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Career in Ocean Engineering: Course, Jobs, Salary, Eligibility, Top College & More!

Most of you might have travelled in a ship or some other marine vehicle at some point in your life. Have any of you ever thought about whose skills are behind these beautiful structures? Yeah, those are all an application of Ocean Engineering, and the one who is behind all these activities is an Ocean Engineer. Well, this article will give you a glimpse of Ocean Engineering Careers and help you to decide whether a career in Ocean Engineering is a better profession for you or not. Read depth info on various Ocean Engineering Courses offered by different Ocean Engineering colleges in India and the Ocean Engineering Jobs available after pursuing the course.

Ocean Engineering is another form of civil engineering, and hence it requires artistic skills. The introduction of Ocean Engineering has changed the method of study of Oceanography. If you are interested in inventing and designing marine structures such as ships, then continue reading this article to find more details about Ocean Engineering.

1. What is Ocean Engineering?
2. What are the Jobs of an Ocean Engineer?
3. Various Ocean Engineering Courses in India
4. What are the Future Prospects of Ocean Engineering Jobs?
5. Top Colleges in India Offering Ocean Engineering Careers
6. Frequently Asked Question

What is Ocean Engineering?

Ocean Engineering is an amalgamation of many subjects such as Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc. Ocean engineering is a sub-discipline of engineering that studies the designing and construction of tools and equipment for the purpose of oceanography studies. A person who practices Ocean Engineering is called an Ocean Engineer and an Ocean Engineer may have to work in uncomfortable environments that include dangerous territories too.

It is said that a good Ocean Engineer should know almost all about an ocean such as natural resources like oil or oxygen found within it. In the earlier years, thousands of days or even months may take to complete a research study for an oceanographer. The introduction of Ocean Engineering has made their life easier.

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What are the Jobs of an Ocean Engineer?

Some important jobs of an Ocean Engineer are listed below:-

  • Work with Oceanographers, marine biologists, geologists and geophysicists
  • Work along with the research team to help with research projects
  • Design, schedule and implement marine structures
  • Design structures in such a way that it should be able to work in saline water and withstand storms and other marine environmental conditions.
  • Acquire knowledge in Engineering principles and ocean environments
  • Fix and maintain equipment

Various Ocean Engineering Courses in India

To work as an Ocean Engineer or to make a career in Ocean Engineering, one may earn a degree in following Ocean Engineering courses.

Course NameEligibility CriteriaDuration
B.Tech in Ocean Engineering Higher Secondary (10+2) 4 Years
M.Tech in Ocean EngineeringBachelors degree 2 Years

What are the Future Prospects of Ocean Engineering Jobs?

An Ocean Engineer plays a crucial role in helping the Oceanographers and Marine Biologists in their research projects. An Ocean Engineer may sometimes force to work in harsh and dangerous places and most of the other times; their working environment is a ship or submarine.

Many governments, private, oil, conservation, and navigation industries offer multiple job opportunities for n Ocean Engineer. They can apply to construction companies concentrating on offshore structures and oil drilling and exploration companies. One can apply for positions like inspector or inspection engineer, surveyor, lecturer at universities and welding engineer.

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Top Colleges in India offering Ocean Engg. Careers

Some of the best colleges in India offering Ocean Engineering Careers are as followed:

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Frequency Asked Question(FAQs)

Q.1: Which is better, PCM or PCB?

Students who want a career in engineering or quantitative sciences generally take up PCM, whereas students interested in medical or biological sciences take up PCB. Only those students who are comfortable with mathematics should opt for PCM.

Q.2: Which is the Best Engineering Course for girls?

Below are mentioned Best Engineering Courses for girls after 12th Science.
>Computer Science and IT.
>Electronics and Communication Engineering.
>Biotech or Bioengineering.
>Electrical Engineering.
>Chemical Engineering.

Q.3: Can a PCB student give JEE?

A. Yes, they can fill the JEE Main application form and appear for the exam. But there’s no use in it as no institution will give them admission.

Q.4: Is engineering good for the future?

A degree in engineering opens up a career path toward high-paying, in-demand jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, engineering professions typically have a wage higher than the national median and a relatively positive growth outlook.

Q.5: What are the Career Options after 12th with PCM?

1. Engineering.
2. Architecture.
3. Merchant Navy.
4. Commercial Pilot.
5. Bachelor of Science.
6. National Defense Services-Indian Navy Officer, Indian Air Force.
7. Railway Apprentice Exam.
8. Business Administration and Management Studies.

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