Session 1. Ep 3. A Career in Engineering Podcast by Edufever

Engineering is a scientific area and occupation that entails applying our scientific knowledge of the natural world to innovate, design, and construct objects that solve issues and reach specific goals. Roads, bridges, automobiles, planes, machinery, tools, procedures, and computers are examples of this.

A vast number of Career opportunities are available in Engineering. An Individual can work in a different field and grab opportunities.

  1. Electrical Engineer.
  2. Mechanical Engineer.
  3. Electrical Power Engineer.
  4. Energy Performance Engineer.
  5. Energy Performance Engineer.
  6. Flight Engineer.
  7. Locomotive Engineer.
  8. Nanosystem Engineer.
  9. Nuclear Engineer.
  10. Petroleum Engineer.
  11. Robotics Engineer.
  12. Textile Engineer.
  13. Geo-Technical Engineer.
  14. Geothermal Engineer.
  15. Chemical Engineer.
  16. Agriculture Engineer.
  17. Aerospace Engineer.
  18. Marine Engineer
  19. Wind Energy Engineer.
  20. Water Engineer
  21. Software Engineer.
  22. Sales Engineer.
  23. Industrial Engineer.

Producer, Host and Sound Mixing: Ifra Naaz

Podcast Lead: Pooja Roy

Creative Lead: Rakesh Mandal

Cover Art: Md. Adnan

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