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Biophysics: The Physics of Biological System (Admission, Scope, Salary & More)

Most of us might have familiarized ourselves with Biology and Physics. But Biophysics Course is somewhat new to you. As the name implies, we cannot only define it as a mixture of Biology and Physics, and it’s something more than that. We have heard about the enormous techniques such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-Ray technology, Laser etc., used in the medical field to access and get a better view of the body parts of a human being. All these techniques are a contribution of Biophysics. A person can make his career in Biophysics.

The fact that living organisms obey the rules and principles of physics has paved the way for Biophysics. The given article will give you an inside review about “what is Biophysics” and different Biophysics careers scope after doing Biophysics courses in India.

career in biophysics
career in biophysics
1. What is Biophysics?
2. Who is Biophysics?
3. Various Biophysics Courses in India
4. Career Objective for a Biophysicists
5. What are the job opportunities for Biophysicists?
6. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biophysics?

Biophysics or simply Biological Physics is an interdisciplinary branch which solves biological problems with the application of Physics. In general, it can be defined as an area of science dealing with biological issues with the help of one’s physical mentality and skill set. Physics is a branch of study to govern physical phenomena that happen in this physical world. Hence, when Physics is mixed with Biology, it becomes Biophysics to govern biological phenomena that occurred in a biological world.

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Who is a Biophysicist?

A Biophysicist is a person who has studied Biophysics to discover various physical mechanisms which lie under a complex biological system. Biophysicists usually spent their time by experimenting with a particular biological system, and the results are utilized to study the complex physical phenomena associated with it. Recently, Biophysics has expanded into molecular biology to study interactions of macromolecules and Biophysicists are conducting experiments on them.

The works of a Biophysicists typically include studying the structure of molecules using techniques like X-Ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy etc. Biophysicists work with utmost care inside a Biophysics laboratory to protect themselves from radiation and heavy metal poisoning. A Biophysicist studies life at every level, from atoms and organisms to the environment.

Various Biophysics Courses in India

To work as a Biophysicists or to make a career in Biophysics, one has to earn a degree in following Biophysics course, which is listed below:

B.Sc. in Biophysics3 yearsAdmission seekers must pass (10+2) or equivalent with science stream exam from a recognized board.
Certificate Courses in BiophysicsA few months to one yearAdmission seekers must pass (10+2) or equivalent with science stream exam from a recognized board.
M.Sc. in Biophysics2 yearsAdmission in M. Sc. candidates should have a graduate degree from any recognized university/college.
Diploma in Biophysics1 yearAdmission in Diploma in Biophysics candidates should have a Higher Graduation degree from any of the recognized university/college.
M.Phil. in Biophysics2 yearsAdmission in M.Phil. in Biophysics, candidates should have completed  Post-Graduation with relevant marks from a recognized university.
PhD in Biophysics3 yearsAdmission in PhD in Biophysics, candidates should have completed Post-Graduation with relevant marks from a recognized university.

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Career Objective for a Biophysicists

After doing courses in Biophysics, one can make his/her career in following biophysics profiles, i.e. listed below:

  • Biophysicists
  • Forensic biophysicist
  • Researcher
  • Medical biophysicist
  • Scientist
  • Nutritional biophysicist
  • Clinical biophysicist
  • Applied biophysicist

What are the job opportunities for a Biophysicist?

As the physical and biological problems are increasing day by day, the demand for Biophysicists has become phenomenal in modern days. Biophysics researches are conducted at various levels starting from the Bimolecular scale and Organismal scale to Environmental scale. Other than these, a Biophysicist has career opportunities in fields like Agrophysics, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biogeophysics, Nanotechnology, and System Biology.

Those who have studied Astobiophysics are eligible to work in the Astrophysical area to study various astrophysical phenomena — Medical Biophysics industries best suited for those who would like to work in therapeutic and diagnostic fields.

Top institutes in India offering Biophysics courses

Institute/College/University NameLinks Here
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, DelhiClick Here
Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, HaryanaClick Here
Cochin University of Science and Technology, KeralaClick Here
Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, UttarakhandClick Here
National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, KarnatakaClick Here
The University of Delhi, DelhiClick Here
Punjab University, PunjabClick Here

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the scope in biophysics?

A. As a general definition, Biophysics is the study of biological phenomena using physical methods. To distinguish it from biology, the studies are usually analyzed quantitatively. A goal of biophysics is to understand biological aspects in terms of physical concepts. Consequently where physics is understood from atomic to cosmic scales, a deep understanding of the biology can be accessed. However, where the physical principles are incompletely available, their application can be complicated and frequently confusing. Therefore a successful biophysical study often results from a successful selection of the question and other questions are better left to descriptive analysis.

Q. Is biophysics hard?

A. Biophysics can be a demanding discipline to pursue, but in my view, the real key is to understand what you as an individual want to do. If your passion is to address quantitative and mechanistic questions, then take the courses and work in laboratories which allow you to gain the knowledge and experience to pursue your interest. This will often mean courses in mathematics and physics. It will also require an appreciation that the questions that are being addressed do not have established answers. Therefore your suggested hypothesis might be poorly formulated and require further work just as those of others do. Appreciating and enjoy this challenge makes biophysics an exciting endeavour and not just “hard.”

Q. What is the scope of biophysics in the technical world?

A. It has a varying degree of positive scopes in general. With biophysics, you stepping into shades of colour like never seen before. You learn about hardcore physics and chemistry in bioenergetics, physics of instrumentations that go into characterisations of many reactions and processes, computer languages in order to understand and create software in case of bioinformatics, you get to learn biochemistry from a physical point of view and finally, my favourite, you have radiation biology, where there’s a lot of physics at play. It gives you a broader view of things in life.

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