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GLA University Mathura Fee Structure 2024-25: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Fees etc.

GLA University Mathura Fee Structure: GLA University is situated in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, is all about giving students an awesome education and helping them grow in every way possible. They offer lots of different courses and want everyone to be able to afford them, so they’ve got this thing called the GLA University fee structure. It’s basically a plan that makes sure students know exactly what they’re paying for and helps make education accessible to everyone, no matter their background. At GLA, you’ll have access to great facilities, fun teachers, and lots of chances to learn by doing cool stuff, like internships and research projects.

Below, we have mentioned the GLA University Mathura Fee Structure for all Courses. Check out the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma Courses, PhD, duration and Fee structure. This section will provide you with detailed information about Gla University Mathura fees and Structure details for all the courses offered by the university. Prospective students are advised to review the eligibility criteria before applying for any course, and they may need to sit for relevant entrance examinations such as NEETNEET PG, or equivalent exams.

GLA University Mathura Fee Structure

This section will give you all the information you need about the fee structure of GLA University Mathura for every course they offer. You can find out the exact fee structure for undergraduate, postgraduate, and Diploma programs.

GLA University UG Course Fees

Course1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year
B. Tech. CS1,85,000/-2,00,000/-2,15,000/-2,30,000/-
B. Tech. Electronics & Communication, EC with (Minor CS), EC (Specialization in VLSI), Electronics and Computer Engineering, EE, EN, ME, Civil, Automobile, Mechatronics & Biotechnology, Mechanical Engineering (with minor CS), E.E with minor in Computer Science & Engineering, E.E (Specialization in Electrical Vehicle Technology)1,76,000/-
B. Tech. CS AIML 2,20,000/-2,25,000/-2,30,000/-2,35,000/-
B. Tech. ME /Smart Manufacturing2,15,000/-2,20,000/-2,25,000/-2,30,000/-
B. Tech. (Hons.) in collaboration with INTEL & NEC/ Computer Science & Engineering (Specialization in AI and Analytics)2,35,000/-2,40,000/-2,4,000/-2,50,000/-
B. Tech. (Lateral Entry) EC, EE, ME, CE, Electronics and Communication Engineering (specialization in VLSI) Electronics and Communication Engineering (With Minor in Computer Science& Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Electric Vehicle Technology)1,76,000/-1,81,000/-1,86,000/-
B. Tech. (Lateral Entry) CS1,85,000/-1,90,000/-1,95,000/-
B. Pharm1,51,000/-1,56,000/-1,61,000/-1,66,000/-
B. Pharm (Lateral Entry)1,51,000/-1,56,000/-1,61,000/-
BBA Management Science1,35,000/-1,40,000/-1,45,000/-
BBA (Family Business)1,35,000/-1,40,000/-1,45,000/-
B.Com. GA With CIMA1,35,000/-1,40,000/-1,45,000/-
BBA/ BBA (Hons./By Research)1,05,000/-1,10,000/-1,15,000/-1,20,000/-
B. Com./ B. Com. (Hons/ By Research)1,05,000/-1,10,000/-1,15,000/-1,20,000/-
B. A. Economics/ B. A. Economics (Hons./By Research)71,000/-73,000/-75,000/-77,000/-
B. A. English/ B. A. English (Hons./By Research)44,000/-45,000/-46,000/-47,000/-
BCA With Specialization in Data Science1,35,000/-1,40,000/-1,50,000/-
BCA/ BCA (Hons. /By Research)1,05,000/-1,10,000/-1,15,000/-1,20,000/-
B. Sc. Bio-Tech/ B. Sc. Biotech (Hons. /By Research)1,05,000/-1,10,000/-1,15,000/-1,20,000/-
B. Sc. Math/ B. Sc. Math (Hons. / By Research) Specialization in Data Science44,000/-45,000/-46,000/-47,000/-
B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture79,000/-81,000/-83,000/-85,000/-
B. Sc. Chemistry/ B. Sc. Chemistry (Hons. / By Research)44,000/-45,000/-46,000/-47,000/-
B. Sc. Physics/ B. Sc. Physics (Hons. /By Research)44,000/-45,000/-46,000/-47,000/-
B.A. LLB (Hons.)1,35,000/-1,40,000/-1,45,000/-1,50,000/-1,55,000/-
B.Com. LLB (Hons.)1,35,000/-1,40,000/-1,45,000/-1,50,000/-1,55,000/-
BBA. LLB (Hons.)1,35,000/-1,40,000/-1,45,000/-1,50,000/-1,55,000/-

GLA University PG Course Fees

Course1st Year2nd Year
M. Tech.1,76,000/-1,81,000/-
M. Pharm1,76,000/-1,81,000/-
M.A. English48,000/-49,000/-
MBA-Business Analytics2,65,000/-2,75,000/-
MBA (Hons.)2,65,000/-2,75,000/-
MBA (LSCM)2,60,000/-2,70,000/-
MBA (FMB)2,60,000/-2,70,000/-
MBA in Construction Mgt1,76,000/-1,81,000/-
M.Sc. (Biotech)1,26,000/-1,31,000/-
M.Sc. (Microbiology & Immunology)1,26,000/-1,31,000/-
M.Sc (Bioinformatics)1,26,000/-1,31,000/-
M.Sc. (Chemistry)53,000/-54,000/-
M.Sc. (Physics)53,000/-54,000/-
M.Sc. (Mathematics)53,000/-54,000/-
M.Sc. (Agriculture)82,000/-84,000/-
Master of Library and Information Science70,000

GLA University Diploma Programme

Course1st Year2nd Year3rd Year
Diploma in Library and Information Sciences40,000/-
Diploma Engineering65,000/-66,000/-67,000/-
Diploma (Lateral Entry)65,000/-66,000/-

PhD Programme

Course1st Year2nd Year3rd Year
Ph.D Other Specializations70,000/-70,000/-70,000/-
PhD Law, Mngmt, Pharmacy90,000/-90,000/-90,000/-

Contact Details

GLA University Mathura 
Address: Mathura-Delhi Road Mathura, Chaumuhan, Uttar Pradesh 281406
Official Website:

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