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Top Product-Based Companies in the US

The product-based companies in the US are considered one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. In the last ten years, many companies have come into being. Talking about the product-based companies in the US, there are hundreds of them.

It becomes difficult to choose among so many product-based companies when you are just a budding entrepreneur. Today, we will tell you the top product-based companies in the US. If one wishes to apply to these companies, then a full-stack developer course is a must. Project-based full-stack development boot camp is here to help you out. The course will provide you with all the knowledge, training, and experience required to become a full-stack developer. Apply now!

Now that we have discussed the course you must undertake, let us look at the top companies you can work with. We have enlisted the top fifteen companies that hire full-stack developers. So, without further ado, let us begin!

List of Product-Based Companies in the US


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It is an established product-based company that offers customized services to its clients. SumatoSoft specializes in building software that is customized according to the needs of the consumer/ client. It is one of the leading companies that focus on the quality of work, thereby satisfying the client’s needs.


If you wish to work in a high-quality web and app development company, this is the one. Techasoft provides custom solutions that help in the transformation and growth of your business. The company specializes in digital marketing solutions, UX/ UI designs, software development, etc.


One of the best companies in the IT sector, Wezom caters to different industries like real estate, D2C model companies, logistics, etc. The company provides software development services to help small and large businesses grow.


AgileEngine is a private product-based company that includes many full-stack and software developers. These developers take on the projects and emphasize satisfying the clients’ needs. They lend their services to achieve client satisfaction – that is their main goal! Over the years, the company has worked with big tech companies globally. Not just big enterprises, but the company also helps small startups grow.  


ITRex is a product-based IT consulting company that creates and transforms products to stimulate the growth of the business. By customizing products and services, the company helps your career reach new heights. The company has expertise in many advanced fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, analytics, etc.


This company is dedicated to serving small and medium-sized companies. It is one of the best product-based companies that provides product development and team extension services that fit your business needs. This company has worked on many reputed projects for top companies like Microsoft, JavaScript, PHP, etc.


If your company needs quick software solutions, this company is the one! Merixstudio offers growth to your business by providing you with different software solutions. With over 150+ professionals, the company creates digital solutions. This company has designed many mobile and web apps. They emphasize implementing new technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, machine learning, etc.

The NineHertz

The NineHertz is also a leading product-based company in the US. The company offers digital solutions based in the US and outside the US. The NineHertz specializes in various services such as web development, app development, eCommerce development, mobile application development, etc.


Custom software development is the specialization of this company. The company’s main focus is to help the business grow by offering digital software solutions. With a team of over 300+ professionals, the company has helped many countless businesses in the past. You can apply to this company by doing a full-stack developer course.


It is yet another established company based in Belarus. It has been providing digital solutions to various industries like healthcare, EdTech, OTT, web applications, mobile applications, and so on & forth. With more than ten years of experience, the company understands the clients’ needs and helps them provide customized solutions.


A3logics is a global IT company that provides amazing services to small, medium, and big enterprises. They have set a benchmark in providing quality-driven solutions and services to the companies. No matter what the fields of industries are, the company helps other enterprises with everything.


7EDGE is one of the best companies to work with for big and small brand solutions! Their approach to working and finding solutions is quite unique and different from other product-based companies mentioned above. They use the latest technologies for building mobile applications. Some of the technologies used by the company are Node.js, Python, React.js, AWS, etc.


Txkel is one of the best product-based companies in the US that offer services to clients worldwide, including UAE, Asia, Europe, etc. The company aims for digital transformation through workshops, small teams, software development, etc. Working worldwide, this company works to provide the best services to its clients.


To transform and empower your business to help it reach great heights, Orases company is the best. They understand the unique needs of the clients and work towards achieving them. Orases has partnered with many top enterprises and has served more than 750 clients in software development.        

Sunlight Media

One of the reputable names in the IT sector is Sunlight Media. The company specializes in customized solutions for marketing. The services provided by the company in the mobile and social sectors make it a leading company that offers digital marketing solutions. Serving both big and small companies, the services of Sunlight Media are remarkable!

Concluding Thoughts

So, these are the top product-based companies in the US that help their clients with software development, mobile applications, web development, etc. Having served small, medium, and big enterprises, all these companies have set a benchmark in their respective industries. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for Knowledgehut project-based full-stack development boot camp now! By doing a full-stack development course by training providers like KnowledgeHut, you can also work in these companies and help your career grow to the next level.

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