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Shiv Nadar University Chennai Courses Offered 2024-25: UG Courses, Seats, Duration etc.

Shiv Nadar University Chennai Courses Offered: It is a multi-disciplinary university offering its students and faculty a vibrant learning ecosystem designed around its multi-cultural and innovative ethos. There are 24 Departments housed in five schools for various programmes. All the university campuses epitomise the SNU vision, ‘Promoting International Understanding through Quality Education’ and are a beehive of international students from all across the globe, being privy to Indian culture and hospitality. Getting Admission to SNU is every student’s Dream. Every year, thousands of students compete in graduate-level courses offered by Shiv Nadar University Chennai.

This article will help you learn about SNU Chennai’s various courses like B.Tech AI & Data Science, B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (IoT), B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security) etc.

Shiv Nadar University Chennai Courses Offered

Shiv Nadar University Chennai provides comprehensive programs that encompass research, sports, entrepreneurship, and beyond, equipping students for future challenges. The university offers diverse undergraduate courses across various branches and disciplines. Let’s explore the multitude of schools within Shiv Nadar University Chennai, each offering its unique set of courses.

B.Tech CSE (IoT)

The B.Tech IoT is an interdisciplinary program with a vast scope as its applications have enormously increased in the past few years. IoT is the growing network of internet-connected devices that find various applications in engineering and sciences.

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Career Opportunities

Apart from the regular job offers for the computer science and engineering graduates, the list of job profiles for a graduate in this program would be,

  • IoT Engineer
  • IoT Infrastructure Architect
  • IoT App Developer.
  • IoT Solution Architect
  • IoT Devises supervisor
  • IoT scientists… to name a few

B.Tech AI & Data Science

By 2025, It is estimated that 2025 there will be 463 exabytes of data created each day globally – the equivalent to 212,765,957 DVDs per day. By using a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, businesses will increasingly base their decisions on data to solve challenging problems in image analysis, language translation and speech recognition with phenomenal accuracy.

Career Opportunities

Apart from the regular job offers for the computer science and engineering graduates, the list of job profiles for a graduate in this program would be,

  • Data Engineer / Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Interactive Visualizer / Graphic Designer
  • Big Data Engineer / Architect
  • Database Developer
  • Statistician
  • ML Intelligent System Researcher … to name a few.

B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering Cyber Security

In a well-connected business ecosystem, strongly strategised cyber security practices are much sought after to enable confidential computing. With a projected market size of 366.1 billion USD by 2028, there is an increasing need for cybersecurity professionals in sectors including banking, defence, financial services, retail, manufacturing, IT, and telecommunications. Our new program will aim at training our students across the five significant verticals of cybersecurity, including infrastructure, applications, networks, cloud, and IoT.  

Career Opportunities

  • Ethical Hackers
  • Network/ Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • Information Security Manager
  • Cybersecurity and Application Security Engineer

B.Com (Professional Accounting)

Three-year program for students who have decided to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance. The program provides a rigorous academic background for students who aim to acquire professional accounting designations such as CA, CWA, and CMA and work in the industry as professional accountants or practice as accountants.


The B.Com/B.Com(Hons) program aims to provide the skillset and the competency required for candidates to become well rounded in the analytical and financial domain and apply and solve real-world economic issues and problems. This program provides a solid grounding in accounting, quantitative methods, finance and data analytics and data mining.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program have career opportunities in

  • financial services firms,
  • investment banks,
  • private equity firms,
  • insurance companies,
  • commercial banks and industrial firms in the finance and
  • planning functions at an Analyst level position.

B.Sc. Economics (Data Science)

  • Rigorous domain knowledge in Economics, Finance and Data Analysis.
  • Mathematical and statistical foundation, exposure to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and programming skills, such as R, Python, etc.
  • Economic and Policy Modelling, Simulations and Forecasting, using econometric tools.
  • Development of critical faculty to analyze data.

Eligibility Criteria

This section will provide detailed information about the Shiv Nadar University Chennai Eligibility Criteria for undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD courses; candidates are advised to check the complete eligibility criteria for all classes at SNU Chennai.

B. TechMathematics, Physics, and Chemistry are mandatory subjects
B.Com(Professional Accounting): Commerce and Accountancy are mandatory subjects
B.Com. / B.Com. (Hons)Commerce and Accountancy are mandatory subjects; in addition, Mathematics / Business Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Science as one of the subjects is preferred
B.Sc. Economics (Data Science)Mathematics / Business Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Science is preferred as one of the subjects.
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Contact Details

Shiv Nadar University Chennai
Address: Kalavakkam – 603110, Chengalpattu (Dt), Tamil Nadu, India
Official Website:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Shiv Nadar University Chennai good for BTech?

SNU Chennai is good for b. tech. The infrastructure of SNU University is Good.

Is SNU AICTE approved?

SNU is approved by AICTE and UGC and is registered with the Government of India as a Research Institution.

When was SNU Chennai established?

The University was established in 2020 by the Shiv Nadar Foundation.

Is Shiv Nadar University UGC Recognised?

The UGC Expert Committee visited SNU in April 2016 and recommended that the university be given the Approval Letter. The Committee accepted the degrees granted at SNU to be following UGC guidelines. The full report is available on the UGC website.

What are the courses offered?

The courses offered in the coming academic year are B.Tech CSE (IoT), B.Tech AI & DS, B.Tech CSE (Cyber Security), B.Com, B.Com (Professional Accounting) and B.Sc. Economics (Data Science).

What is the admission process?

There are various criteria, and board marks are one of them. All admissions are totally on a merit basis. For details on the admission process, please visit the program’s detail page you wish to apply.

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