How to Rate your Dream College – Expert Advice

    How to rate your dream college

    Choosing the best College is one of the biggest challenges in India. As College plays a vital role in everyone Career, it’s become so important to choose a college wisely. The importance of a college is so deep that a bad decision can affect your overall career.

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    Being a Career Consultant from past 8 years we have come across a large number of Students who lost in the crowd just because He/She is not smart enough to differentiate a good or a Bad College. Well, In this article we will discuss various parameters of a good Engineering college to finally conclude about ” HOW TO RATE YOUR DREAM COLLEGE ?

    How to rate your dream college

    Finally, the JEE Mains Result 2019  has been declared and it is the perfect time to look into a college of Your Dream. The admission process in different Government and Private Engineering Colleges will start from the month of May/June.

    If you are hoping to get admission in Engineering Courses then it’s obvious that you will get ample of admission offers from various engineering colleges spread across the country. To Rate the College of Your Dream from thousands of available Options, one can follow these simple tips to make the best out of it.

    How To Rate Your Dream College?

    College Brand (20 % Marks)

    College Brand is the Most Important factor that differentiates a good or a Best College. Go for College History, Affiliation, Academic Excellence, the status of particular engineering stream, Placement, Achievements, Future Endeavours and other related factors which differentiate a good and the best college.

    College Brand
    PC: emotivebrand

    You can talk to the Senior students and also take help from other resources to collect every bit of information about a particular college. Make a chart and categorise it into different parameters like College History, Brand Value, Academic Excellence etc and start rating on a scale of 10.

    College Placements (25% marks)

    After getting specialised degrees, the final aim of every student is merged to a single point of getting a good job with handsome salary. While looking at the Placement of a particular college, one should keep three things in Mind.

    • Numbers and the type of Companies that recruit the students
    • Percentage of students placed in different branches (it will help you to choose the Best Branch of a particular College)
    • Previous Years Placement Statistics (Highest Salary, Average Salary, Lowest Salary etc)

    Based on the above-mentioned parameters try to figure out the Best College for you. You may Find all the related information of a particular college on the college website itself.

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    The quality of faculty (20% marks) 

    The term “faculty” can be defined as the blend of academic experience and industry exposure. A good Faculty will not only help you to realise your dream, but they will also help you with much-needed Industry Exposure. Thus it is quite impossible to think of a college having no Recognised Faculty Members.

    College Faculty
    College Faculty

    Go for the Faculties Qualifications, Achievements, Research Projects and years of experience of the faculty. You can ask your seniors to see if the quality of the faculty is good or average. Choose the College If everything is up to the mark and the college Faculties are capable enough to map your dreams into reality.

    Industry interface ( 20% Marks) 

    Industry interface of a college is perhaps the most important differentiator between a good and the Best College.  You can look for the college tie-ups with different industries and Research Institute. A college with greater Industry Interface will help you to learn a lot during Internships.

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    Look if the college is officially associated with various Research Centres (like Microsoft, IBM Research Centre) or if it is receiving funding from other external agencies for different research programs. These Industry Interfaces programs will help you to develop the following qualities required for a bright future

    • Personality development
    • Communication skill
    • Leadership/teamwork
    • Career planning
    • Development of entrepreneurship

    Infrastructure (15% marks)

    Does the Infrastructure Really matter while Choosing a college? My answer is No. Common let’s be Honest as these days a lot of private colleges comes with great infrastructures but they really lack when it comes to studying and learning. Do not go by buildings or super luxurious Facilities as you are there to study not to enjoy your life in a swimming pool.

    Computer lab
    Computer lab

    Here Infrastructure means a better Laboratory with Modern Equipment, Library, numbers of E-Journals available etc. Always try to visit the campus personally (If possible) to know more about the college of your Dream.

    For any queries related to Choosing a great college for Higher studies, you can mail us at [email protected] You can also post your comment in the Comment Box.

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