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A career in Environmental Science: What would happen if the amount of water or trees on earth decreased, or if the human population increased drastically? Have any of such questions crossed your mind?

These are some applications of Environmental Science field. As time passes, the world around is changing faster, and most of these changes are not beneficial to the living things on earth. Environmental Science helps one to learn about such changes and to take necessary actions.

Most people consider Environmental Science as a subject which deals with natural science aspect. Still, the involvement of subjects such as humanities and social science make it a broad and complex field. Do you want to become an Environmental scientist and wonder how to get started?

This article will give you an inside review about the career in Environmental Science in India and different Environmental Science jobs available after doing Environmental Science courses.

What is Environmental Science?

Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary field that studies the effect of natural and unnatural processes, and it incorporates ideas and information from various fields.  It is an aggregate of physical, biological and information sciences. It is otherwise defined as the study of physical, biological and chemical components and processes on earth and their interactions. Earning a degree in Environmental Science means one has to study subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Earth and marine sciences, and social science.

Who is an Environmental Scientist?

The one who practices Environmental science is called as an Environmental Scientist. An Environmental Scientist studies various earth processes, the existing energy systems to come up with alternative sources, effects of global climate change, pollution control and natural resource management. They typically work to achieve environmental goals for the conservation of natural resources. Being an Environmental Scientist, one gets to travel a lot, especially trips to a variety of world regions to study and test the environment there.

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Difference Between Environmental Scientist and Environmentalist

There is a lot of difference between an Environmental Scientist and Environmentalist. An Environmental Scientist is a person who is trained in the technical and scientific analysis of the environment. Whereas an Environmentalist is one, who has got a passion for protecting the environment.

Anyone with love for the environment can become an Environmentalist, while an Environmental Scientist should have the necessary education and knowledge about the environment. Like an artist who devotes themselves to the art, an Environmentalist is someone who devotes themselves to the environment. If you too get thrilled by the world of Environmental Science, then it is the right time to choose a career in Environmental Science.

Various Environmental Science Courses in India

To work as an Environmental Scientist or to make a career in Environmental Science, one can earn a degree in following Environmental Science courses that are listed below:

Courses Duration Eligibility
Certificate Courses in Environmental Science A few months to one year Admission seekers must pass (10+2) or equivalent with science stream exam from a recognised board.
B.Sc. in Environmental Science 3 years Admission seekers must pass (10+2) or equivalent with science stream exam from a recognised board.
M.Sc. in Environmental Science 2 years Admission in M. Sc. (Environmental science) candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Life/Environmental/Agriculture Science from any recognised university/college.
M.Tech. in Environmental Science 2 years Admission in M.Tech. (Environmental Science) candidates should have a graduate degree from any recognised university/college.
Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science 1 year Admission seeker candidates should have a graduate degree in Science/Agriculture/Medical from any recognised university/college.
M.Phil. in Environmental Science 2 years Admission in M.Phil. in Environmental Science, candidates should have completed  Post-Graduation with relevant marks from a recognised university.

Career Prospects of Environmental Science

Many sectors offer rewarding, challenging and well-paying job opportunities for Environmentalists. An Environmental Scientist can work as an Environmental consultant, education officer, manager, nature conservation officer, recycling officer, waste management officer, sustainability consultant, water quality scientist, plant operator, lab technician, air emission tester, wind power analyst, environmental engineer etc.

Being an Environmental Scientist, one can work in various departments like agriculture, water, windmill, ecology, bioinformatics, zoology, climatology, archaeology, anthropology etc.

Top institutes in India offering Career in Environmental Science

Institute/College/University Name Links Here
Anna University, Chennai Click Here
Thapar University, Patiala Click Here
Bundelkhand University, Uttar Pradesh Click Here
Chaudhary Devi Lal University Click Here
North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon Click Here
National Institute of Environment, Lucknow Click Here
Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune Click Here

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