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A career in Fashion Designing 2021-22: Jobs, Career, Salary, Scope, Education & Much More!!

Contrary to popular belief, fashion designing is not just related to clothes. Fashion design is considered to be a form of art which deals majorly with the creation of various kinds of clothing wear and also accessories and other lifestyle products. The demand for fashion designers is ever-growing as the modern lifestyle is pretty fast-paced and the span of any fashion design is short-lived.

Fashion designers are responsible for coming up with creative and original ideas for clothing, etc. and selecting suitable materials for the same. Think of them as an unexaggerated version of the protagonists from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.Well, this article will help you to understand each and every aspect related to a Career in Fashion Designing in India and help you to decide whether the Fashion Industry is a better profession for you or not.

A Career in Fashion Designing

Since Fashion Designers are much sought after by large and small apparel companies alike, fashion designing is itself a specific course offered by various universities across the globe. There are institutes set up specifically for fashion designing and students can get their bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in fashion designing. There, they learn about various textiles, use of technology, fabrics and other things that help them build their portfolios. Most universities provide internship opportunities and even on-campus placements with good packages to students.

However, to do a Masters in designing one need not have done bachelors in the same course. Having the background of any Arts degree helps, just that having done under graduation in the same course proves to be advantageous, not only for understanding but also in getting hired.

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What does it take to be a Fashion Designer?

A creative person with an artistic brain and hand, quick decision-making skills, who is able to turn his/her vision into something material, is the minimum requirement to have a thriving career in the field of fashion designing. Apart from that, having effective communication skills helps – in any field. Being a fashion designer means having a team of people to work with, and it is important to have a command over language for correct and impressive articulation and to comfortably work with a team a person also needs to be a team player.

Fashion designers should also be meticulous and have an eye for details which can distinguish the smallest difference between different colours, fabrics, etc. Business sense and ambitious spirit will only help the designers understand finance better, helping them climb up the hierarchy ladder easily.

What is the Work of a Fashion Designer?

The work of a fashion designer is not just coming up with an innovative idea for a lifestyle item but following it up until the end. The job of a fashion designer is to set trends by anticipating appealing designs that people might like. They are responsible for deciding the best fabrics, colours, accessories, etc. by making comparisons and visiting manufacturers.

They are involved in the prototype show of the design and eventually leading it to the market and to the customers. A Fashion Designer oversees the whole process of product creation – from the germination of an idea to its fruition.

Types of Jobs and their Prospects

The demand for fashion designers might be high, but the competition is tough too. There are only limited numbers of jobs available in the sector and a person with an official degree in fashion design, impeccable portfolio and experience have high prospects. There are multiple variations of fashion designing and various jobs available. One can be a Fashion Designer, Retail Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Retail Buyer, Stylist, Textile Designer, Sales Associate, Sales Professional, Programmer Analyst, Digital Fashion Designer, Footwear Fashion Designer, the list is long.

The retail trade industry shows a promising growth in the coming years, which will increase the demand for fashion designers in that sector. The exponential pace at which the digital world is growing has also created numerous opportunities for designers. Thus, the prospects of doing financially well in the field of fashion designing are good. Another misconception about fashion designing is that it is only meant for girls/women. The plethora of jobs this field offers is gender-neutral and befitting for both boys and girls. So, given the potential of fashion designing, anyone who has the relevant skills can make it big here!


The initial salary for a Fashion Designer may depend on the place of Work and Reputation but on an average, a Fashion Designer draws something around Rs. 3 Lacs to Rs. 6 Lacs per annum as a starting level. With years of experience, one can set up His/Her own Fashion Boutique to earn around Rs.20 Lacs to Rs.30 Lacs per year. Overall, we can draw the conclusion that Career in Fashion Designing is one of the hottest profession in today’s Apparel world.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the general eligibility criteria for the Fashion Designing courses available in India.

ProgramsEligibilityAge Limit
Bachelor of Design – B.Des. (Fashion Design / Leather Design / Accessory Design / Textile Design / Knitwear Design / Fashion Communication)The aspirant must have the 12th level examination in the 10+2 pattern of examination of any recognized Central/State Board of Secondary Examination, such as Central Board of Secondary Education / State Board New Delhi, and Council for Indian School of Certificate Examination, New Delhi.Maximum age limit  23 years as on 1st October 2017. 5 (five) years of relaxation for the candidates of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribe/ Person With Disability (PWD)
Bachelor of Fashion Technology (Apparel Production) (B.FTech.)-Same as mentioned above--Same as mentioned above-
M.Des (Master of Design)Undergraduate Degree in any discipline from any Institute / University recognized by law in India
Undergraduate Diploma of minimum three years duration from NIFT / NID.
No Age limit.
M.F.M (Master of Fashion Management)-Same as Mentioned above--Same as Mentioned above-
M.F.Tech. (Master of Fashion Technology)B.F.Tech. from NIFT
B.E / B.Tech. from any Institute / University recognized by law in India.
NO upper age limit.

Preparation Tips

There is given below Important Tips related to NID 2020

  • Firstly, know all the details about the officially prescribed syllabus for the examination.
  • Practice mock tests & previous year’s question papers.
  • Make a proper timetable for your preparations.
  • Consider the good preparation of books and study materials.
  • Consider the good preparation of books and study materials.
  • Stay stress-free & healthy while preparing for exams.
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