love with.Long practice hours and work schedule
You will physically fit & energetic.It is not a 9-5 job, you cannot expect regular shows and performances
Fame and name once you are establishedRegular dancing can have health hazards as well


Before we bring the curtain on, we would like to suggest to our readers that dance cannot be learned forcefully, and a passion for dancing is the most important tool to spark your destiny. One should make their name and fame in this field and can get the chance to perform on stage, in films or in any live show.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do you get paid for dancing?

Below are 7 ways to earn extra money as a dancer.
1. Write Dance Articles.
2. Perform/Choreograph for Special Events.
3. Teach Privates Lessons or Classes.
4. Sell Your Own Merchandise Online.
5. Become an Affiliated Seller.
6. Monetize Your Social Media Account.
7. Freelance Other Services.

What is the best age to start dancing?

There is no best age to start dancing. From our research, the most conducive age to begin serious training is around ages 7-9. Prior to this children should be acquiring movement and coordination skills in age-appropriate activities that might include dance.

What are the careers in dance?

Below have mentioned 8 Dance Related Careers To Pursue After Dance Life:-
1. Become a dance teacher.
2. Choreograph.
3. Work in arts administration for a dance company or theatre.
4. Become a yoga or Pilates instructor.
5. Marketing for dancers.
6. Become a dance photographer or videographer.
7. Costume or clothing designer.
8. Become a physical therapist or dance medicine specialist.

Why do dancers dance?

Dancers dance because they love dancing. Some dancers find great joy in getting a complicated combination right after working hard at it. Others know that they can never get bored with ballet because they can always improve because there is no such thing as a perfectly executed dance.

What is a dance degree called?

A Bachelor of Dance, often abbreviated as B. Dance, BFA (Dance), BCA (Dance), BDanceEd, BDancePerf, BA (Dance), is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by a college, university, or conservatory upon completion of a program of study in dance.


  1. India Today is a weekly Indian English-language news magazine published by Living Media India Limited.

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  1. Some one else told me in this generation dance is very tough. Nd if u want to become a dancer that is not use in this generation. Now, u tell me what they told me like that is it true? Or not? If u tell me they were wrong! Then how can I start my career after 12th? In which course I have to take after 12th if I want to become a dancer??

  2. Muche dance karna pasand hai Mai ISI Ko karier bnakar Apne ammi and Abbu ki help karna chahti hu please help me

    • Sorry glti se aiesaai likha gya Mai dancer bnakar ammi Abbu ki help karna chahti hu please help me and ISI Ko karier bnana chahti hu please help me

  3. Hey !! Anushka here,,Curently My 11 th will start from june 2021..I have choosen SCIENCE-BIO stream but now I dont know which courses should I take I mean basically my friends are doing NEET because they want to became a DOCTOR but I want to became a DANCER want to make my own dance grp .Can you plz give me yr opinion?

  4. Start exploring different cultures n styles in dance!! Attend competitions,regular classes, workshop….network people!…can also get graduation in dance after 12th std!!! d foremost thing… Love dancing!! Have passion….. Practice daily…. Take advices from social media!

  5. I am sanika I am studying in class 9 I started dancing from age of 12. I wanna make a career in dance. Can u help me. Out how should I start my journey…

    • Start exploring different cultures n styles in dance!! Attend competitions,regular classes, workshop….network people!…can also get graduation in dance after 12th std!!! d foremost thing… Love dancing!! Have passion….. Practice daily…. Take advices from social media!

  6. Hlo mam,
    Mam I am in class 10th right now. Can u plz tell me that can i do diploma or degree in kathak dance after completing my class 10th and doing my class 11th side by side.

  7. hi
    soumya this side. i have completed my btech degree in computer science but want to persue dance as my career..i have been very passionate towards my dance and culture..can you please help me in getting some platform or college for starting my dance career ???

  8. I’m in 10th right now and I have been dancing since I was 4 or 5. I’m interested in studying dance and making it a career.
    I have a few questions which are:
    1. I am not good in dancing folk dances of India, can I still join a college in india or should I join a college outside of India
    2. I’m passionate about dancing, what should I take up after 10th that can be beneficial for me if I am going to take up dancing as a subject
    3. Which other qualities should a dancer posses to make the best out of themselves

    Thank you

    • 1. Yes, you can still join the dance school.
      2. You can pursue 11th and 12th from any subjects, but arts will be helpful (Less time consumption.)
      3. Discipline, practice, good coach, healthy atmosphere etc.

  9. I have a passion in dance.I had studied dance from age 3.but to few years my dance classes was I have to start from first I think so.Now I am in plustwo and has a wish to study dance has a main subject for my career.but does dancing helps in building a better future?

    • There are not many dedicated professional courses for dance and choreography, While you can join the dance institute for a certificate course in India. most of the dance & choreography institute is lead by dancing and acting celebrity.

      Choreography is an art which comes underperforming art. There is just one degree in performing art and dance which offers by the few schools of arts.

      There is no requirement of a degree course to become a choreographer. You should have a zeal for this and you may go for the short-term, certificate and diploma courses offered by the various art schools in India.

      Short term or certificate courses take the duration six months

      Diploma courses take the duration of 1 – 2 years

      B.A in art and dance takes the duration of three years

  10. Hello sir.. Now I am doing my graduation in btech this is my 3rd year.. After my btech I want to learn dance and getting some degree in it.. I am already a dancer in clg cultural events I performed… Can u plz suggest me that after my btech can I do something in dance?

    • Hello Renuka,
      Nice to know you are pursuing a bachelor’s in technical degree. Always follow your passion. As you are in your young age, there are lot of opportunities in any field. You should join the dancing school in india.


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