Download Useful CBSE Class 8 GK Sample paper in PDF

    cbse class 8 GK sample Paper
    cbse class 8 GK sample Paper

    Hi, friends, in the last topic we have discussed the complete CBSE class 8 GK syllabus. So if you have gone through the previous article then you will surely have the knowledge of what is being asked for class 8 General Knowledge paper. In this article, we will test your preparation with CBSE Class 8 GK Sample paper (designed by Teacher’s and Experts).

    CBSE class 8 General Knowledge sample paper
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    To improve your basic knowledge and command over the kind of problems asked in the exams, we have exclusively designed set of few CBSE class 8 General Knowledge sample paper. These sample papers will help you to score extra marks in your school exams and will give your concept a ground reality. Hope you will love to solve the sums.

    CBSE class 8 General Knowledge sample paper (SA 1 + SA 2)

    CBSE class 8 general knowledge gk covers topics festivals of India, inventions, Indian languages, discovery of bronze, invention of compact disc, natural wonders, famous leaders, discovery of bronze, famous people, Nobel prize winners, computer bytes, diseases, scientific terms, sportspersons, Asian games, cricketers around the world, sportspersons and their nicknames, Indian airports, mountains and peaks, rivers etc. We have tried to cover all the topics in our sample paper. Just have a look.

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    CBSE Class 8 GK Sample paper

    Answer the following questions: 

    1. Which infective organism is responsible for dengue?
    2. What is the food of brain?
    3. The great mathematician whose birth centenary was celebrated in India in 1987?
    4. Who is the author of the famous novel “A train to Pakistan”?
    5. Which prime minister could not prove his majority in Lok Sabha in may 1996?

    Fill in the blanks with the help zone: 

    1. Reading is a great stimulus for our brain___________.
    2. A _________ eagles nest can measures 8 feet wide and 16 feet deep.
    3. A _______ is an opening on the earth’s surface from where molten rocks, gases erupt.
    4.  __________ is the largest volcano of the earth.
    5. The juice of papaya leaf has ___________ fighting properties.
    6.  ___________ has revolutionized the quality of life.
    7. Forest cover is likely to decrease which may lead to loss of ____.
    8. Mrs Sushma Swaraj is present________ minister of India.
    9. Dengue disease occurs throughout the world except _________.
    10.  __________ Tortoise is the largest living tortoise.

    [Galapagos, External Affair, Brain, Bold, Mauna Loa, Volcano, Europe, Dengue, Industrialization, Biodiversity]

    Write the name:- 

    1. Present RBI Governor.
    2. A player who scored double century two times in ODI.
    3. White Desert.
    4. CEO of state bank of India.
    5. A shutter who won the silver in Olympic for India in Rio.

    The above following sample papers for class 8 General Knowledge is designed by a list of highly qualified teachers of our family. The sample paper is based on the GK syllabus of class 8 and consist of all sort of questions to be asked in class 8 General Knowledge exam. CBSE class 8 GK sample paper cover the objective questions like MCQ, Fill in The blanks, True or False, short answer type questions etc. To solve the whole paper along with the other CBSE class 8 General Knowledge sample papers in PDF format, click the link below.

    Download CBSE Class 8 General Knowledge sample paper in pdf

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    Download CBSE Class 8 GK Sample paper in PDF (SA1+SA2)
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