5 Reason Why You Must Choose Amity over any other Private Institute in India


    WHY CHOOSE AMITY: The dilemma of choosing a college from the wide array of available colleges makes everyone confused. It is one of the most stressful and daunting tasks in someone’s life hence making it a matter of prime concern for everyone. As College plays a vital role in everyone’s Career, it’s become so important to choose a college wisely. If you have researched everything about Amity University, Noida and want to get Admission in Amity then the very first thing you have to do is to check this article carefully. This article will give you the Unbiased Reviews on Amity University and other important parameters that will help you to decide whether taking admission in Amity is a wise decision or not.

    Amity Global Business School Bangalore
    Amity Global Business School, Bangalore

    Frankly speaking, every year Educational Institutes invest hugely in College Advertisement and brand building. Sometimes the promises that they make has nothing to do with reality. Thus it is so important to research everything about a particular college before taking admission into it. Throughout this article, we will discuss 5 Top aspects to answer WHY CHOOSE AMITY..?


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    Before we start our reviews on Amity, just make it clear that you have researched everything about your career by identifying your natural abilities. There are more than 200+ Courses available in India but our crowd generally focusses on 5 or 6 courses that we all know.

    Direct Admission in Amity University

    Therefore it becomes so important to map your aptitude for a specific course. We have tried to Rate the Amity University on these simple parameters that matter most while choosing the college of your dream.

    1. Amity Brand Value

    College Brand is perhaps the Most Important factor that differentiates a good or a Best College. One should go for College History, Affiliation, Academic Excellence, the status of particular course, Placement, Achievements, Future Endeavours and other related factors to decide whether the college is good or average.

    Amity Noida Brand Value
    Amity Noida Brand Value

    There is a common misconception in our society that a college which endorses its brand too much is not a good one to go for. As most of us have heard about Amity through its Mass advertisement Policy, we somehow believe that Amity is not a Good University. But this is not the full side. In this world of Cut-throat competition, it becomes quintessential to reach out to maximum people and what else can be better than the Advertisement. It is the Brand Value of Amity that makes it as one of the Top-Ranked Universities in India. Established in the year 1986, the Amity University is affiliated with all the major Certification and accreditation societies of India making all of its courses highly reliable and job oriented.

    2. The Quality of Faculty

    The term “faculty” can be defined as the blend of academic experience and industry exposure. A good Faculty will not only help you to realise your dream, they will also help you with much-needed Industry Exposure. Thus it is quite impossible to think of a college having no Recognised Faculty Members. One Should go for the Faculties Qualifications, Achievements, Research Projects and years of experience of the faculty.

    Amity Class Rooms
    Amity Class Rooms

    Amity has some of the most talented and dedicated thought leaders in the country who come from the best institutions around the world. Not only are they academically and professionally amongst the best, but have high standards of moral and ethical values, so that they can be true role models. The quality of Faculty at Amity University can be judged by these salient features.

    • 4500 Academicians, Scientist & Researchers Led by Highly Qualified and Dedicated 11 Former Vice Chancellors.
    • The University Faculty Members has Filed 607 patents.
    • Amity University is a Proud Family of Faculty Members who Authored over 500 books and Published near about 6000 papers.
    • The University continuously upgrades the knowledge and skills of the faculty members in various institutions under its umbrella.
    • Amity Academic Staff College benchmarks with the latest teaching methodologies from around the world to train its faculty.

    3. Industry interface & Research Projects

    Industry interface & Research of a college is perhaps the most important differentiator between a good and the Best College. One should look for the college tie-ups with different Industries and Research Institutes. A college with greater Industry Interface will help you to learn a lot during Internships.

    Amity Research Project
    Amity Research Project

    The Amity Corporate Resource Centre acts as an interface between the students, faculty, and the corporate world to initiate continuous interaction with the industry, sharing the industry experiences and providing the required support to the corporate world. Over 1500 CEOs have been on Amity campuses to interact with students giving them much-needed Industry Exposure. The Industry interface, More than 300 ongoing government-funded research projects and Quality of Internships programs are the very few reasons why Amity is considered as India’s Leading Research & Innovation Driven Pvt. University.

    4. Infrastructure

    Does the Infrastructure Really matter while Choosing a college? My answer is No. Common let’s be Honest as these days a lot of private colleges comes with great infrastructures but they lack in the fundamental goal of learning. Do not choose a college by its Infrastructure or super luxurious Facilities as you are there to study not to enjoy your life in a swimming pool. Here Infrastructure means a well equipped Laboratory, Language Labs, Library, E-Journals availability, Modern Classrooms etc.

    Amity University Facilities
    Amity University Facilities

    When we talk about facilities and Infrastructure @ Amity, it benchmarks only against the best universities around the world. Amity Team Members travel all over the globe to Imbibe best practice so that students get the best environment to pursue their dream. Here are some of the salient features that distinguish Amity from other Universities in India.

    • India’s First Wireless Campus with over 4,000 networked HP/IBM machine and 600 MBPS Broadband Connectivity.
    • 430 Classrooms at any point of time and 300 students can brainstorm at the same time in 50 Syndicate Rooms.
    • Live Virtual Classes and e-learning studios to access knowledge online.
    • Amity social programs and Services like Radio Jingles, Print ads, TVC etc to encourage students beyond of their study curriculums.

    5. The Amity Placements

    After getting specialised degrees, the final aim of every student is merged to a single point of getting a good job with handsome salary. While looking at the Placement of a particular college, one should keep three things in Mind.

    • Numbers and the type of Companies that recruit the students
    • Percentage of students placed in different branches (it will help you to choose the Best Branch of a particular College)
    • Previous Years Placement Statistics (Highest Salary, Average Salary, Lowest Salary etc)

    The Training and Placement Cell of Amity is well known for its quality of service and Commitment. Over the years 30,000 Amity students have got on-campus placements in MNCs and top organisations. The University Claims to have 100% Placement Record. In fact, a record 1309 students were placed in a single day by Accenture, a Fortune 500 Company.

    • Average Salary Offered: 3.5-5 Lac
    • Highest Salary Offered: 36 Lac (Computer Science)

    ***Scoring High in Amity Joint Engineering Entrance Examination will help you to choose the best courses offered by Amity University. Top Rankers may also avail various Scholarship offered by Amity to some of the meritious Students of Country.

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    Admission seekers may also go through the relevant link of Amity University Main Campus, Noida to know more about the University.

    ***Scoring High in Amity Joint Engineering Entrance Examination will help you to choose the best courses offered by Amity University. Top Rankers may also avail various Scholarship offered by Amity to some of the meritious Students of Country. To get Information on How to get Admission In Amity University? stay in touch with us. You can Also ask our Expert to guide you in getting Admission in Amity.

    Best of Luck…!!

    Disclaimer: We do not promote, endorse or advertise any College or University. The Author wrote this blog to share his personal research and not to promote any college or University. The Article is brought to you by our expert in reply to the question made by one of our Readers on ” Why choose Amity University”.

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