Which University is Best? SRM or MANIPAL!

This year many of the students will complete their Higher Secondary (10+2), and as their Board Exams are soon going to be over, they will all become swamped looking forward to their future dreams. Generally, due to a lack of career guidance and proper research, these changes bring mixed thoughts to one mind. While Speaking about choosing the Best University for Higher Studies in India, what first comes to our mind is to choose between SRM or Manipal.

The dilemma of choosing a college from the vast array of available colleges makes everyone confused. It is one of the most stressful and daunting tasks in someone’s life; hence it becomes a matter of prime concern to choose a college Wisely. The following article will help you get over all those basic parameters to define the best College for you. Read the complete article to know which University is better for you, SRM UNIVERSITY OR Manipal University.


1. SRM or Manipal?
2. Brand Value
3. Why Choose SRM?
4. Why Choose Manipal?
5. Infrastructure & Facilities
6. Culture & Ambience of the College
7. Faculties & Staff
8. Placements
9. Overview

SRM or Manipal?

Let’s quickly move to the various parameters that define the university’s overall profile.

Area of Campus250313 Acres
Highest Package35 LPA9 LPA
Students50000+ 30,000

Brand Value

The College Brand is an essential factor which matters the most when choosing a great college. The College History, Affiliation, Academic Excellence, Status of a particular Course(stream), Placement and Fees are the significant factors which differentiate a good and the best college. Here is an overview of the Brand value of these colleges, which may help you decide between SRM or Manipal.

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Why Choose SRM?

  • SRM University was ranked number 1 by the Times of India Engineering Institutes Ranking in 2016.
  • NAAC accredited the University with an ‘A’ Grade in 2021.
  • The Ministry approves SRM University of HRD, Govt. of India in Category ‘A’.
  • The University has 50000+ Students and about 950+ International Students studying in different fields of Engineering and a wide array of subjects offered by SRM.
  • The University has constantly upgraded its Knowledge sharing Platforms and mutual exchanges of Thoughts with over 170+MOUs signed with different universities and companies all across the globe.
  • SRM University has almost 30+ patents by their Highly qualified faculty and students. University also has more than 130+ crore in external funding.
  • Almost 6000+ On Campus Placement and Over 150 students sponsored by 35 foreign universities like MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Davis, Warwick and Western Australia in 2008-09.
  • These are the very few reasons to choose SRM. To know more about the university, read SRM University.
SRM University Brand Value (Out of 100)

Why Choose Manipal

  • Ranked 5th among the Private Engineering Colleges in India Source: Outlook 2018
  • Ranked 1st among Research Publications by private universities in India by SClmago
  • This will heighten education standards to boost the ranking among the top 200 Universities in the World.
  • The Manipal campus hosts nearly 27,000 students at any time on the campus, with around 2000 international students.
  • With almost 325 courses including foreign languages onboard one campus, what else one can expect from a University.
  • 15 ongoing industry-sponsored research projects
  • Twenty research collaborations and 14 student exchange program partnerships.
  • Course curriculum designed around experiential learning methodology to create industry-ready technology professionals
  • Campus equipped with the best technology labs and teaching infrastructure. A research grant of 372 million INR has been allocated till now.
  • 35 +patents filed since 2009. The MIT Innovation Center is one of its kind, promoting research and industry-driven project
  • Ranked 97 among BRICS universities. Students from 57 different nations are studying in Manipal.
  • To Know more about Manipal University, Click Here.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Both Universities are among the best in business when we talk about Infrastructure and Facilities. SRM University has three campuses in which. The main one is in Kattankulathur(Tamilnadu). The campus is spread over 250 acres, divided into 42 blocks with ultra-modern Facilities. SRM Is a family of more than 38,000 students and more than 2600 faculty across the campus, offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

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Manipal University is a Multinational Educational Institute known for its campus and modern Infrastructure Facilities. Manipal Is a family of more than 27,000 students and 2500+ faculties across the campus. The University campus is spread over 313 acres of rugged, laterite rock in north Karnataka’s Udupi district. The infrastructure of Manipal is one of the prime reasons why Students prefer this University over Many Good Colleges.

Culture & Ambience of the College

The culture & Ambience of the College holds a substantial effect on Someone’s career. What matters is how much you are industry-ready and employable at the end of your study, and for that, you need a more significant industry connection and a good reputation. The Campus life of both SRM and Manipal is super cool compared to other Universities in India. Both the Universities organise different Student Learning activities around the year.

Both the Universities host a list of Student and Faculty programs to encourage students to Research and Innovation. As a result of Culture and ambience, students from both the universities have successfully made their mark on the National and Internation stages with their research and innovative projects.

Engineering Admission

Faculties & Staff

Faculty & Staff should be the essential factor in deciding on a college. We must give extra consideration to a College whose faculty members are still actively engaged with employers in a given field. This can open doors to internships, research opportunities, jobs, etc.

Looking at the number of research/ patents and faculties Engagement programs, Manipal University stands far ahead of SRM University. Both the University continuously upgrades the knowledge and skills of the faculty members using various Faculty Development Programmes. The international Collaborations and different Induction Programs help Faculties build a strong education network around the globe.


Everyone looks for campus placement records as one of the essential parameters in selecting a college. Getting campus placement is one of the most critical aspects expected from a college. We all love to prefer Government Institution to a private one because somehow it guarantees a promising future.

SRM University once sets a new placement record on Day-one with the top four IT companies offering jobs to 6064 students. Till then, SRM is offering placement in some of the big companies in India. In this regard, SRM has a slight advantage over Manipal. SRM has a better placement percentage than Manipal. But if we ignore the minute details and highest salary offered then the Placements of both the Universities are kind of same.

SRM University Placement Statistics

Manipal University Highest Salary – Lakhs per Annum

Average CTC ofLPA (in INR)
Top 50 offers38.04
Top 100 offers29.58
Top 150 offers25.66
Top 200 offers22.57
Top 250 offers20.52

Manipal University Placement Statistics

Manipal University Placement


Relying on College reputation and Brand Value is a good thing but Just because a college has a “highly-ranked” or “prestigious” history doesn’t mean it’s the right College for you. Always keep in mind that one person’s dream college could be another’s nightmare. Also, only looking at the website or relying on a college’s advertising is a mistake because they tend to idealise college life and students get unrealistic expectations of what campus is like. It’s always better to visit and experience college.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better, Manipal or SRM?

Manipal Institute of Technology is far better than SRM in all aspects. The quality of students of MIT Manipal is also much better than at SRM University. SRM has copied several things from the Manipal Institute of Technology, like the Semester Abroad programme. Here admission is based on merit, no matter who you are.

Why is Manipal better than SRM?

The students in Manipal are better than in SRM.
1. Extracurricular- Both colleges are active in it, but Manipal has more clubs, and the research environment is better than Manipal, whereas, in SRM, nobody talks about research.
2. Infrastructure- I’m this regard, SRM wins.

Is Manipal Jaipur better than SRM?

The main campus would be much better than Manipal Jaipur because SRM has seats for all categories of people.

Which is better, SRM or Manipal University?

Among SRM and Manipal University, the latter will be a better option. Manipal has a better equivalent group. The student-teacher ratio is good.

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