CBSE Class 8 Social Science Syllabus 2017-2018 Session

    cbse class 8 sst syllabus
    cbse class 8 sst syllabus

    CBSE Class 8 SST Syllabus: Hi friends, today we are going to discuss you about the latest Syllabus of Class 8 Social science. As you know very well that Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has its own curriculum and syllabus designed for the students and they hold the supreme authority to change it further for the benefit of students.  So it is always a wise decision to keep an eye on what happening around with the subject you are going to learn. This year CBSE made little bit changes in CBSE class 8 SST syllabus.

    NCERT Books for class 8 Social Science

    • NCERT Our Pasts Book III part I- History class 8
    • NCERT Textbook in Social and Political Life III for Class 8
    • NCERT Textbook In Geography for Class 8
    • Social Science for class 8 – Bharti Bhawan Publication (Reference Book)

    Overview of CBSE Class 8 SST Syllabus, Chapter wise social science syllabus for class 8, Class VIII social science syllabus for session 2017.

                                                     Unit – 1 History
    A: Our Pasts – III, Part-1 B: Our Pasts – III, Part-2
    How, When And Where Weavers, Iron Smelters, And Factory Owners
    From Trade To Territory: The Company Establishes Power Civilizing The “Native”, Educating The Nation
    Ruling The Countryside Women, Caste And Reform
    Tribal, Dikus And The Vision Of A Golden Age The Changing World Of Visual Arts
    When People Rebel: 1857 And After The Making Of The National Movement: 1870s – 1947
    Colonialism And The City: The Story of an Imperial Capital India After Independence
                       Unit – 2 Geography (Resource and Development)
    Resources Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation And Wildlife Resources
    Mineral And Power Resources Agriculture
    Industries Human Resources
                          Unit – 3 Civics (Social and Political Life – III)
    The Indian Constitution Understanding Secularism
    Why Do We Need A Parliament? Understanding Laws
    Judiciary Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
    Understanding Marginalization Confronting Marginalization
    Public Facilities Law And Social Justice
        Unit – 4 Disaster Management (Together, Towards A Safer India)
    Being Prepared – A Vital Part Of Disaster Management Earthquakes
    Cyclones Floods
    Drought Man-made Disasters – An Overview


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    CBSE Class 8 Social Science Syllabus 2017-2018 Session
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