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MCI Screening Test Replace by NEXT: What is NEXT? How it Will Be Implemented

Attention Aspirants, The National Exit Examination (NEXT) is currently a proposed amendment to be brought in the form of a test that will be regulated at final year MBBS level for all the MBBS enrolled students in India. Means entry into PG programmes will be done on the basis of the result of the National Exit Test (NEXT), which would be held as a common exam across the country.

The National Exit Test will not only function as an entrance exam for postgraduate medical courses but will also additionally act as a screening test for students who have pursued medical studies outside of India.

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What is NEXT???

The National Exit Test (NEXT) which would serve as Licentiate Exam, for entrance to Post Graduate (PG) medical course and as the screening test of foreign medical graduates. The Examination is designed to judge the overall knowledge gained and practical understanding developed by MBBS enrolled medical students.

The NEXT will also be applicable to Institutes of National Importance (INIs) such as AIIMS to have common standards in the country. As opposed to the different MBBS exams conducted by various MBBS colleges, the NEXT  exam might extensively be based on Multiple Choice Questions.

Purpose of NEXT Examination

1. NEXT examination is proposed to replace the NEET PG entrance examination for Post-Graduation medical courses across India.

3. The proposed bill is expected to regulate NEXT as an exit examination that will conduct common counselling for admission into UG level and PG level medical courses.

4. As mentioned in the proposed bill, through the NEXT 50% of the seats in the PG under AIQ seats will fall under the NEXT exam clearance. This certain reservation will be made for the government medical officers.

5. After the implementation of the NEXT exit exam, candidates once clearing their MBBS examination will have to work for 3 years in a rural/tribal area. apart from this, after completing PG, candidates might have to work for another period of 3 years under the same construct, i.e., in remote and/or difficult areas.

6. The MCI screening test for foreign MBBS graduates willing to get permanent registration with the Medical Council of India (MCI) will be eradicated and for Indian overseas candidates, the NEXT will serve as a screening test instead of the earlier MCI Screening Test.

Official Press Release: National Exit Test Exam For MBBS

Advantage of NEXT

Removal of the Lack of medical practitioners: Along with the implementation of the National Exit Examination, this scarcity of trained and professional doctors can be done away.

No MCI Screening for Foreign Graduates: The MCI screening test for foreign MBBS graduates willing to get permanent registration with the Medical Council of India (MCI) will be eradicated.

Improve Quality of Medical Facilities in Rural Areas: The NEXT for MBBS will help initiate the practice of skilled and talented doctors willing to provide their services in the rural sectors

Disadvantages of NEXT

As we all know that “every coin has two sides” if any new implementation has lots of merits then there will be some demerits also. Below we have mentioned Some demerits of NEXT Exam.

Increasing of Exploitive Coaching Centres: Candidates who would want to seek further studies they must prefer to join coachings to enhance their preparation. This will only increase the number of exploitive coaching centres that will squeeze surging money in the name of NEXT Preparation.

Increasing in Course Duration: It is Expected that the NEXT might regulate the minimum 3-year service in remote and rural areas post-graduation. The Major fear is, doing so might increase the total number of years that is currently needed in order to become a refined doctor with an MD / MS degree.

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  1. What Neha has not covered is: all the students in Indian medical colleges will appear for the Next exam in the end of the Academic yr. That implies one Next exam in a year. Does that mean the foreign medical students will have to appear for the Next exam in the coming year? For example, Indian students giving Next exam in end of 2019-20 and the same batch of foreign students giving Next exam in the end of the 2020-21?
    This needs clarification.

  2. Why can’t she write sentences coherently enough. I guess she herself hasn’t got the concept fully understood and yet decided to write about it.
    Incoherence might be a garb to hide deficiency in understanding the subject first.
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