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NEET Biology MCQ 2024: If you’re a student preparing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), for candidates who want to pursue MBBS, BDS, and equivalent AYUSH courses in government & private medical colleges in India and MBBS abroad. Medical candidates must prepare the NEET Biology Preparation to be the most accessible portion to cover, but also,o there will be a bad result if there is no practice. So, candidates must start their NEET 2024 Biology MCQ Preparation.

Biology is also one of the essential parts of NEET, which covers the definition, descriptions, explanations, theories, discoveries, diagrams, differences, and relations. When you start solving the MCQ of NEET Biology, it seems complicated to solve many times, but we have shared tips and tricks to help you. We will give you the NEET biology MCQ in pdf in this article.

NEET Biology MCQ in PDF

We have collected and officially made the NEET 2024 Biology MCQ for the NEET UG appearing candidates to study well and perform best in the examination. Just click on the topic then you can download the pdf of that topic. Let’s have a look.

MCQ on AmniocentesisMCQ on Amoebiasis
MCQ on Animal CellMCQ on Artificial Hybridization
MCQ on Animal HusbandryMCQ on Ascomycetes
MCQ on ApicultureMCQ on Biodiversity
MCQ on ApomixisMCQ on Cell Structure And Function
MCQ on Carbon CycleMCQ on Coronary Artery
MCQ on Cell Cycle PhasesMCQ on Dinoflagellates
MCQ on ChromoplastMCQ on Diversity in Living World
MCQ on Chromosome StructureMCQ on Down Syndrome
MCQ on CoelomMCQ on Earthworm Digestive System
MCQ on Connective TissueMCQ on Ecosystem
MCQ on DNA StructureMCQ on Endosperm
MCQ on ECGMCQ on Enzymes
MCQ on FermentationMCQ on Epithelial Tissue
MCQ on Genetic DiversityMCQ on Hydroponic System
MCQ on HaemophiliaMCQ on Ketogenesis
MCQ on Human BrainMCQ on Kingdom Fungi
MCQ on Life ProcessesMCQ on Kranz Anatomy
MCQ on MeiosisMCQ on Krebs Cycle
MCQ on Mendelian Disorders in HumansMCQ on Lipids
MCQ on MitosisMCQ on Microbes in Human Welfare
MCQ on Multinodular GoitreMCQ on Morphology of a Bacteria
MCQ on NostocMCQ on Muscular Dystrophy
MCQ on NucleolusMCQ on Neural Communication
MCQ on NucleotideMCQ on Paramecium
MCQ on Parenchyma TissueMCQ on Plant Hormones
MCQ on Parts of PlantsMCQ on Plant Physiology
MCQ on PenicilliumMCQ on Protozoa
MCQ on Plant SystematicsMCQ on Reptilia
MCQ on Plant TaxonomyMCQ on Seed Germination
MCQ on PlasmidMCQ on Slime Moulds
MCQ on ProtistaMCQ on Species Diversity
MCQ on PteridophytaMCQ on Spermatogenesis
MCQ on RhizopusMCQ on Stress Hormone
MCQ on SpirogyraMCQ on Structure of Eye
MCQ on Structural Organization in Plants and AnimalsMCQ on Thalassemia
MCQ on Transcription in EukaryotesMCQ on Volvox

NEET 2024 Biology MCQ E-Book

Here in this article, we are providing the Free NEET 2024 Biology MCQ E-book for NEET Biology subject best preparation. You easily download this ebook.

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Medical Lead
NEET 2024: Latest Update
S.No.Chapter Name
1.Reproduction in Organism
2.Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
3.Human Reproduction
4.Reproductive Health
5.Principles of Inheritance and Variation
6.Molecular Basis of Inheritance
8.Human Health and Disease
9.Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
10.Microbes in Human Welfare
11.Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
12.Biotechnology and its Applications
13.Organisms and Populations
15.Biodiversity and Conservation
16.Environmental Issues

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all NEET biology questions from NCERT?

The biology NEET exam syllabus is entirely based on the NCERT book, and the majority of NEET exam questions are drawn directly from the theory section of the NCERT books.

What are the benefits of practising NEET biology MCQs?

Learn about and practise the level of biology questions that will appear on the actual NEET exam.

> Assess your current level of preparation and identify your weakest areas, concepts you missed, and chapters you skipped during preparation.
> To learn and comprehend how to approach and answer a NEET biology MCQ.
> Understand your errors and the logical explanations for the questions where you went wrong.
> To achieve perfection through repeated practice, answering all NEET biology questions without missing a single number.

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