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Hello candidates, Confused about how to prepare for JEE Advanced 2020 Exam? It’s not only you that confused about preparation for JEE Advanced physics Important Topics to crack the exam easily and get admission into various IITs in India.

JEE Advanced Physics important topics are suggested by the IIT aspirants to get a detailed list of all topics that are important while studying and crack the entrance examination. JEE Advanced Important topics for Physics has been designed in such a way that it offers very practical and application-based learning to further make it easier for students to understand every concept or topic by correlating it with the day-to-day experiences.

JEE Advanced examination is conducted to provide admission to eligible candidates in various Bachelor’s degrees, Integrated Master’s or Bachelor-master Dual Degree in Engineering, Science, Architecture or Pharmaceuticals in IITs and ISM. It is the 2nd stage of JEE Examination and one has to clear JEE Advanced first to be eligible for that.

Major NotificationEligibility CriteriaExam Pattern
SyllabusBooksPrevious Year Paper
Sample PaperAdmit CardTest Series
Cut-OffCounsellingSeat Matrix


1Mode of examOffline
2LanguageEnglish or Hindi
3Type of QuestionsSingle correct option One or more correct option(s) Matching List Questions Numerical Value Answer
4Number of papers2
5Exam DurationEach paper will of 3 hours duration
6TimingsPaper 1: 9 a.m to 12 p.m
Paper 2: 2 p.m to 5 p.m.
7Negative marksSome questions have negative marking

It is one of the most respected & concerned exams in India and if you are confident & in the right direction as to prepare you will definitely crack the exam. Here, we have reviewed some quick tips and tricks on how to prepare for JEE Advanced 2020.

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Physics Important Topics

There are approx 20-22 chapters are included in JEE Advanced Physics syllabus and out of these, there are several important topics for physics that must be focused on while preparing for JEE Advanced Physics:

1. Mechanics: The JEE mechanics is basically about a few fundamental laws like Newton’s laws of motion, laws of gravitation, laws of conservation of linear and angular momentum.

2. Electricity and magnetism: Due to its size and the level of difficulty, this unit is very crucial for both JEE Main and Advanced. Every year lots of questions were asked in the examination.

3. Thermal physics and Fluid mechanics: Several times in JEE Advanced Exam questions from the laws of thermodynamics were mixed with calorimetry. Practice several numbers of questions from fluid mechanics as well.

4. Oscillation and waves: Every year around 4 to 5 questions are frequently asked from this unit. Try to understand certain complex topics like the principle of superposition, reflection & refraction of waves, forced and damped oscillations, resonance, Simple Harmonic Motion, Doppler effects in sound through visualization.

5. Optics: This is one of the easiest and high scoring units. Practice several numbers of questions from this unit.

6. Modern physics: Mostly theoretical questions are asked from this unit. Focus more on understanding Bohr’s model of atomic structure.

Other Topics

  • Moment of Inertia
  • Rotational Motion
  • Energy
  • Gravitation
  • Conservation Of Momentum
  • Superposition Of Waves
  • Radiation
  • Wave Optics
  • Stefan Boltzmann Law
  • Youngs Double Slit Experiment
  • Newtons Law Of Cooling
  • Conduction

Physics Section Previous Year

If we talk about Paper 1 of JEE Advanced the physics section was on a medium level and consist of 10 easy questions, 6 were moderate and 2 were difficult. In paper 2, there were 7 MCQs with a single correct answer. The total weightage for this section was 21 marks where 9 questions each were asked from both the 11th and 12th standard syllabus.

TopicsNo of QuestionsWeightage of Marks
Bohr Atomic Model12.50%
Circular Motion13.33%
Current Electricity12.50%
Elasticity & Viscosity25.83%
Electromagnetic Field25.83%
Electromagnetic Induction13.33%
Error in Measurement37.50%
Geometrical Optics & Physical Optics25.83%
Heat & Thermodynamics410.83%
Heat Transfer12.50%
KTG & Thermodynamics38.33%
Mathematical Tool12.50%
Mathematical Tools12.50%
Modern Physics38.33%
Nuclear Physics13.33%
Photoelectric Effect12.50%
Projectile Motion12.50%
Rigid Body Dynamics38.33%
SHM & Waves38.33%
Sound Waves25.83%
Surface Tension13.33%
Unit & Dimension25.00%
Work, Power & Energy13.33%

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