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The Rise of Online Trading Platforms in the Indian Stock Market

Want to order some food? We can do it online. Want to get some brand-new clothes this new year? You can do it by shopping online. Want to transfer some cash? You can do it online. While every major thing today is done online – why should you keep investing in person right? 

The majority of people today do not make investments in person (even if that is gold; we’ve gone digital.) So, over here – let us talk about online trading platforms in the Indian Stock Market. 

Online Trading and the Indian Stock Market?

Let’s Look at Some Stats

The Internet was introduced to India in the early 1990s, and its use quickly grew. India ranks in the 5th spot in the world in terms of internet users. In February 2002, the stock exchanges adopted Internet trading (online trading), which resulted in a significant change in trade. 

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The National Stock Exchange pioneered internet trading, allowing users/investors to buy/sell equities in a single day with minimal paperwork. Previously, it took roughly 60 days to buy/sell equities in stock markets, and the investor had to go through a lot of paperwork. However, because of the Internet, the delay has been reduced, and in the previous ten years, Indian capital markets have seen a 1488% increase in exchange transactions.

Online stock trading has grown in popularity in India during the previous two years. It’s worth noting that it was a beer manufacturing firm, “WIT Beer,” that first presented this concept in 1969. In India, there are various significant businesses engaging in online stock trading

Today, we witness the growth of ever-evolving online trading platforms. 

Online Trading Platforms for the Indian Stock Market

Here are some top-performing online trading platforms for the Indian Stock Market:

  • Zerodha
  • Angel One
  • ICICI Direct
  • Flyers
  • ProStocks
  • Upstox
  • 5Paisa
  • SBI Capital
  • Paytm KYC Point
  • IDBI Capital
  • Kotak Securities
  • GCL Securities
  • HDFC Securities
  • Motilal Oswal
  • Axis Direct
  • IIFL Sec
  • TradeSmart
  • Groww
  • Sharekhan
  • Bajaj Finserv

How to Start Online Trading?

The easy four steps listed below will help you get started with online trading and your investment adventure in the stock market –

1. Choose a Broker From Above

A stock broker is known as a depository participant or DP who serves as a go-between for investors and stock exchanges. A stock broker offers the ability to create a Demat and Trading Account in order to use online trading platforms and store the shares purchased. 

2. Open a Demat & Trading Account

After you’ve decided on a broker, you’ll need to create a Demat (Dematerialization) Account and a Trading Account. The method for opening an account varies from broker to broker. Thanks to advances in technology, creating an online demat account is now simple and painless. Fill out your personal information, upload documents, and enter your bank data, and your account will be active within a few hours when all of your information is validated.

3. Understand the Platform

After you’ve chosen the finest broker and established your demat account, the next step is to learn about their trading platforms. Many brokers now provide numerous platforms for stock market trading, such as mobile trading applications, desktop and browser-oriented software, downloadable software, and so on. Go through them all and choose the one that you believe will be easy to utilise wherever you go.

4. Get Started

You would now be ready to start trading and gain online trading expertise. You may do research using these advanced trading tools and basic stock market expertise. Check which stocks are on the hotlist, add them to your favourites, and keep an eye on the news around them. After you’ve decided on a stock, you may place buy/sell orders.

The Safety Measures of an Online Trading Platform

Here are some safety precautions to keep you safe and worry-less so you can focus on investing wisely:

  1. Know Your Broker: Make certain that you have thoroughly investigated your online trading platform. Conduct careful research before disclosing any of your personal information, and do not disregard any red signals. On the official sites of NSDL and CDSL, you may find a list of DEMAT account providers. 
  1.  Enter the Web Address Manually: To prevent visiting a false or similar website made by scammers, manually input the web URL of your online trading platform into the address box.
  1. Go through the privacy policy: Many investors choose to skim over the tedious, long insurance terms. When it comes to internet commerce, however, read the privacy policy provisions to spare yourself a lot of unanticipated headaches.
  1. Check for SSL Protection: A little padlock icon in the address bar states that the online stock trading platform is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certified.

In case of online trading or stock broking – instead of obtaining recommendations and guidance and executing transactions through a human individual, you use a broking business with an electronic platform. The flexibility of trading online allows you to make deals at any time and from any location. Some trading platforms also include virtual trading platforms, which are replicas of genuine trading platforms, to help you get the feel of online trading. You work on these initially before moving on to real-world situations. 

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Now that you know everything you actually have about an online trading platform, you can get started with your investing journey. Most importantly, you know the safety measures. So, without second thoughts, move forward to more wealth creation.

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