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Dental Technician/Dental Technology – Explore Your Dream Smile

Most of us have heard of Dental Science or Dentistry and might be aware of its scope, but not about Dental Technology and Dental Technician. Like doctors need patients and patients need a doctor, these two terms are mutually interdependent.

Have you ever been to a dentist before and wondered who made all those dental devices used in different treatments? Well, if your answer is yes and it interests you, then youíre in the right place. In this article, we will discuss Dental mechanic and some of the dental assistant course offered by different Dental technician training institute in India.

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1. What is Dental Technology?
2. What does it like to be a Dental Technician?
3. How to become a Dental Technician?
4. Dental Technician Course
5. Scopes After dental technology
6. Frequent Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Dental Technology?

Dental technicians (or dental technologists as they are often referred to) make the dentures, crowns, bridges and dental braces that improve patientsí appearance, speech and ability to chew.

Dental Technology is centred on the technical side of dentistry and defined by the construction of safe and effective custom made restoratives and dental devices. A Dental Technologist or a Dental Technician as referred by most people is the one who practices Dental Technology and constructs Dental prosthesis and appliances upon prescriptions from a dentist.

Dental Technicians use a wide range of materials and Dental mechanic for the fabrication of teeth or prostheses with the appropriate form and colour. And hence, Dental Technology is made to believe as an art since it requires some artistic skills to work in the Dental lab.

Some of the significant dental assistant training disciplines are as follow:

  • Fixed Prosthesis: Construction of Crowns, Bridges, and Implants.
  • Removable Prosthesis: Consists of Dentures and Removable Partial Dentures.
  • Maxillofacial Prosthesis: Making of artificial eyes, ears, and facial prosthesis.
  • Orthodontics and Auxiliaries: Includes Orthodontic appliances and Mouthguards.

What does it like to be a Dental Technician?

The works of a Dental Technician is usually inside a Dental Technical Laboratory. Once you are confident enough to work as an individual, you can run your dental laboratory. You can grab a teaching position at colleges offering Dental technician courses and research a part-time or work under military services. Usually, it will take around 3-4 years to become an expert in Dental Technology and start practising on your own. The salary range may vary by your experience and skill set.

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How to become a Dental Technician?

Many People ask us about dental technician course eligibility and how to become a Dental Technician? To start a Dental Technician career, one must earn a Dental technology degree, a certificate in dental technology or diploma in Dental Technology. The minimum education required to become a Dental Technologist is 10th, a high school diploma or equivalent. The course consists of both classroom and hands-on clinical training at the laboratory.

An excellent Dental Technician must be creative in mind and should have better eye-hand coordination for fast actions. Since they need to have contact with chemicals, dental laser, and various equipment, utmost care and skills are necessary.

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Dental Technician Course

To work as a Dental Technician, one can earn a degree in following dental technician course which is listed below:

1Diploma in Dental Technician (D.D.T)1 year10+2
2Bachelor of Dental Technology (B.D.Tech)3 yearsHigh School (10+2)
3Master of Dental Technology (M.D.Tech)2 yearsGraduation/BDenTech
4Certificate course in Dental Technology6-12 monthsHigh school diploma or equivalent

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Scopes After dental technology

The future of Dentistry around the world is vast, and the demand for dental technologies is on the rise. In the earlier years, dental devices are just for doing the purposes no matter how long it takes to complete an operation and how accurate it is. But this approach has changed now, and the world is looking for faster and more precise dental dentures and replacements.

Nowadays, there is plenty of job opportunities in this field because of the increase in the number of clinical laborites and dental colleges around the world. The dentists-dental technician relation is another factor that ensures a great future in this career. New technologies are being made and advanced every day and thereby making the life of a dentist more comfortable.

Institutes offering Dental Technician course in India

Some of the leading Institute offering†dental technician course in India are listed below.

  • All India Institute of Public and Physical Health Science, Delhi
  • Cochin Institute of Dental Technology, Kerala
  • S Institute of Paramedical Science, Uttar Pradesh
  • Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute, Delhi
  • Central Institute of Dental Technology, Kerala
  • Takur Polytechnic, Mumbai
  • Mahatma Gandhi Missionís College, Navi Mumbai

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Frequent Asked Question (FAQs)

Q. What is the most important detail when choosing a dental laboratory?

A. The dentist needs to have good communication with one person from the lab, who can understand what the expectations are, and can be held accountable. The dentist is placing a part of their reputation and public image in the hands of a third party. If prosthetics are consistently unattractive or poorly functioning their reputation will suffer. If they consistently meet expectations and minimize the delivery time the patients will always leave happy.

Q. What is the future of teeth whitening technology?

A. The future right now, and will be for several years to come, is gel + laser technology. It has revolutionised the world of teeth whitening because it gets things done much faster, i.e. a session takes only 20 minutes without any side effects.
That is why top centres like The Smile Bar offer it because it is a lot more efficient and safe. You can check all about it on their website. They get it done that fast because they only have to apply the gel on your teeth and then boost it with the unique LED laser light.

Q. What is the most important detail when choosing a dental laboratory?

A. Before selecting a dental lab that accommodates a practice, a practice should try to visualise the future of their office and ask themselves what they are looking to improve in. When you are choosing for the best dental laboratory, then the main things are trust and communication that are more important as well a few more things I have mentioned below:-
1. Visualise The Future
2. Digital Friendly
3. Economies of Scale

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