Top 7 Amity University Courses Other Than Medical & Engineering

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Amity University Noida is widely famous and ranked number one private Institution in India. Generally, Students believe that Amity provides limited career options and if your choice is not Engineering then Amity is no use of You. But Reality is not so, Amity offers a wide range of courses and Engineering is just one of them.

This article is made by our Expert to answer Top 7 Amity University Courses One can do for a promising career.

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1. Top 7 Amity University Courses
2. B.Sc in Anthropology
3. B.Sc in Medical Biotechnology
4. B.Sc in Geo-Informatics & Remote sensing
5. B.Sc in Marine Science
6. B.Sc in Organic Agriculture
7. B.Sc in Virology & Immunology
8. B.Sc in Forensic Science
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Top 7 Amity University Courses

Most of us are not aware of these Hot Career Options. These courses not only promises a great future ahead but it also provides a passion for doing something out of the box. Let us now have a look at Top 7 Amity University Courses you probably not heard of.

B.Sc in Anthropology

B.Sc. Anthropology or Bachelor of Science in Anthropology is an undergraduate course offered by Amity University. It is the branch of Humanity which deals with various fields like humanities, natural sciences, and the social sciences. Students who are good in oral communication and has a deep Interest in Facts based on Present and past Society are the most suitable for it. There is a huge demand for Anthropologists in both Private and Public sector. ASI, WHO, UNESCO and other Public organisations working for social development are some of the few names in India offering jobs to Anthropologist.  No doubt its one of the best offered Amity University Courses on the list.

DurationEligibilityAdmission ProcessFees/Semester
3 Years10+210+2 %age Essay Test InterviewRs. 25,000/- (None-Sponsored) Rs. 37,500/- (Sponsored)

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B.Sc in Medical Biotechnology

B.Sc. Medical Biotechnology is one of the undergraduate Amity University courses offered in the field of Biotechnology. Medical Biotechnology offers studies of the genetically modified organism and other toxic substances harmful to us. A medical Biotechnologist must be passionate about research and have a deep love for laboratory work. There is a huge demand for these professionals in pharmaceutical firms, agrochemical industries, and in the food industry.

DurationEligibilityAdmission ProcessFees/Semester
3 Years10+2 (PCB) 60% (Sponsored) 55% (Non-Sponsored)10+2 %age Essay Test InterviewRs. 76,000/- (None-Sponsored) Rs. 1,14,000/- (Sponsored)

B.Sc in Geo-Informatics & Remote sensing

B.Sc in Geo-Informatics and Remote sensing has emerged out as one of the hottest career options in Recent time. It’s a science of dealing sets of tool to analyse our planet and its resources from a remote location like Space. It helps us to get the geographic location of different Earth’s boundaries and natural features.  A career in Geo-Information will help you to research the various natural and man-made resources of prime interest for the betterment of our society. There is a huge demand for Geo-Informatics professionals in both private and Public Organisation.

DurationEligibilityAdmission ProcessFees/Semester
3 years10+2 (PCM/PCB)
60% (Sponsored)
55% (Non-Sponsored)
10+2 %age
Essay Test
Rs. 50,000/- (Non-Sponsored)
Rs. 75,000/- (Sponsored)

B.Sc in Marine Science

B.Sc in Marine Science is the best-suited Amity University Courses for those who have a deep interest in Ocean and its ecosystem. A marine science professional is an expert in working areas like marine biology, ocean chemistry, marine evolution, and ocean physics. Marine Science is among one of the very few Courses which are comparatively less explored making the future of Marine professional very bright. Marine science graduates can work in sectors like conservation and environmental protection, education, and aquaculture.

DurationEligibilityAdmission ProcessFees/Semester
3 Years10+2 (PCB)   Minimum 50%10+2 %age Essay Test InterviewRs. 41,000/- (None-Sponsored) Rs. 61,500/- (Sponsored)

B.Sc in Organic Agriculture

India is primarily an agriculture-based country with over 50% population depended on Farming. B.Sc in Organic farming helps students to adopt the alternate agricultural practice to maximise the production. The course will make you understand the basics of Agriculture and Organic Manures to encouraged soil productivity. There is a great demand for Organic Agriculture Expert in Both Government and private organisations like Agro Industries, Food Production, and Pest Control.

DurationEligibilityAdmission ProcessFees /Semester
3 years10+2 (PCM/PCB/Agriculture) Minimum 50%10+2 %age
Essay Test
Rs. 45,000/- (None-Sponsored)
Rs. 67,500/- (Sponsored)

B.Sc in Virology & Immunology

Studies in Virology is one of the less known Amity University Courses among the students. Virology and Immunology is a branch of science which deals with the development of vaccines and treatments against viruses. Virology scientists are the one who has knowledge and expertise to respond to various infectious diseases caused by Viruses. Professionals in Virology & Immunology have great career aspects both in the Public and Private organisation.

DurationEligibilityAdmission ProcessFees/Semester
3 Years10+2 (PCB) Minimum 60%10+2 %age Essay Test InterviewRs. 53,500/- (None-Sponsored) Rs. 80,250/- (Sponsored)

B.Sc in Forensic Science

B.Sc. Forensic Sciences is three years undergraduate course.  The area of forensic science deals with different scientific ways and approach to prove criminal activities. Courses in Forensic Science is broadly divided into three categories: Medical, laboratory and field science. A Forensic science expert is required to acquire in-depth knowledge of new forensic analysis methods and innovations.No doubt if you love solving criminal cases and is inspired by serials like CID, then Forensic science is the right career option for you.

DurationEligibilityAdmission ProcessFees/Semester
3 Years10+2 (PCB/PCM)   Minimum 50%10+2 %age Essay Test InterviewRs. 68,500/- (None-Sponsored) Rs. 1,00,275/- (Sponsored)

The article is made by our expert to discuss Top 7 Amity University Courses one can do apart from Medical & Engineering after 10+2. We don’t intend to make any course superior to others. It’s all about your choice and corporate exposure. Students are advised to take their passion as an ought most priority while making a career option.

Contact Details

Amity University Noida
Address: F-2-Block, Second Floor, Sector 125 Campus
NOIDA 201 303 (UP) INDIA
Phone: 0120 – 4614200, 1800 102 3434 (Toll free)
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Admission seekers may also go through the relevant link of Amity University-Main Campus, Noida to know more about the University.

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***Scoring High in Amity Joint Engineering Entrance Examination will help you to choose the best courses offered by Amity University. Top Rankers may also avail various Scholarship offered by Amity to some of the meritious Students of Country. To get information on How to get Admission At Amity University? stay in touch with us. You can also ask our Expert to guide you in getting Admission in Amity.

Amity University Noida (FAQs)

Q. How to get admission in Amity University?

A. Amity University conducts Entrance test for various courses.

Q. What is the procedure of admission in amity university?

A. What is the procedure of admission in amity university?

Q. What is the procedure of admission in amity university?

A. Admission to UG and PG courses is done on the basis of entrance test conducted by the Amity University Noida followed by Interview on the same day. For B.Tech, admission is done on the basis of Amity JEE or JEE Mains scorecard.

Q. Who is the owner of Amity University?

A. Ashok Chauhan. Ashok Chauhan is President of Ritnand Balved Education Foundation and Chancellor of Amity University.

Q. Is Amity accredited?

A. Yes, the University has been accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC ) with “A” Grade.

Q. Is Amity University approved by AICTE Delhi?

A. No, As per law, Universities do not require AICTE approval. Only institutions which are affiliated to Universities require approval. As Amity University is a Bonafide University established by a State Act, it does not require AICTE approval. This standing of law is notified in the case of Bharathidasan University Vs AICTE.

Q. Is Amity University a good university?

A. Yes, Amity is the best university. It provides excellent exposure and placement and everything you need in the campus itself. The best thing is that amity offers you with superb arrangements.

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