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Delhi Govt. Start 100 Online Services including All Scholarship Programme for The Student

New Delhi: People living in Delhi can now avail 100 online services at their doorstep, including all scholarship programme for school to a college student, paying the motor vehicle tax and getting a DTC pass, taking the total number of such services to 100.

The second phase of the doorstep delivery of public services, the official launch of which is yet to take place, has been rolled out.

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Delhi’s people can dial 1076 and get the service by paying ₹50 extra, an official from govt. Administrative Reforms told IANS.

The latest services include booking a tour package through Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corp.

List of 100 Online Services by Delhi Government


  1. Issuance of Income Certificate
  2. Enrolment as Civil Defence Volunteer
  3. Issuance of Land Status Report
  4. Issuance of Domicile Certificate
  5. Issuance of Delayed Birth Order
  6. Issuance of Delayed Death Order
  7. Issuance of Lal Dora Certificate
  8. Issuance of Permanent Identity Card to the Disabled Person
  9. Issuance of Caste Certificate (OBC)
  10. Issuance of Caste Certificate (ST)
  11. Issuance of Caste Certificate (SC)
  12. Issuance of Surviving Member Certificate
  13. Issuance of Solvency Certificate
  14. Registration of Marriage
  15. Issuance of ROR


16. Approval of Installation of Passenger Lift,Lift Shaft & Machine Room

17. Delhi Shops & Establishments Act,1954

18. Grant of License for Contractor Under Section 12 of Contract Labour (regulation & Abolition) Act,1970

19. Grant of License for Working of Passenger Lift

20. Grant of Registration of Establishment Employing building workers of BOCW (RE&CS) Act,1996

21. Grant of Registration Certificate of Principal Employer Under Section 7 of Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act,1970

22. Periodical Inspection of Lift

23. Grant of Electrical Contractor License

24. Issuance of Certificate of Competency – Class I (Electrical Supervisor)

25. Registration of Construction Workers Under Building and other Construction Workers (RE&CS) Act,1996

26. Renewal of Construction Workers under the building and other Construction Workers (RE&CS) Act, 1996

27. Renewal of License to Contractor under Contract Labour Act,1970


28. Financial Assistance for Purchase of Stationery to SC/ST/OBC/Minority Category Students
29. Reimbursement of Tuition Fees for Students Belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Minority Category Students
30. Scholarship/Merit scholarship to SC/ST/OBC/Minority Students Of School (for Class I to XII) and for OBC (class VI to XII)
31. Post Matric Scheme for SC Students
32. Pre Matric Scheme for SC Students
33. Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students of College/ Professional Institutions
34. Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students (PMS-OBC)
35. Pre Matric Scholarship for OBC Students (PMS-OBC)


36. Issuance of Priority Household Card
37. Updation of Member Details in the AAY/priority Household Card
38. Addition of Members in the Ration Card
39. Change in Head of Family
40. Change in Residential Address
41. Deletion of Members in the Ration Card
42. Issuance of Duplicate Ration Card
43. Transfer of Ration Card within Delhi
44. Updation of Mobile Number of Beneficiary


45. Higher Education and Skill Development Guarantee Scheme of Delhi Higher Education Aid Trust
46. Merit-cum-means Income Linked Financial Assistance Scheme of Delhi Higher Education Aid Trust


47. Duplicate RC Certificate
48. Change of Address in RC
49. Transfer of Ownership
50. Hypothecation Addition
51. Hypothecation Termination
52. Issuance of NOC
53. Learners License
54. Permanent Driving License
55. Renewal of Driving License
56. Duplicate Driving License
57. Change of Address in Driving Licence
58. Addition of New Class of Vehicle to a Driving License
59. Motor Vehicle Tax
60. Issue of PSV Badge
61. Issue of Conductor License/Badge
62. Issue of Duplicate Conductor License
63. Renewal of Conductor License
64. Renewal of Permit
65. Issue of Duplicate Permit


66. Registration of Bed & Breakfast Establishments


67. New water/Sewer connection
68. Mutation
69. Re-Opening (After rebuilding of house etc.)
70. Disconnection


71. Delhi Family Benefit Scheme
72. Handicap Pension Scheme
73. Grievances of Old Age Pension Scheme


74. Booking of Tour Package


75. Issuance of General All Route Bus Pass for AC & Non AC Buses
76. Issuance of Delhi-NCR Bus Passes
77. Issuance of Concessional BPL/AAY Monthly Bus Passes
78. Issuance of Concessional Bus Passes to Senior Citizen AC & Non AC Buses
79. Issuance of Free Bus Passes for Disabled Persons (blind)
80. Issuance of Free Bus Passes for Disabled Persons (deaf & dumb)
81. Issuance of Free Bus Passes for Disabled Persons (orthopaedics)
82. Issuance of Free Bus Passes for Freedom Fighters with one attendant
83. Issuance of Free Bus Passes For MLA with one Attendant
84. Issuance of Free Bus Passes for National Award Winner
85. Issuance of Free Bus Passes for Sportsman (International)
86. Issuance of Free Bus Passes for War Widows & Their Dependents
87. Issuance of Student Concessional Destination/All Route Bus Passes


88. Grant of License to Chemist
89. Grant of License for Sale of Homoeopathic Drugs
90. Grant of License for Sale of Schedule X Drug
91. Addition/ Deletion of Competent Person
92. Addition/ Deletion of Registered Pharmacist
93. Renewal of License
94. Addition of Premises
95. Change in Premises
96. Change in Constitution
97. Surrender of License


98. Fresh Registration
99. Renewal of Registration


100. Delhi Pension Scheme to Women in Distress (Widow Pension Scheme)

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