How to Choose Best Engineering College in India 2021-22 Session

Being a Career Consultant from the past 8 years, our prime focus is to guide students to the career of their Dream. Everybody wants to choose the best while very few of them are really lucky to get what they want.

The importance of a good college in life is so deep that a bad decision can affect your overall career. In this article, we will discuss various parameters of an Engineering college that will help you to get the answer to how to choose Best Engineering College”?

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The Engineering Admission process in different Government and Private Colleges will start from the month of May/June. If you are from Science Stream then it’s obvious that you will get ample of admission offers from engineering colleges.

1. Useful Resources
2. How to Choose Best Engineering College
(i) Identify Your Abilities
(ii) Set up a Goal
(iii) College Brand Research
3. Entrance Exams
(iv) Location and Demography
(v) Money Matters
4. Few More Recommendations

Useful Resources

Below we have mentioned the Class 1-12th Useful Resources which will definitely help you crack the CBSE Board Exam.

Check Nursury to 12th Study Material Here:

Let me tell you something, the best way to get into a good college is to clear different State and Central Level Engineering Entrance Examination. But if you somehow failed to do so then check these simple tips to make the best out of it.

How to Choose Best Engineering College

1. Identify Your Abilities

The very first thing to choose any career or College is to identify your natural abilities. There are more than 20+ Engineering Courses available in India but our crowd generally focusses on 5 or 6 trade that we all know. Therefore it becomes so important to map your aptitude for a specific engineering stream.

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In short, don’t always go with the crowd rather choose the career in which you are interested in. A course matching your Aptitude will increase your chances to get success in life.

2. Set up a Goal

Defining Goals at an early stage is what differentiate a winner from the Crowd. Decide whether you want to opt for a job or a private business. You must be aware of your primary motive and what you want to do in your life. Your goal must be clear and may not change with the time to proceed.

Do the required survey about the demand for a specific stream before opting a course. Make a list of the different aspects you want from a particular college. Try to cross-check it with the set of information you have and if it guarantees to give what you dream of then only choose it.

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3. College Brand Research

Which college will you opt for higher studies, an IIT or a top Ranked Private Engineering College? Obviously, 10 out of 10 people will choose IIT’s over anything. The College Brand is an important factor which matters the most while choosing a great college.

Go for College History, Affiliation, Academic Excellence, the status of particular engineering stream, Placement, Achievements, Future Endeavours and other related factors which differentiate a good and the best college. You can talk to the Senior students and also take help from other resources to collect every bit of information about a particular college.

Entrance Exams

4. Location and Demography

Every one of us doesn’t want to leave our comfort zone unless and until we are not forced to do so. Everybody wants to get the best of the higher studies while staying connected with Home/Family. You believe it or not but Distance from your base, language, cultural issues, eating habits, environmental parameters, socio-economic conditions etc are some of the very important Factors affecting someone career.

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So it becomes very important to keep Location and Demography as a matter of prime concern for choosing a college. Select your preferred location for studies and then start researching for the best colleges keeping above mentioned factors in mind.

5. Money Matters

The main reason why a student chooses a government college over private one is Money. The tuition fee and other academic-related expenses for government colleges are within the budget of a common man. But only 10% of our crowd make it to such colleges and the rest of them have no other option rather than choosing a private one.

We are not saying that private engineering college is not good but assessing family financial position before applying to a college will save you in future. If you want to take education loans then do proper research about the Terms & Conditions associated with it. Students are also advised to focus on various scholarship programs offered by Different Universities.

Few More Recommendations

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, one can also take these points into consideration on how to choose Best Engineering College.

  • Try to choose a college as per your strengths and future prospects of the chosen stream.
  • Always try to opt for a new place. It is a little challenging but you will learn a lot about the different Cultures.
  • If you have to choose between an old, well-established and a new college, opt for the older one.
  • Choosing a very good private engineering college over a not-so-good, relatively new government college is appreciable.

***Scoring High in Engineering Entrance Examination or Academic Excellence will help you to choose the best courses offered by a College. Top Rankers may also avail various Scholarship offered by a University to some of the meritious Students of Country.

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