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Exam Tips: How To Do Board Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation Tips: As the board exams are getting close, tension and anxiety amongst the students is now started to build. We often found students getting confused and wasting lots of energy in a comparatively less effective study plan. Thousands of Student generally ask us about how to prepare for the best result, as one has to get good marks in their board exam to get enrolled in their dream courses.

Have you ever wondered why many of us are not able to get great marks in board exams despite our hard work..? It’s the cause of our less flexible and improper study plan. But do you know studying in a group may involve a lot of talking and listening which automatically enhance the patience and communication skills of the students and most importantly it teaches the children’s to form an opinion of their own? Here is a list of some of the golden tips on Board exam preparation which will definitely help you to score great in the Board exams.

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1. Let’s Start
2. Proper Planning
3. Make a Note
4. Gather the Information
5. Go for Model Papers
6. One at a Time
7. Have Some Rest
8. Believe Yourself
9. The Exam Day

Let’s Start

The very first thing you have to do is to decide when to start. You must start the process with at least a full night sleep between you and the exam. Your brain needs time to subconsciously digest everything you have put into it, so you can’t try to cram it all in an hour or two before the exam. Just do it before you run out of time.

Proper Planning

After getting all the information that you need to study, you can now begin creating a narrative from the information and indexing it in a way that it can be easily remembered on the day of the exam.

Make a Note

After making a proper study plan next is to do Reading. Read through the notes that you made for the exams. It will refresh you on the subject matter and help you remembered what you have learned.

Gather the Information

After identifying the major topic now is the time you can use the Internet or even ask from your Teachers/Friends to fill in the gaps of information that either you missed or which wasn’t explained clearly by your teachers.

Go for Model Papers

Check last year questions paper and other models paper to get more accurate data about the question pattern and mark distribution system. It will guide your effort to a proper channel.

One at a Time

Don’t run on memorizing too many things in the last minutes. As you start memorizing, try to concentrate on one major theme at a time until you know it well. You can move on to the next topic after you have completed everything you need to know for the examination.

Have Some Rest

After you completed all and feel confident about every topic, put down your studying and take a break from the subject. Don’t mug up anything and everything rather try to conceptualize your topic with the relevant examples.

Believe Yourself

Don’t rush for the last minute preparation. Believe yourself. Read stress-busting jokes and inspirational stories to keep yourself motivated. Keep yourself relax by playing, listening or other like stuff which soothes your mind. Think positive.

The Exam Day

On the day of your exam try to reach the venue an hour earlier, it’s better to research about the location of your exam centre prior to your exam. Be calm and relaxed; don’t forget to carry the entire pen, pencils and other instruments.

Important Points in Short “Board Exam Preparation Tips”

  • Try to find a place where no one disturbs you.
  • Syllabus: Keep Close Eyes on the Syllabus of each subject.
  • Last Year Paper or Sample Paper: Most of the time the pattern of CBSE, ICSE and other Board unchanged so last year paper may help you to understand actual syllabus while Latest Sample Paper helps you to get in touch with latest changes made by Board.
  • Healthy Diet: Very very important, Your health is the key to success in the Board Exam. Eat Healthy diet like fruits, Juice etc. avoid heavy, Junk foods.
  • Keep a fresh copy and make short notes it will help you to revise syllabus quickly.
  • Try to finish the syllabus before the time you have set.

For all the students who are going to give their board exams, I wish them the best of luck and pray almighty for your glorious future ahead.

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