**UPDATED CBSE CLASS XI Physical Education Syllabus: 2018-19

    CBSE CLASS XI Physical Education Syllabus 2018-19
    CBSE CLASS XI Physical Education Syllabus 2018-19

    Hi friends, today we are going to discuss with you the latest Syllabus of Class XI Physical Education Syllabus. As you know very well that Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has its own curriculum and they hold the supreme authority to change it further for the benefit of students.

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    UPDATED CBSE CLASS XI Physical Education Syllabus 2018-19

    So it’s always a wise decision to keep an eye on what happening around with the subject you are going to learn. This year CBSE made little bit changes in CBSE Class 11th Physical Education Syllabus. Let us have a look at the updated XIth Class Physical Education Syllabus for the academic year 2017-18

    CBSE Class 11th Physical Education Syllabus (2018-19 Session)

    Unit Wise Detailed Syllabus (Theory Part)

    Theory Max. Marks 70

    Unit-I: Changing Trends & Career In Physical Education

    • Meaning & definition of Physical Education
    • Aims & Objectives of Physical Education
    • Changing trends in Physical Education
    • Various Physical Education Courses available in India
    • Career Options in Physical Education
    • Soft skills required for different careers

    Unit-II: Olympic Movement</4>

    • Ancient & Modern Olympics (Summer & Winter)
    • Olympic Symbols, Ideals, Objectives & Values
    • International Olympic Committee
    • Indian Olympic Association
    • Dronacharya Award, Arjuna Award & Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
    • Organisational set-up of CBSE Sports & Chacha Nehru Sports Award

    Unit-III: Physical Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle

    • Meaning & Importance Of Physical Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle
    • Components of physical fitness
    • Components of Health-related fitness
    • Components of wellness
    • Preventing Health Threats Through Lifestyle Change
    • Concept of Positive Lifestyle

    Unit-IV: Physical Education & Sports for Differently Able

    •  Aims & objectives of Adaptive Physical Education
    •  Organization promoting Adaptive Sports (Special Olympics Bharat; Paralympics; Deaflympics)
    •  Concept and need for Integrated Physical Education
    •  Concept of Inclusion, its need, and Implementation
    •  Role of various professionals for children with special needs (Counsellor, Occupational Therapist,
    • Physiotherapist, Physical Education Teacher, Speech Therapist & special Educator)

    Unit-V: Yoga

    • Meaning & Importance of Yoga
    • Elements of Yoga
    • Introduction – Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation & Yogic Kriyas
    • Yoga for concentration & related Asanas (Sukhasana; Tadasana; Padmasana & Shashankasana)
    • Relaxation Techniques for improving concentration – Yog-nidra

    Unit-VI: Physical Activity & Leadership Training

    • Introduction to physical activity & leadership
    •  Qualities & role of a Leader
    •  Behaviour change stages for physical activity (Pre-contemplation; Contemplation; Planning; Active; Maintenance)
    •  Creating leaders through Physical Education
    •  Meaning, objectives & types of Adventure Sports (Rock Climbing, Tracking, River Rafting, Mountaineering, Surfing and Para Gliding
    •  Safety measures during physical activity and adventure sports

    Unit-VII: Test, Measurement & Evaluation

    • Define Test, Measurement & Evaluation
    •  Importance Of Test, Measurement & Evaluation In Sports
    •  Calculation Of BMI & Waist-Hip Ratio
    •  Somato Types (Endomorphy, Mesomorphy & Ectomorphy)
    •  Procedures For Anthropometric Measurement – Height, Weight, Arm & Leg Length

    Unit-VIII: Fundamentals Of Anatomy & Physiology

    • Define Anatomy, Physiology & Its Importance
    • Function Of Skeleton System, Classification Of Bones & Types Of Joints
    • Properties of Muscles
    • Function & Structure Of Muscles
    • Function & Structure Of Respiratory System, Mechanism of Respiration
    • Structure Of Heart & Introduction To Circulatory System
    • Oxygen debt, second-wind

    Unit-IX: Kinesiology, Biomechanics & Sports

    • Meaning & Importance of Kinesiology & Biomechanics In Phy. Edu. & Sports
    • Levers & Its Types and its application in sports
    • Equilibrium – Dynamic & Static And Centre Of Gravity and its application in sports
    • Force – Centrifugal & Centripetal and its application in sports
    • Introduction to Buoyancy Force

    Unit-X : Psychology & Sports

    • Definition & Importance Of Psychology In Phy. Edu. & Sports
    •  Define & Differentiate Between Growth & Development
    •  Developmental Characteristics At Different Stage Of Development
    •  Adolescent Problems & Their Management
    • Define Learning, Laws Of Learning (Law of Readiness; Law of Effect & Law of Exercise) & Transfer Of Learning
    • Plateau & causes of plateau
    •  Emotion: Concept, Type & Controlling of emotion

    Unit-XI: Training In Sports

    • Meaning & Concept Of Sports Training
    •  Principles Of Sports Training
    •  Warming up & limbering down
    •  Load, Symptoms of Over-load, Adaptation & Recovery
    •  Skill, Technique & Style
    •  Role of Free-play in the development of Motor Component

    Unit-XII: Doping

    • Concept & classification of doping
    •  Prohibited Substances & Methods
    •  Athletes Responsibilities
    •  Side Effects Of Prohibited Substances
    •  Ergogenic aids & doping in sports
    •  Doping control procedure


    Practical Max. Marks 30
    1 Physical Fitness – AAHPER 10 Marks
    2 Skills of anyone Team Game of choice from the given list* 10 Marks
    3 Viva 05 Marks
    4 Record File** 05 Marks

    **Archery, Badminton, Bocce, Gymnastics, Judo, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo & Tennis
    ***Record File shall include:
    Practical-1: Labelled diagram of 400 M Track & Field with computations.
    Practical-2: Computation of BMI from family or neighborhood & graphical representation of the data.
    Practical-3: Labelled diagram of field & equipment of any one game of your choice out of the above list.
    Practical-4: Explanation & list of current National Awardees (Dronacharya Award, Arjuna Award & Rajiv
    Gandhi Khel Ratna Award)
    Practical-5: Pictorial presentation of any five Asanas for improving concentration.

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