Highway engineering- Your road to success

    highway engineering
    highway engineering

    Recently I read an article about the greatest invention of all time which has changed the world by the role they played in our development. With no surprise, I found wheel at the top of the chart. The world without a wheel is impossible to think about but a wheel without a road is just like a kingdom without the King. Talking about the road network in India, it is considered to be the 2nd largest road network in the world. At 0.66 km of roads per square kilometer of land, the quantitative density of India’s road is far greater than many of the developed nations in the world. This article will give you a depth info on Highway Engineering.

    We all love to drive on the road until we don’t encounter any street crater but do we even think of the people who made the road to make our journey comfortable..?Every year, Authorities regularly demand a team of highly qualified highway engineer to maintain the paved ones and to make the new ones. According to a national data till 2011, 54% (about 2.53 million kilometers of Indian roads) were paved and still, we have a long mile to go which makes Highway engineering as one of the hottest careers options in India.

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    What is highway engineering?

    Highway engineering is an extended branch of civil engineering that involves various work related to Highways like its planning, design a new one, construction, operation and maintenance of the paved roads or bridges or tunnel. As a Highway Engineer, your work would be to ensure the safety and effective transportation of people and goods.

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    Who can choose highway engineering?

    Unlike another branch of engineering where we have a lot of seniors and Councillors to guide us, the field of Highway Engineering is bit unusual as it’s difficult to find a mentor at the early stage. But if you want to become a trendsetter by opting Highway engineering as a career option, you must have a civil engineering degree with the specialization in Highway and transport engineering for two years at the post graduate level. As a highway engineer, you will take an account of future traffic flows by designing highways. So if you also dream to make the difference by connecting millions with the mainstream then the world of Highway engineering has so many things for you.

    Future prospects:

    According to a survey conducted in the year, 2010 India has less than 3.8 km of roads per 1000 people which makes it as one of the lowest highway density countries in the world. But the recent dedication of the government towards good governance has acted as a catalyst and now India to have joined the race with the global leaders to ensure a better transportation. The government is running various national level projects to link every single village with the nearby town.To assist the project a large group of skilled Highway engineers is being constantly hired by both government and private organization which makes it one of the most sought career option in India.

    Career opportunity:

    Private construction companies like ABB, L&T, DMR, Reliance Infrastructure, Gammon India etc. holding large projects are employing highway engineers with whopping salaries. Highway Engineers can also find their way in Various government PWD departments, Harbors, Border roads organization etc.

    Where to apply:

    Globalization and its effect on the education sectors mark the opening of the institution with world class facilities in India. Now you don’t have to go any Foreign university to pursue a course as there are so many institutions available in India which provides highway engineering courses but to select the college candidates are advised to research the past history and reputations of the college. Various institutions offering highway engineering course in India are as follows.

    • B.M.S college of engineering- Bangalore
    • Dayanand Sagar college of engineering- Karnataka.
    • Tripura engineering college- Tripura.
    • Birla Viswakarma Mahavidyalaya- Gujrat.
    • M.B.M engineering college-Rajasthan
    • University college of engineering- Orissa
    • Anna university- Chennai

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    Highway engineering- Your road to success
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