DECRUST M Tech CSE Advanced Operating System

    M Tech CSE Advanced Operating System
    M Tech CSE Advanced Operating System

    DECRUST M Tech CSE Advanced Operating System : Deen Bandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology Murthal M.Tech Advanced Operating System Syllabus.

    Unit 1 :

    Review of Operating Systems principles, Synchronization mechanisms, Process deadlocks, Architecture of Distributed Operating system: Motivation, System Architecture types, issues in distributed operating system, Communication primitives.
    Unit 2 :

    Inherent limitations of distributed operating systems. Event ordering. Timestamps. Distributed mutual exclusion. Token and non-token based algorithms. Comparative performance analysis.

    Unit 3 :

    Distributed deadlock detection: Deadlock handling strategies, issues in deadlock detection & reevaluation, Control Organization: Centralized distributed & Hierarchical detection algorithms.

    Unit 4 :

    Concurrency control. Shared Memory. File Systems. Agreement protocols for handling processor failures. Coordination of processes and related algorithms, Interprocess Communications, Failure handling and recovery mechanisms.

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    M Tech CSE Advanced Operating System
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