Top 7 Best vocational courses after class 12th

    Top 7 Best vocational courses after class 12th
    Top 7 Best vocational courses after class 12th

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    Right from my childhood, I have seen my family and entire society having a common belief that if you do not grow up to become one of the doctor or engineers, it directly means that you are not a good student and you can’t do anything great in your life. But due to the epic rise of digital media and numbers of emerging courses after 12th nowadays, you can easily choose best courses after 12th of your choice, something which the earlier people could never even dare to think of. This article will let you know about the best vocational courses after 12th one can do to have a promising career.

    Vocational training programs not only offer great scope to your ambition but also encourage students to use their passion and productivity. After a series of questions asked by our readers on best professional courses after 12th, We have finally made up a list of top 7 vocational programs one should do just after 12th to give their talent a valuable lesson. Hopefully, the following list of vocational courses after 12th will shape your career after 12th.

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    In a world of Digital media where everything has just gone digital, it is always a wise decision to have an idea about blogging. You can start sharing your personal views on anything using Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or you can even start your very own Blog. Believe me, it doesn’t require all those codings which we all heard off. You can start Blogging without having knowledge of coding. Just search the web and you will find a number of user-friendly platforms to encourage your passion for writing/Blogging.

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    Content Writer

    In a recent survey conducted by a Content Managing portal revealed that by 2018, India will need more about 20k professional content creator to boost the growing need of fresh and original contents. Every single day a number of website/ blog emerged out on the INTERNET but due to the lack of quality, they died out within 6 months of their startup. These are all the reason why content writing is one of the hottest career options in today online market. It’s a common misbelief that you have to be good in English to become a content writer but the fact is you can write in any preferred language you are great in (Hindi/Bengali/Other regional Language).

    Audio Engineering

    Don’t get confused with the word engineering as it is more than that. As an Audio Engineer, you have to do a lot of mixing, jamming, manipulating and reproducing sound for different projects like cyber games, Documentary, Movies, Presentation or any animated series. The job prospect in the industry is at an all-time rising due to the massive boom in the television and cyber media industry. To be an audio engineer, you need to pass in 10+2 with pure science from a recognized board with at least 50% marks.

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    Voice Over Artist

    Voice-over also knows as off-camera or off-stage commentary is a technique of lending your voice to a part of the narration. Your voice will be used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations like animation, web documentary and presentations. So if you think that you are great in mimicry and can make someone flaunt with your comic timing then the world of voice over is for you only. The basic qualification required to learn voice-over is a 10+2 pass degree but in order to excel in this competitive field, creativity and passion are necessary.

    Multimedia and Animation

    Now, this is one of the fields which I usually suggest to my juniors. Multimedia and animation don’t only mean making cartoons or spoofs, but it’s all about expressing your creativity in the form of most lovable animated series. Well, frankly speaking, We all have grown up watching cartoon series like tom & jerry, scooby doo etc and still don’t miss a single chance to watch our favourite cartoon series. Just imagine the fun of creating such creatures with your own and for that, you have to be an expert in animation and multimedia. There are many institutes in India like Arena, Maya etc which provides advanced diploma and a degree in Animation and Multimedia. All you need to do is to pass your higher secondary from any recognized board and to get enrolled in this vocational courses after 12th.

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    If you love to click photographs and thinks that you can make it as a full-time profession then the field of photography is for you only. Due to the exceptional rise in social media, a sense of originality has become the prime concern for everyone. Nowadays a lot of platforms gives the young and aspiring photographer a handsome salary just to click some meaningful original photographs. You can also post your photographs to some online bidding platform to sell it worldwide. The eligibility criterion for most of the allied courses on photography is a 10+2 pass, but in order to excel in this competitive field, creativity is a necessity.

    Foreign Languages

    What can be more useful than learning foreign languages? It is perhaps one of the best vocational courses after 12th. In the world of social media, the job of a translator has become the talk of the town. Apart from 2 or 3 Indian languages that we all know, if you know one or two foreign languages like Spanish, French, German, Greek, Latin, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese etc, you will surely make the best deal out of it. knowledge of a language is surely gonna help you in the long run. The basic qualification required to learn any of these languages is a 10+2 pass.

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