Role of Non Verbal Language in SSB Interview

    Role of Non Verbal Language in SSB Interview

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    Going for SSB Interview, take care of your Non-verbal Language also. Nonverbal messages add to or detract from our words. Cues which we send through our nonverbal announce our state of mind, expectations, and sense of self. If we don’t take care our nonverbal language will reveal what we really feel and think. Just imagine if we can change the meaning of our words with the wink of an eye or a certain facial expression & voice tone, it can also give messages to selectors which we want to hide. So, start taking care of following nonverbal messages. Ask someone to keep a close watch on your nonverbal behaviour so that you can make an improvement.

    One Must Follow These Points


    Your confident walk will show your attitude. Stand tall, keep your arms at your sides, and take long brisk steps. While walking during SSB Interview related tasks, keep your head high and your chin up. Letting your head hang low or loose, when you walk, will show your nervousness.

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    When offered, shakes hands firmly, look in the eye gently, and greet with polite. A firm, friendly and warm handshake gives positive vibes and produces a positive output. An unsure hand could well release negative vibes.

    Make sure your handshake is not like a dead fish grip. It does not mean that you have to crush the other person’s hand during your SSB interview.


    Have you ever given much thought to the way that you sit? Because of non-verbal communication, the way you sit sends messages. To make your posture, keep the ears, shoulders and hips aligned in one straight line. A soldier is often judged by his appearance. It is also accepted psychological facts that correct posture boost morale. Not only this, good posture permits the body to function most efficiently. Take care of your overall body posture, standing and sitting posture during SSB Interview.

    Gestures / Erratic body movement

    Posture is how you hold our body and gesture is a movement of part of the body. If gestures are natural, they strengthen and enhance the message but repetitive, unnecessary movements only distract. Observe if you have any repetitive, unnecessary movements such as pacing, swaying back and forth, or bobbing your head up and down in your personality; make an improvement to get success in SSB Interview.

    Facial Expressions

    The human face is incredibly expressive. We can communicate countless emotions without even saying a word. Our expressions come so fast, we cannot even realise it. But, in SSB interview officers like qualities are being checked so confidence should be a permanent expression on your face.

    Eye Contact and not starring

    Your eye contact should always send a message that you are comfortable. Avoid staring. Staring means having a glazed look. During activities of SSB Interview, maintain good eye contact with everyone without staring.

    Head Nods

    Use a head tilt when you want to show your concern for and interest in group members, or when you want to encourage them. But when you need to project authority and power, keep your head straight up in a more neutral position. In SSB Interview, group tasks are conducted to check all aspects of your personality.

    Modulation of Speech

    Only our words don’t convey a message but other sounds also make impact parallel with the language used by us. Modulation of voice comes from the study of paralanguage. Paralanguage includes modulation, accent, pitch, speech rate, volume, and fluency of speech. You must have observed that you would have guessed the regional origin of your batch mate only by his voice accent. In the same way, you must have taken a clue about the mood of your parents by the tone of their voice. In the same way, in SSB Interview you should take care of variation of sound in your speech. Take care of ‘up’ and ‘down’ of your voice.

    Use of Smile

    Your smile will also speak about you in SSB Interview. It will show on behalf of your words that you are enjoying the process and all tasks.

    So, at last, I would suggest making improvements in these aspects of your personality. Ask someone to observe you or to make your video recording which will help you to develop your personality with officers like qualities. My good wishes are with all aspirants of NDA EXAM for their SSB stage preparation.

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    Author Bio: Sunita Singhal’s is a personality development trainer cum counsellor with experience of 18 years. She is associated with various Management Institutes. She also gives training to aspirants of competitive examinations like SSB and IBPS etc.

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