NEET UG 2022 Exam 51 Days left; Strong your NEET UG Preparation with Previous Year Questions Paper

NEET UG 2022 Previous Year Papers: As every medical aspirant knows, the National Testing Agency will conduct the NEET 2022 entrance exam on July 17. So there, approximate 51 days are left in your exam, and you have to prepare yourself to score good marks in NEET for admission to Top Medical Colleges in India. According to the latest update, the NTA opened the NEET 2022 application correction window yesterday, May 24, 2022. The NTA has developed the NEET correction window 2022 at the official website; 

Candidates who are searching the last year’s NEET questions papers; throughout this article, you will get the NEET exam previous year’s questions papers pdf, best ebooks, sample paper etc.

NEET 2021 Previous Year Questions Paper Code M & N PDF

Paper CodeClick Here to DownloadPaper CodeClick Here to Download
M1Click HereN1Click Here
M2Click HereN2Click Here
M3Click HereN3Click Here
M4Click HereN4Click Here
M5Click HereN5Click Here
M6Click HereN6Click Here

NEET 2021 Previous Year Questions Paper Code O & P PDF

Paper CodeClick Here to DownloadPaper CodeClick Here to Download
O1Click HereP1Click Here
O2Click HereP2Click Here
O3Click HereP3Click Here
O4Click HereP4Click Here
O6Click HereP6Click Here

NEET 2020 Official Question Paper (Code-wise)

Here in this section, we are providing the NEET 2020 Official Question Papers for all Sets, Codewise, Language wise etc. in PDF format; you can also download these pdf by clicking the link which is mentioned below:

NEET 2020 Question PaperDownload HereNEET 2020 Question PaperDownload Here
QP KANHA English E1F1G1H1Click HereQP Telugu Code (E2F2G2H2)Click Here
QP ANKHA English E2F2G2H2Click HereQP Gujarati Code (E6F6G6H6)Click Here
QP NAKHA English E3F3G3H3Click HereQP Marathi Code (E3F3G3H3)Click Here
QP HAKAN English E4F4G4H4Click HereQP Tamil (E4F4G4H4)Click Here
QP AKANH English E5F5G5H5Click HereQP Bengali E5F5G5H5Click Here
QP KHANA English E6F6G6H6Click HereQP Kannada Code (E1F1G1H1)Click Here
Qp KANHA English & Hindi E1F1G1H1Click HereQP Odia E3F3G3H3Click Here
QP ANKHA English&Hindi E2F2G2H2Click HereQP AKANH Urdu E5Click Here
QP NAKHA English & Hindi E3F3G3H3Click HereQP AKANH Urdu F5Click Here
QP HAKAN English & Hindi E4F4G4H4Click HereQP AKANH Urdu G5Click Here
QP Assamese Code (E3F3G3H3)Click Here—-

NEET 2019 Papers

PapersPdf LinkPapersPdf Link
Code P1Click HereCode Q4Click Here
Code P5Click HereCode Q5Click Here
Code Q1Click HereCode R1Click Here
Code Q2Click HereCode R6Click Here
Code Q3Click HereCode S1Click Here

NEET 2018 Paper

CodesQuestion PaperCodesQuestion Paper
Code AAClick HereCode KKClick Here
Code BBClick HereCode LLClick Here
Code CCClick HereCode MMClick Here
Code DDClick HereCode NNClick Here
Code EEClick HereCode PPClick Here
Code FFClick HereCode QQClick Here
Code GGClick HereCode RRClick Here
Code HHClick HereCode SSClick Here
Code WWClick HereCode XXClick Here
Code ZZClick HereCode YYClick Here

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