Smile Your Way to Success with Dentistry

    dentistry in india
    dentistry in india

    Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, development, and diagnosis of diseases and disorders of human teeth. The one who has a Degree in dentistry and practices dentistry is known as Dentist. It has become a common trend to go for dentistry courses when students do not get admission to MBBS or scored less in the entrance test. Most people hardly know anything about the BDS course and give it a second priority to study dentistry. But in reality, Dentistry is a stimulating and vibrant career option just like MBBS.

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    In our society, it is not uncommon to hear someone saying “Who cares about teeth nowadays as we have other important things to worry about?” But dental problems are not merely a mouth disease and most of them are connected directly with systematic diseases. This branch of dental study is growing day-by-day to accommodate new Dental technologies as a result of continuous researches. Well, now let’s take a closer look at what does dentistry course actually deal with and its future perspectives.

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    What does a Dentist actually do?

    Dental problems were not common among earlier people. During that time people used to consult sculptors and things like elephant tusks were used to replace natural teeth. Later, as there was a huge rise in mouth diseases, the need for a dentist passed through everyone’s thoughts and gradually Dentistry courses are included to medical science. A dentist usually carries out treatments to prevent or treat various dental diseases commonly tooth decays and gum diseases. Their work involves tissues and structures lying in the facial and jaw area near the oral cavity. A dentist plays a vital role in keeping the natural teeth of a person as such for a long time and creating awareness among the public about oral health.

    Various Dentistry Courses in India

    To work as a Dentist, one can earn a degree in following dentistry course.

    (A) Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS):

    • It is a five-year course along with a one-year internship to train students to get familiar with the concept of Dental Science, Dental Anatomy, Dental Histology, Radiology, Community Dentistry and Oral Pathology.
    • The basic qualification required to pursue a career in dental surgery is 12th with science stream.

    (B) Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S):

    • It is a three-year study after under graduation BDS Courses to specialize in a particular field related to Dentistry.
    • Undergraduate Degree in Dental surgery is the must have eligibility to pursue Master in Dental Surgery (MDS) courses.

    Note: Most of the universities offering Dentistry courses in India conduct admissions based on the common medical entrance test and few of them conduct their own test to assess the students’ skill level.

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    Career as a Dentist

    Being a Dentist is a challenging job but seriously Dentistry has got lots of advantages as compared to some of the other professions in the medical field. A few of them are:

    • You don’t have to struggle yourself working throughout the night as there won’t be any emergencies
    • There is a solution to almost every cases.
    • Dentists are brushed up on new skills every day
    • The freedom to practice on your own
    • It is quite entertaining as it involves interaction with all sort of people
    • Finally, it is a great source of money

    Future Scopes of Dentistry:

    The future of a dental surgeon like any other medical field is on the rise. Those who have got a passion towards their career can self-employ by starting dental clinics. People are more concerned about their natural teeth and are in the rush of keeping it beautiful as always. There is a great demand of good Dentist in the field of cosmetic dentistry too.Like any other profession, those who have the keen interest in teaching can apply for a teaching position at colleges. Huge job opportunities are available for dental doctors in private as well as the government sector.

    Top institutes in India offering Dental Surgery:

    Some of the leading Institute offering dentistry courses in India are listed below.

    • Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Science, Delhi
    • Manipal College of Dental Science, Manipal
    • Bapuji Dental College & Hospital, Davangere
    • Ahmed Dental College and Hospital, Kolkata
    • SDM College of Dental Science & Hospital, Dharwad

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