Download Useful CBSE Class 7 English Sample paper in PDF

    cbse class 7 english sample paper
    cbse class 7 english sample paper

    Hi, friends, in the last topic we have discussed the complete CBSE class 7 English syllabus. So if you have gone through the previous article then you will surely have the knowledge of what is being asked for the class 7 English paper. In this article, we will test your preparation with CBSE Class 7 English Sample paper (designed by Teacher’s and Experts).

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    To improve your basic knowledge and command over the kind of problems asked in the exams, we have exclusively designed set of few CBSE class 7 English sample paper. These sample papers will help you to score extra marks in your school exams and will give your concept a ground reality. Hope you will love to solve the sums.

    CBSE class 7 English sample paper (SA 1 + SA 2)

    Understanding the basics of English, grammar and use of correct sentence are the major area of concern for class 7 English subject. Reading passage and comprehension can be very fruitful for junior class students. You can take the reference of these Sample Papers to judge your level of preparation.

    CBSE Class 7 English Sample paper

    Answer the following question in 50 words:-

    1. Come upstairs with me Tom Why did Maggie want her brother to go upstairs with her?
    2. Will you support the movement to protect the whale? Why?
    3. What indicates that rusty was greatly excited when he saw the pool?
    4. What activities other than swimming took place at the pool?
    5. What did the wind do to make wind millwork?
    6. Howmillworkon rewarded for his achievement by his country?
    7. What does “dull of soul mean “mean? Who would be a person dull of the soul?
    8. What is the garment the speaker refers to? Who is wearing it?
    9. What impression of London does the speaker create and how this achieved?
    10. If words are “Easy” what is hard?

    Answer the following question in 100 words:-

    • What high hopes did the grandfather have for her grandson’s future? What hopes did the neighbour have?
    • What are leviathans? Why were sperm whales described as leviathans?

    Write an essay on any topic:

    • Any Indian festival.
    • Any Indian leader
    • Value of discipline

    Letter writing

    • Write a letter to your father for about your exam preparation? Or
    • Write an application to your principal for remission of Fine.

    Answer Followings.

    • What is a conjunction? Name its kind?
    • What is a verb? How many kinds of a verb?
    • Write the name of parts of speech?

    The above following sample papers for class 7 English is designed by a list of highly qualified teachers of our family. The sample paper is based on the English syllabus of class 7 and consist of all sort of questions to be asked in class 7 English exam. CBSE class 7 English sample paper cover the objective questions like MCQ, Fill in The blanks, True or False, short answer type questions etc. To solve the whole paper along with the other CBSE class 7 English sample papers in PDF format, click the link below.

    Download CBSE Class 7 English sample paper in pdf

    S.No Sample Paper Full marks
    1. English Sample Paper 1 75
    2. Class VII English Sample Paper 2 75
    3. English Sample Paper 3 75
    3. Class VII English Sample Paper 4 90

    To download Sample Papers for other subjects, go to our CBSE Class VII Sample Paper.

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    Best of Luck Students..!!!

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    Download Useful CBSE Class 7 English Sample paper in PDF
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