Session 1. Ep 2. A Career in MBBS Podcast By Edufever

MBBS is a superior choice for students from science backgrounds. It is the most popular and designated degree of doctors.

-Numerous career opportunities available in MBBS, We can divide them into two sections: Higher Education and Job opportunities.

Higher Individual: An individual can pursue higher education after completing MBBS, MD/MS/Diploma courses in India or Abroad which will provide a boost to their profession.

Job Opportunity: An Individual have numerous opportunities after completing the MBBS. Such as they can work in

  1. Government sector (Health Services Departments)
  2. Defence services, opportunities in Army, Navt and Air force.
  3. Employment in Hospital Chains.
  4. Opportunities in Research and academics.
  5. Hospital Management
  6. Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
  7. Self Employement through private practice/public health
  8. Clinical Research.

Producer, Host and Sound Mixing: Ifra Naaz

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