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NEET UG Sample Paper 2024: Download Practice Papers with Solutions in PDF

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, or NEET, is an all-India-level medical entrance exam. It is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to various medical and dental courses offered by institutions across the country. NEET 2024 is considered one of the toughest entrance exams in India, and aspirants prepare for it months in advance. To aid their preparation. We will discuss the NEET UG Sample Paper for the year 2024. NEET MBBS Sample Papers are the best resources for candidates to prepare for the NEET Examination. Candidates can download the NEET UG 2024 question papers in pdf format to improve their performance in the Examination.

1 Advantage of Solving NEET Sample Papers 2024
2 NEET 2020 Official Question Papers
3 NEET-UG 2022 Practice Papers in PDF
4 Subject-wise MCQ of NEET 2022
5 NEET 2019 Sample Papers
6 Sample Papers of NEET 2018
7 Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of Solving NEET Sample Papers 2024

  • As mentioned before, by practising the previous year’s question papers, candidates can understand the number of questions, the difficulty level of questions asked, the total time allotted, the marking scheme and other details.
  • With the help of NEET sample papers and their solutions, students can analyse NEET 2024 important topics, which can be used at the time of revision.
  • Aspirants will be familiar with the actual environment of the NEET 2024 entrance exam. Thus, it will reduce the anxiety and stress levels of the candidate.
  • After solving every NEET question paper with answers, students can analyse their preparation level and make a note of weaknesses and work on them to overcome them.

NEET 2020 Official Question Paper

Here in this section, we are providing the NEET 2020 Official Question Papers for all Sets, Codewise, Language wise etc. in PDF format; you can also download these pdf by clicking the link which is mentioned below:

NEET 2020 Question PaperDownload HereNEET 2020 Question PaperDownload Here
QP KANHA English E1F1G1H1Click HereQP Telugu Code (E2F2G2H2)Click Here
QP ANKHA English E2F2G2H2Click HereQP Gujarati Code (E6F6G6H6)Click Here
QP NAKHA English E3F3G3H3Click HereQP Marathi Code (E3F3G3H3)Click Here
QP HAKAN English E4F4G4H4Click HereQP Tamil (E4F4G4H4)Click Here
QP AKANH English E5F5G5H5Click HereQP Bengali E5F5G5H5Click Here
QP KHANA English E6F6G6H6Click HereQP Kannada Code (E1F1G1H1)Click Here
Qp KANHA English & Hindi E1F1G1H1Click HereQP Odia E3F3G3H3Click Here
QP ANKHA English&Hindi E2F2G2H2Click HereQP AKANH Urdu E5Click Here
QP NAKHA English & Hindi E3F3G3H3Click HereQP AKANH Urdu F5Click Here
QP HAKAN English & Hindi E4F4G4H4Click HereQP AKANH Urdu G5Click Here
QP Assamese Code (E3F3G3H3)Click Here—-

NOTE: To download NEET Paper Code E1-H2, Question paper solution by Aakash, Allene Click Here

NEET UG 2022 Practice Paper

Below we have mentioned some of the best sets of practice papers for the NEET-UG 2022 Examination. These practice papers are specially designed for the preparation for the NEET MBBS 2022 examination. By reviewing the NEET MBBS 2022 Practice Set Paper, the candidates will be familiar with the topics from which the questions will most probably be taken.

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Physics Sample Papers

Physics Sample PaperDownload Here
Set-1Click Here
Set-2Click Here

Chemistry Sample Papers

Chemistry Sample PaperDownload Here
Set-1Click Here
Set-2Click Here

Biology Sample Papers

Biology Sample PaperDownload Here
Set-1Click Here
Set-2Click Here

NOTE:– To see more sample papers follow this. Click Here

NEET UG 2022 Hand Written NotesClick Here
NEET UG 2022 Last Minutes Revision NotesClick Here
NEET UG 2022 Mock Test Click Here

Subject-wise MCQ of NEET 2022

Get the Latest Subject-wise MCQ of the NEET 2022 exam to crack the exam and achieve your dream of becoming a doctor. Let’s have a look one by one.

SubjectsDownload Here
PhysicsClick Here
ChemistryClick Here
BiologyClick Here

NEET UG 2022 Practice Paper

Below, we have mentioned some of the best sets of practice papers for the NEET-UG 2022 Examination. These practice papers are majorly designed for the preparation for the NEET MBBS 2022 examination. By reviewing the NEET MBBS 2022 Practice Papers, the candidates will understand the topics and know where they will most probably be taken out.

Practice Set Paper for Physics

TopicsPaper Set-1Paper Set-2
Current ElectricityClick HereClick Here
Work, Energy and PowerClick HereClick Here
ThermodynamicsClick HereClick Here
Wave OpticsClick HereClick Here
Dual Nature of Matter and RadiationClick HereClick Here
Electromagnetic WavesClick HereClick Here
Electronic DevicesClick HereClick Here
Magnetic Effects of CurrentClick HereClick Here

Practice Set Paper for Chemistry

S.No.TopicsPaper Set-1Paper Set-2
1Solid StateClick HereClick Here
2Redox ReactionsClick HereClick Here
3Haloalkanes and HaloarenesClick HereClick Here
4Environmental ChemistryClick HereClick Here
5Chemical Equilibrium and KineticsClick HereClick Here
6Alcohols, Phenols and EthersClick HereClick Here
7Organic ChemistryClick HereClick Here
8HydrogenClick HereClick Here

NEET UG 2021 Practice Set Paper for Biology

Practice Set Paper for Botany
PapersDownload Here
Botany Set -1Click Here
Botany Set -2Click Here
Botany Set-3Click Here
Practice Set Paper for Zoology
Zoology Set-1Click Here
Zoology Set-2Click Here
Zoology Set-3Click Here

NEET 2019 Sample Papers

PapersPdf Link
Code P1Click Here
Code P5Click Here
Code Q1Click Here
Code Q2Click Here
Code Q3Click Here
Code Q4Click Here
Code Q5Click Here
Code R1Click Here
Code R6Click Here
Code S1Click Here

NEET 2018 Sample Paper

Here we have mentioned the Sample paper for the NEET MBBS 2018 Examination. These NEET-UG Model test papers are specially made for NEET-UG 2018 entrance exam. Try to solve it within the prescribed time limit.

S.No.CodesQuestion Paper
1.Code AAClick Here
2.Code BBClick Here
3.Code CCClick Here
4.Code DDClick Here
5.Code EEClick Here
6.Code FFClick Here
7Code GGClick Here
8.Code HHClick Here
9.Code KKClick Here
10.Code LLClick Here
11.Code MMClick Here
12.Code NNClick Here
13.Code PPClick Here
14.Code QQClick Here
15.Code RRClick Here
16.Code SSClick Here
17.Code WWClick Here
18.Code XXClick Here
19.Code YYClick Here
20.Code ZZClick Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which year’s model question papers should I solve to prepare for NEET 2024?

Candidates must solve at least the past 5 years NEET question paper while preparing for the national-level medical entrance examination.

What is the duration provided by the authorities to answer the question paper of NEET 2024?

Applicants will be provided 3 hours & 20 minutes to answer the questions in NTA NEET 2024.

How will solving NEET 2024 sample paper help in my preparation?

By solving the sample papers, candidates can get tips for NEET preparation for 2024 and learn how to manage their time.

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