Maths Quiz For Class 9 PPT in Hindi

Maths Quiz For Class 9 PPT in Hindi: Quiz makes mind sharp, Every child must participate in the various quiz at their school and college level.

This “Maths Quiz For Class 9 PPT in Hindi” consists 50 Question in bilingual both English and Hindi. This Quiz also is known as Mental Maths Quiz for Class 9.

Mental maths quiz questions are given for the students to enhance their knowledge. In PPT let’s complete 50 easy maths questions of the class 9th level.

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Few questions which are available in this “Maths Quiz For Class 9 PPT in Hindi”:

Question 1. (8⅗)⁵  का मान ज्ञात करें |

Question 2. 8⅕  ÷ 8⅓  को सरल करे

Question 3. -1 और 1 के बीच चार परिमय संख्याएँ ज्ञात करो |

Question 4. बहुपद 5×3+4X₂+7x की घात बताइए |

Question 5. बहुपद (Y2-2)(Y2+11) की घात बताइए |

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Maths Quiz For Class 9 PPT in Hindi
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