Session 1. Ep 10. A career in B.Sc Nursing Podcast by Edufever

A Career in B.Sc Nursing: “Nursing is a medical profession that involves administering and caring for patients using health-care science.” The word “nursing” literally means “to cure.” In India, nursing is one of the most popular professions for women. Nursing is a demanding, diligent, well-liked, courteous, and merciful profession. It is particularly attractive to females. Kerala and Rajasthan have produced the most nurses for our society in India.

After completing a B.Sc Nursing degree, students can choose a field and pursue a career in it, allowing them to work in a variety of industries in India and abroad.

  1. Staff Nurse
  2. Assistant Nursing Superintendent
  3. Department Supervisor
  4. Deputy Nursing Superintendent
  5. Nursing Supervisor or Ward Sister
  6. Director of Nursing
  7. Nursing Superintendent
  8. Teacher of Nursing
  9. Community Health Nurse (CHN)
  10. Military Nurse
  11. Industrial Nurse
  12. Nursing Service Administrators
  13. Nursing Service overseas

A candidate can work in Employment Area after completing this degree

  1. Government-run hospitals
  2. Super speciality hospital
  3. Nursing homes
  4. Orphanages
  5. Old age homes
  6. Industries
  7. Sanatoriums
  8. Armed forces
  9. Indian Red Cross Society
  10. Indian Nursing Council
  11. State Nursing Council
  12. Educational institutions

Podcast Lead: Pooja Roy

Creative Lead: Rakesh Mandal

Cover Art: Md. Adnan

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