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Top 10 Campus Interview Questions & Answers: When it comes to campus placements, Personal Interview (PI) plays a vital role. And Why not, it is a gateway to start off your career with top-notch campus recruiters. This is for the first time; recruiters get an opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with the applicants.

You are judged on various parameters here from your confidence level to your expertise over the subject matter pertaining to your job profile. These interviews generally last for 30 minutes in which you are judged on several parameters. Here are the Top 10 Campus Interview Questions & Answers that are generally asked from the candidates during their Campus Placement.

Top 10 Campus Interview Questions & Answers

Why have you applied for this job?

This is generally the first and foremost question which is asked from most of the candidates to figure out the parameters on which candidates choose a particular profession or a field. With adequate awareness and career-consciousness, students nowadays tend to choose their careers depending on their passions and likings. But this might not be the case with everyone.

Why have you applied for this job
Why have you applied for this job

Stiff competition may sometimes lack direction in life and you may not be able to realize your strengths and the reason for choosing a particular field. So, it is very important that your passion for the applied profile must reflect in your answers. You must be pretty confident about why have you chosen this field.

Could you list out some of your strengths?

In order to gauge your level of skill, this question is frequently asked during an interview. It is highly recommended to be fair with the answer to this question and the applicant must self-assess himself on such grounds. Tactics to crack this question lies in framing an answer which will not provoke counter questions further.

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You can say that your confidence and will-power to striving for your goals are two of your major strengths that even made it possible today appearing for an interview for your dream job. Additionally, if you are applying for some technical jobs, then you can also share your special skill set relevant to your job profile, provided you should be well-versed with the subject(s) listed by you.

Why should we choose you?

You need to convince the interviewer that you will prove an asset to their company. Your attitude and confidence must be in parity with your explanations. You should take into account all the valid points pertaining to your skill-set and knowledge that truly justifies that you shall be an apt candidate for the organization. Make sure that you need to be calm and confident with your answers.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

To access the quantum of your ambition, this question is generally asked in most of the interviews. The answer reveals how much conscious you are in the context of your future. It also suggests the way you have planned your future and how well you understand yourself as well as the industry’s potential. Your reply should reveal your understanding of industry’s norm and your confidence to achieve your desired goals. Say, if you are appearing for an entry-level position, targeting a suitable post at the middle-level post five years is surely a realistic goal.

How much salary do you expect and why?

Most of the companies try to cut their cost by offering lower remuneration packages. But always keep in mind, that for a deserving candidate. Remuneration is never a constraint. So, first of all, you must be sure of your capabilities. Secondly, you must be aware of the industrial norms in terms of salary.

Salary Expectation
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A bit of negotiation may give a good start to your career. After all, your further increments shall depend not only on your performance but also on your current salary. However, ready to have a tough time convincing the interviewers.

Please list your hobbies!

The significance of this question lies in context to the profile you applied for. By knowing your hobbies, interviewers try to access how close your hobbies are to the field of interest you choose. So, you should be precise listing those hobbies that are significant for your job profile. Say, if you are applying for a marketing profile, travelling and socializing are the two hobbies that reflect that marketing could be a suitable profile for you as the role deserves an active and outspoken person with good convincing abilities.

What are the areas you think you need to work upon?

This question pertains to your weakness. As it individual, it is almost impossible that you have no weaknesses at all. So saying that I have no weakness or something alike may adversely impact your interview. It will not only suggest that you are shying away from your weakness but also suggests that you are not transparent with your interview.

What are your weeknesses
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So, it is recommended to answer it tactfully, say, I strictly adhere to deadlines or I cannot accept any kind of discipline. These kinds of answers will reflect your devotion and dedication to your job and will definitely glorify you.

Are you comfortable working with or handling a team?

In order to perform within a team, an individual must possess a high level of understanding. Organizations especially bigger ones, always look for team players that can motivate themselves as well as others to perform better. Hence you must be able to convince the interviewers that you have an incredible quality to work within a team. Posting an example of your active participation in various college events could work magically for this question.

Is it ok with you to work over weekends?

A straightaway affirmation only suggests your desperation for the job but it may also impact your personal life. On the other hand, if you completely deny it, it suggests your inflexibility. You have to answer in mid-way. You may say that you don’t hope to work every weekend although, in the case of emergencies/deadlines, you have to issues to work over weekends. It will not only reflect your sincerity towards your job but also suggests that you aim at striking a balance between your professional and personal life.

What is your dream career?

This Interview question is generally posed by the interviewer to know your future aspirations and expectations of the company. They want to know how serious you are about planning your career and setting ambitions for yourself. In fact, your goals and dreams also highlight your knowledge as well as your confidence in the field chosen by you.


So, you should answer the question reflecting your due diligence on the subject-matter as organizations never prefer an individual who is unclear about his dream career.

Some of the most commonly asked Campus Placement Interview Questions and Answers that need to be worked upon meticulously to perform better in an interview. But your spontaneity, confidence and knowledge matter most to crack any interview.

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