Session 1. Ep 6. A Career in BHMS Podcast by Edufever

A BHMS: Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) is a medical undergraduate degree programme. The medical knowledge of the homoeopathic system is included in this degree. After completing this degree, you will be qualified to practise homoeopathy as a doctor. The degree holder is eligible to use the prefix “doctor,” which is abbreviated as Dr.

Homeopathy medical studies are becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation of medical students. In this field, diplomas, undergraduate, and postgraduate programmes are available. There are various colleges and institutions in India that provide a variety of academic programmes on the topic of homoeopathy.

There is the tremendous scope after completing BHMS; the candidates can go for the below-listed options after completing their BHMS Course:

  1. Lecturer.
  2. Consultant.
  3. Scientist
  4. Therapist
  5. Private practices
  6. Doctor
  7. Public Health Specialist
  8. Medical Assistant.

The Candidate can even pursue Higher studies after completing BHMS:

  1. Master of Science in Endocrinology
  2. Master of Science in Epidemiology
  3. Master of Science in Psychiatry
  4. Doctor of Medicine in Hom-Organon of Medicine
  5. Doctor of Medicine in Hom-Repertory
  6. Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathic Philosophy & organon
  7. Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy – Paediatrics
  8. Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy – Psychiatry
  9. Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy – Repertory
  10. Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy

Podcast Lead: Pooja Roy

Creative Lead: Rakesh Mandal

Cover Art: Md. Adnan

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