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SRM University Kattankulathur Courses Offered 2024-25: Duration, Seats, Eligibility Criteria etc.

SRM University Kattankulathur Courses Offered: Getting Admission to SRM University is every student’s Dream. Every Year Thousands of students complete more than SRM University offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in Engineering, Management, Medicine & Health Sciences, Science & Humanities, Law, Agriculture, PhD, and Distance education. SRMIST Chennai courses are available in multiple modes, including full-time, part-time, and online courses. There are 7 SRM Institute of Science and Technology Chennai diploma courses. The duration of the SRM Institute of Science and Technology Chennai diploma course ranges from 1 to 2 years. SRM University Chennai UG courses total 64. The institute offers more than 69 courses at the postgraduate level. The institute provides three doctoral-level courses.

This article will help you to know about various SRM University Courses Offered with their estimated courses offered and the minimum eligibility requirements to get admission. Look at these SRM University Kattankulathur Courses before opting for your Dream one.

Courses Offered

SRM University Courses and Eligibility: It offers a wide range of UG, PG and doctoral programs in Engineering, Management, Medicine & Health Sciences, Science and humanities, Law, Agriculture and Distance education. SRM University Kattanlathur Various Courses Offered can be broadly categorised into various learning departments. Let us discuss them one by one.

SRM University Kattankulathur UG Courses

Here in this section, you can get the complete list of engineering courses SRM University Kattankulathur offers. Candidates have been advised to check the full details of the courses.

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Undergraduate Courses

Here is a list of all undergraduate courses offered by SRM University Kattankulathur.

S.No. CoursesAnnual Fees (Rs.) Duration
1B. Optom. Optometry₹ 1,25,0003 years
2B. Tech – Automotive Engineering (ARAI)₹ 2,88,5004 years
3B. Tech. – Artificial Intelligence₹ 4,25,0004 years
4B.A. English₹ 60,0003 years
5B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication₹ 90,0003 years
6B.A.,LL.B – Bachelor of Arts and Legum Baccalaureus (Honours)₹ 2,00,0005 years
7B.A.S.L.P Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology₹ 2,50,0003 years +1 year Internship
8B.Arch – Architecture₹ 2,75,0005 years
9B.B.A.,LL.B – Bachelor of Business Administration and Legum Baccalareus (Honours) – Subject to BCI Approval₹ 2,00,0005 years
10B.C.A. Computer Applications₹ 1,15,0003 years
11B.C.A. Data Science₹ 1,25,0003 years
12B.Com Accounting & Finance₹ 1,10,0003 Years
13B.Com Commerce₹ 1,10,0003 years
14B.Com Computer Applications₹ 1,10,0003 years
15B.Com Corporate Secretaryship₹ 1,00,0003 Years
16B.Com Finance and Taxation (Embedded with coaching for Chartered Accountant – CA)₹ 1,50,0003 years
17B.Com Information System and Management₹ 1,00,0003 years
18B.Com. Professional Accounting₹ 1,50,0003 years
19B.Com.,LL.B – Bachelor of Commerce and Legum Baccalaureus (Honours)₹ 2,00,0005 years
20B.Com.Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance₹ 1,50,0003 years
21B.Com.International Accounting & Finance₹ 1,50,0003 Years
22B.Des – Interior Design₹ 1,50,0004 years
23B.Ed Biological Science/ Commerce & Accounting/ Computer Science/ Economics/ English/ Mathematics/ Physical Science/ Social Science/ Tamil₹ 60,0002 years
24B.Pharm Pharmacy₹ 2,25,0004 years
25B.S Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Physics/ ₹ 60,0004 years
26B.S in Biotechnology₹ 1,25,0004 years
27B.Sc Hotel & Catering Management₹ 90,0003 Years / 2 Years (Lateral Entry)
28B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture₹ 2,00,0004 Years
29B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture – Business Management/ Food Nutrition and Dietetics/ ₹ 1,50,0004 Years
30B.Sc. (Hons.) Horticulture₹ 1,20,0004 Years
31B.Sc. Accident and Emergency Care Technology₹ 50,0003 years +1 year Internship
32B.Sc. Biotechnology₹ 1,15,0003 Years
33B.Sc. Cardiac Care Technology/ Cardio Perfusion Technology₹ 1,50,0003 years +1 year Internship
34B.Sc. Chemistry₹ 60,0003 years
35B.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics₹ 50,0003 years
36B.Sc. Clinical Psychology₹ 75,0003 years
37B.Sc. Computer Science Specialization in Cyber Security₹ 1250003 years
38B.Sc. Critical Care Technology₹ 1,00,0003 years +1 year Internship
39B.Sc. Defence and Strategic Studies₹ 70,0003 years
40B.Sc. Fashion Designing/ Hotel and Catering Management₹ 80,0003 years
41B.Sc. Mathematics₹ 60,0003 years
42B.Sc. Medical Imaging Technology₹ 1,25,0003 years +1 year Internship
43B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology₹ 50,0003 years +1 year Internship
44B.Sc. Medical Record Science₹ 50,000
45B.Sc. Neuroscience Technology₹ 50,0003 years +1 year Internship
46B.Sc. Nursing₹ 1,50,0004 Years
47B.Sc. OT & Anaesthesia Technology₹ 1,50,0003 years +1 year Internship
48B.Sc. Physical Education, Health Education and Sports₹ 60,0003 Years
49B.Sc. Physician Assistant₹ 1,00,0003 years +1 year Internship
50B.Sc. Physics₹ 60,0003 years
51B.Sc. Psychology₹ 90,0003 Years
52B.Sc. Renal Dialysis Technology₹ 90,0003 years +1 year Internship
53B.Sc. Respiratory Therapy₹ 75,0003 years +1 year Internship
54B.Sc. Statistics₹ 60,0003 Years
55B.Sc. Visual Communication₹ 1,25,0003 Years
56B.Tech – Aerospace Engineering₹ 4,00,0004 Years
57B.Tech – Automobile Engineering₹ 2,75,0004 Years
58B.Tech – Automobile Engineering with Specialization in Vehicles Testing (GARC)₹ 2,75,0004 Years
59B.Tech – Automobile Engineering with Specialization in Automotive Electronics₹ 2,75,0004 Years
60B.Tech – Computer Science And Engineering with Specialization in Cloud Computing₹ 4,25,0004 Years
61B.Tech – Computer Science And Engineering with Specialization in Computer Networking₹ 3,75,0004 Years
62B.Tech – Computer Science And Engineering with Specialization in Information Technology₹ 4,25,0004 Years
63B.Tech – Computer Science And Engineering with Specialization in Internet of Things₹ 3,75,0004 Years
64B.Tech -Computer Science And Engineering with Specialization in Cyber Security₹ 4,25,0004 Years
65B.Tech. – Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology₹ 2,75,0004 Years
66B.Tech – Nanotechnology₹ 4,00,0004 Years
67B.Tech. – Biomedical Engineering with Specialization in Machine Intelligence₹ 2,75,0004 Years
68B.Tech. – Biotechnology with specialization in Regenerative Medicine₹ 2,75,0004 Years
69B.Tech. – Chemical Engineering₹ 2,75,0004 Years
70B.Tech. – Civil Engineering with Computer Applications₹ 2,75,0004 Years
71B.Tech. – Computer Science and Engineering₹ 4,75,0004 Years
72B.Tech. – Computer Science And Engineering with Specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning₹ 4,75,0004 Years
73B.Tech. – Computer Science And Engineering with Specialization in Big Data Analytics₹ 4,25,0004 Years
74B.Tech. – Computer Science And Engineering with Specialization in Blockchain Technology₹ 3,75,0004 Years
75B.Tech. – Computer Science And Engineering with Specialization in Gaming Technology₹ 3,75,0004 Years
76B.Tech. – Computer Science And Engineering with Specialization in Software Engineering₹ 4,25,0004 Years
77B.Tech. – Electrical & Electronics Engineering₹ 2,75,0004 Years
78B.Tech. – Electronics & Communication Engineering₹ 2,75,0004 Years
79B.Tech. – Electronics And Communication And Engineering with Specialization in Data Sciences₹ 2,75,0004 Years
80B.Tech. – Electronics And Communication Engineering with Specialization in Cyber Physical Systems₹ 2,75,0004 Years
81B.Tech. – Electronics And Computer Engineering₹ 2,75,0004 Years
82B.Tech. – Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering₹ 2,75,0004 Years
83B.Tech. – Mechanical Engineering₹ 2,75,0004 Years
84B.Tech. – Mechanical Engineering (Automation and Robotics)₹ 2,75,0004 Years
85B.Tech. – Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning₹ 2,75,0004 Years
86B.Tech. – Mechatronics Engineering₹ 2,75,0004 Years
87B.Tech. – Mechatronics Engineering (Autonomous Driving Technology)₹ 2,75,0004 Years
88B.Tech. – Mechatronics Engineering (Immersive Technologies)₹ 2,75,0004 Years
89B.Tech. – Mechatronics Engineering (Industrial IoT and Systems Engineering)₹ 2,75,0004 Years
90B.Tech. – Mechatronics Engineering with Specialization in Robotics₹ 2,75,0004 Years
91B.Tech. Computer Science And Engineering (Data Science)₹ 4,25,0004 Years
92B.Tech. Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology)₹ 2,75,0004 Years
93B.Tech. in Automation & Robotics₹ 2,75,0004 Years
94B.Tech. in Biotechnology with specialization in Genetic Engineering₹ 2,75,0004 Years
95B.Tech. in Computer Science and Business Systems (In Collaboration with TCS)₹ 3,75,0004 Years
96Bachelor of Dental Surgery₹ 3,90,0004 Years + 1 year internship
97Bachelor of Occupational Therapy₹ 1,75,0004 Years + 6 Month internship
98Bachelor of Physiotherapy₹ 1,75,0004 Years and 6 Months Compulsory
99BBA Business Administration₹ 1,15,0003 Years
100BBA Data Science₹ 1,50,0003 Years
101BBA Digital Marketing₹ 1,05,0003 Years
102Biotechnology (Computational Biology)₹ 2,75,0004 Years
103Biotechnology with Specialization in Food Technology₹ 2,75,0004 Years
104Electrical Vehicle Technology₹ 2,75,0004 Years
105LL.B – Bachelor of Legum Baccalaureus (Honours)₹ 2,00,0003 Years
106MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery₹ 25,00,0004 1/2 years +1 year Internship
107P.B.B.Sc. Nursing₹ 60,0002 Years
108Pharm D – Doctor of Pharmacy₹ 5,00,0006 Years (5 Years + 1 Year Internship)

Postgraduation Courses

Here is a list of all the postgraduation courses mentioned in the table, offered by SRM University Kattankulathur.

S.No. Course Annual Fee (Rs.)Duration
1LL.M. Corporate Law/ Cyber Law and Security₹ 75,0002 Years
2LL.M. Criminal Law and Criminal Justice/ International Trade Law₹ 1,00,0001 Year
3M. Phil Clinical Psychology₹ 5,00,0002 Years
4M. Tech. Thermal Engineering with specialization in Renewable energy/Electronics Cooling/Gas Dynamics/Computational Fluid Dynamics₹ 1,60,0002 Years
5M.A. English₹ 70,0002 Years
6M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication₹ 60,0002 Years
7M.Arch – Architectural Design₹ 1,00,0002 Years
8M.B.A Financial Services₹ 5,75,0002 Years
9M.B.A. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science/ Business Analytics₹ 4,50,0002 Years
10M.B.A. Banking and Financial Services/ Digital Marketing₹ 4,25,0002 Years
11M.B.A. Health Care and Hospital Management₹ 4,25,0002 Years
12M.B.A. Logistics and Supply Chain Management₹ 4,25,0002 Years
13M.C.A. – Computer Applications with specialization in Generative AI₹ 1,50,0002 Years
14M.C.A. Computer Applications₹ 1,50,0002 Years
15M.Ch Cardiothoracic Vascular SurgeryNA3 Years
16M.Com. Accounting & Finance₹ 60,0002 Years
17M.Com. Commerce₹ 60,0002 Years
18M.D. Anaesthesiology₹ 30,00,0003 Years
19M.D. AnatomyNA3 Years
20M.D. BiochemistryNA3 Years
21M.D. Community Medicine₹ 7,00,0003 Years
22M.D. Dermatology, Venerology and leprosy₹ 45,00,0003 Years
23M.D. General Medicine (Including 4 NRI)₹ 35,00,0003 Years
24M.D. Microbiology₹ 3,00,0003 Years
25M.D. Paediatrics (Including 2 NRI)₹ 35,00,0003 Years
26M.D. Pathology₹ 10,00,0003 Years
27M.D. Pharmacology₹ 3,00,0003 Years
28M.D. PhysiologyNA3 Years
29M.D. Psychiatry₹ 25,00,0003 Years
30M.D. Radio Diagnosis₹ 45,00,0003 Years
31M.D. Respiratory Medicine (Including 1 NRI)₹ 30,00,0003 Years
32M.D.S. Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics₹ 14,00,0003 Years
33M.D.S. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery₹ 14,00,0003 Years
34M.D.S. Oral Medicine & RadiologyNA3 Years
35M.D.S. Oral PathologyNA3 Years
36M.D.S. Orthodontics & Dento Facial Orthopeadics₹ 14,00,0003 Years
37M.D.S. Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry₹ 12,00,0003 Years
38M.D.S. Periodontics₹ 10,00,0003 Years
39M.D.S. Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge₹ 11,00,0003 Years
40M.D.S. Public Health Dentistry₹ 1,75,0003 Years
41M.Des (Public Space Design)₹ 1,75,0002 Years
42M.O.T. Hand Rehabilitation₹ 1,50,0002 Years
43M.O.T. Mental Health/ Orthopaedics₹ 1,50,0002 Years
44M.O.T. Neurosciences/ Paediatrics₹ 1,75,0002 Years
45M.O.T. Sensory Integration Therapy₹ 2,00,0002 Years
46M.Optm. Optometry₹ 1,50,0002 Years
47M.P.T. Biomechanics/ Cardiopulmonary Sciences/ Community Rehabilitation/ Hand Rehabilitation₹ 1,25,0002 Years
48M.P.T. Neurology/ Obstetrics and Gynaecology/ Orthopaedics₹ 1,50,0002 Years
49M.P.T. Paediatrics₹ 1,25,0002 Years
50M.P.T. Sports Physiotherapy₹ 1,50,0002 Years
51M.Pharm. Pharmaceutical Analysis₹ 1,75,0002 Years
52M.Pharm. Pharmaceutical Chemistry₹ 1,00,0002 Years
53M.Pharm. Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance₹ 1,50,0002 Years
54M.Pharm. Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs₹ 2,00,0002 Years
55M.Pharm. Pharmaceutics₹ 2,25,0002 Years
56M.Pharm. Pharmacognosy₹ 100,0002 Years
57M.Pharm. Pharmacology₹ 1,75,0002 Years
58M.Pharm. Pharmacy Practice₹ 1,50,0002 Years
59M.Phil. Psychiatric Social Work₹ 1,00,0002 Years
60M.S. General Surgery (Including 3 NRI)₹ 35,00,0003 Years
61M.S. Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Including 2 NRI)₹ 45,00,0003 Years
62M.S. Ophthalmology (Including 1 NRI)₹ 30,00,0003 Years
63M.S. Orthopaedics (Including 1 NRI)₹ 45,00,0003 Years
64M.S. Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) (Including 2 NRI)₹ 30,00,0003 Years
65M.Sc. Horticulture – Floriculture and Landscaping₹ 1,20,0002 Years
66M.Sc. – Disaster Management (in collaboration with Teeside University, UK)₹ 60,0002 Years
67M.Sc. Agriculture – Agricultural Economics/ Entomology/ Soil Science/ Agricultural Extension Education/ Agronomy/ Genetics and Plant Breeding/ Plant Pathology₹ 1,20,0002 Years
68M.Sc. Anaesthesia Technology₹ 1,00,0002 Years
69M.Sc. Applied Child Development₹ 1,00,0002 Years
70M.Sc. Applied Data Science₹ 1,30,0002 Years
71M.Sc. Atmospheric Science₹ 60,0002 Years
72M.Sc. Audiology₹ 2,50,0002 Years
73M.Sc. Biochemistry₹ 80,0002 Years
74M.Sc. Biostatistics and Epidemiology₹ 3,00,0002 Years
75M.Sc. Biotechnology₹ 1,35,0002 Years
76M.Sc. Cardio Perfusion Technology₹ 1,00,0002 Years
77M.Sc. Cardiovascular Sciences (Echocardiography)₹ 1,00,0002 Years
78M.Sc. Chemistry₹ 70,0002 Years
79M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics₹ 1,25,0002 Years + 6 months Internship
80M.Sc. Clinical Psychology ₹ 2,50,0002 Years
81M.Sc. Clinical Research₹ 1,00,0002 Years
82M.Sc. Community Health Nursing₹ 90,0002 Years
83M.Sc. Computer Science₹ 1,10,0002 Years
84M.Sc. Critical Care Technology₹ 1,00,0002 Years
85M.Sc. GI Endoscopy Technology₹ 1,00,0002 Years
86M.Sc. Health Data Science₹ 3,00,0002 Years
87M.Sc. Horticulture – Fruit Science₹ 1,20,0002 Years
88M.Sc. Horticulture – Vegetable Science₹ 1,20,0002 Years
89M.Sc. Information Technology₹ 1,10,0002 Years
90M.Sc. Mathematics₹ 60,0002 Years
91M.Sc. Medical Anatomy/ Medical Biochemistry₹ 1,00,0003 Years
92M.Sc. Medical Imaging Technology/ Medical Laboratory Technology/ Neuroscience Technology₹ 1,00,0002 Years
93M.Sc. Medical Microbiology₹ 2,50,0003 Years
94M.Sc. Medical Physiology₹ 1,00,0003 Years
95M.Sc. Medical Surgical Nursing/ Obstertrics and Gynaecology Nursing/ Paediatric Nursing/ Psychiatric Nursing₹ 90,0002 Years
96M.Sc. Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care (NPCC)₹ 1,50,0002 Years
97M.Sc. Organic Chemistry/ Physics₹ 70,0002 Years
98M.Sc. Renal Sciences and Dialysis Technology/ Respiratory Therapy₹ 1,00,0002 Years
99M.Sc. Speech Language and Pathology₹ 2,50,0002 Years
100M.Sc. Sports and Exercise Psychology/ Trauma Care Management₹ 1,00,0002 Years
101M.Sc. Urology Technology₹ 1,00,0002 Years
102M.Sc. Visual Communication₹ 1,25,0002 Years
103M.Sc. Yoga₹ 60,0002 Years
104M.Tech – Aerospace Engineering (Full Time)₹ 1600002 Years
105M.Tech – Automotive Hybrid Systems Engineering₹ 60,0002 Years
106M.Tech – Automotive Technology (ARAI)₹ 1,74,4002 Years
107M.Tech – Bio Technology₹ 1,60,0002 Years
108M.Tech – Cloud Computing₹ 1,60,0002 Years
109M.Tech – Cloud Computing and Block Chain (empowered by Great Learning)₹ 5,00,000 (for the entire programme)3 Year
110M.Tech – Electric Vehicle Technology₹ 1,60,0002 Years
111M.Tech – Information Security and Cyber Forensics₹ 1,60,0002 Years
112M.Tech – Internet of Things/ Mechatronics Engineering/ Nanotechnology/ Structural Engineering₹ 1,60,0002 Years
113M.Tech – Remote Sensing & Geographics Information System₹ 1,60,0002 Years
114M.Tech – Wireless Communication (Full Time)₹ 1,60,0002 Years
115M.Tech in Cyber Security – Part time
(In collaboration with Great Learning)
₹ 5,00,000 (for the entire programme)3 Years
116M.Tech. – Artificial Intelligence – Part time
(In collaboration with Great Learning)
₹ 5,00,000 (for the entire programme)3 Years
117M.Tech. – Artificial Intelligence & Data Science – Part time
(In collaboration with Great Learning)
₹ 5,00,000 (for the entire programme)3 Years
118M.Tech. – Big Data Analytics (empowered by Great Learning) – Part time₹ 5,00,000 (for the entire programme)3 Years
119M.Tech. – Biomedical Engineering/ Construction Engineering & Management₹ 1,60,0002 Years
120M.Tech. – Chemical Engineering/ Computer Aided Design₹ 1,60,0002 Years
121M.Tech. – CSE with Specialization in Full Stack – Part time (In collaboration with Great Learning)₹ 5,00,000 (for the entire programme)3 Years
122M.Tech. – Data Engineering – Part time
(In collaboration with Great Learning)
₹ 5,00,000 (for the entire programme)3 Years
123M.Tech. – Data Science – Part time
(In collaboration with Great Learning)
₹ 5,00,000 (for the entire programme)3 Years
124M.Tech. – Electronics And Control Engineering/ Embedded Systems Technology/ Genetic Engineering/ Geotechnical Engineering/ Power Electronics and Drives₹ 1,60,0002 Years
125M.Tech. – Environmental Engineering/ Food and Nutritional Biotechnology/ Food Safety and Quality Management/ Power Systems₹ 1,60,0002 Years
126M.Tech. – Robotics/ Solar Energy/ VLSI Design₹ 1,60,0002 Years
127M.Tech. Automation and Robotics (Industry supported program)₹ 1,60,0002 Years
128M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering – Part time
(In collaboration with Great Learning)
₹ 5,00,000 (for the entire programme)3 Years
129Master of Public Health – MPH₹ 3,00,0002 Years
130Master of Social Work (MSW)₹ 75,0002 Years
131MBA – Business Administration₹ 4,25,0002 Years
132MBA Sports Management₹ 4,25,0002 Years
133MHA Hospital Administration₹ 1,25,0002 Years
134Pharm.D (PB)₹ 2,50,0003 Years (2 Years + 1 Year Internship)

PhD Programs

S.No.CourseAnnual Fee
1Ph.D (Language, Linguistics and Literature – Full Time)₹ 30,000
2Ph.D Clinical Psychology₹ 15,000
3Ph.D in Architecture and Interior Design₹ 30,000
4Ph.D in Biomedical EngineeringNA
5Ph.D in Defence and Strategic Studies₹ 15,000
6Ph.D in Economics₹ 15,000
7Ph.D in Electrical & Electronics Engineering(Full Time)₹ 30,000
8Ph.D in Electronics and Communication Engineering₹ 30,000
9Ph.D in Food Process Engineering(Full Time)₹ 30,000
10Ph.D in Nanotechnology (Full Time)₹ 30,000
11Ph.D in Physics (Full Time)₹ 15,000
12Ph.D in TamilNA
13Ph.D in Yoga₹ 15,000
14Ph.D Physiotherapy₹ 30,000
15Ph.D. Chemistry₹ 30,000
16Ph.D. Journalism and Mass Communication₹ 15,000
17Ph.D. Occupational Therapy₹ 15,000
18Ph.D. Optometry₹ 15,000
19Ph.D. Visual Communication₹ 15,000
20PhD in Aerospace Engineering (Full Time)₹ 30,000
21PhD in Automobile Engineering₹ 30,000
22PhD in Biochemistry₹ 15,000
23PhD in Biotechnology₹ 15,000
24PhD in Biotechnology₹ 25000
25PhD in Chemical Engineering₹ 30,000
26PhD in Civil Engineering (Full Time)₹ 30,000
27PhD in Computer Applications₹ 15,000
28PhD in Computer Science and Engineering (Full Time)₹ 30,000
29PhD in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering – Part Time (External)₹ 25000
30PhD in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (Full Time)₹ 30,000
31PhD in EnglishNA
32PhD in Genetic Engineering (Full Time)₹ 30,000
33PhD in Management₹ 15,000
34PhD in Mathematics₹ 15,000
35PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Full Time)₹ 30,000
36PhD in Mechatronics Engineering (Full Time)₹ 30,000
37PhD in Pharmacy₹ 15,000
38PhD in Psychology₹ 15,000
39PhD in Social Work₹ 15,000
40PhD Public Health₹ 15,000

Eligibility Criteria

Below we have mentioned SRM University Kattankulathur’s Eligibility Criteria. Candidates are advised to read all the information on the eligibility criteria of particular courses.

CoursesSRM University Kattankulathur Eligibility
B.Tech10+2 with minimum 50% marks or appearing in Higher Secondary examination in the current academic year with PCM as major subjects in regular stream from any recognised board CBSE, ISCE, Matriculation, or NIOS or International Baccalaureate A level with Maths/Biology, Physics or Chemistry from any international school located in India. Candidates should have a valid scorecard of SRMJEEE (UG)
B.Arch10+2 with 50% minimum marks, Mathematics as a compulsory subject. Candidates should have a valid score card of NATA/JEE Main-Paper-II.
B.Des10+2 exam or any equivalent examination of any authority, recognised by SRMIST, with a minimum of 50% aggregate/percentage of marks.
MBBSCandidates must pass 10+2 with English, Physics, Chemistry & Biology or Botany & Zoology with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate as prescribed by MCI. Applicants should have a valid score card of NEET-UG.
BDS10+2 with English, Physics, Chemistry & Biology or Botany & Zoology with not less than 50% marks in aggregate as prescribed by DCI. Applicants should have a valid score card of NEET-UG.
BA & B.ComFor BA: 10+2 with any stream with 50% marks in aggregate.
For B.Com: 12th class with Accounts or Commerce as one of the main subjects with 50% marks.
BCACandidates must be pass 10+2 with Mathematics as mandatory or Computer Science with Mathematics and a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate
BA, B.Com LLB10+2 pass in regular/normal mode. Minimum 60% aggregate in +2 board examination. Appeared in the 2023 CLAT/LSAT
B.EDCandidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any specialisation as per NCTE Norms.
B.PharmH.S.C / (+2) or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics with a minimum aggregate of 50%
BPTH.S.C / (+2) or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Biology / Botany and Zoology, a minimum aggregate of 60%

PG Courses Eligibility

CoursesSRM University Kattankulathur Eligibility
M.ArchCandidates must have a degree in architecture or any equivalent degree with 50% minimum marks from a recognised university/college.
M.TechAdmission Seeker must have a graduate engineering degree with a specialisation, which means they want to take admission in M.Tech specialisation.
MBACandidates must have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum aggregate of 60% from a recognised university /college/institution. Candidates also have SRMJEEM or a valid score in CAT / MAT / XAT / CMAT / GMAT / TANCET.
MD SpecialisationCandidates pass MBBS or its equivalent degree recognised by the Medical Council of India (Candidates completing the CRRI on or before 31.03.2022 are also eligible) and have a valid NEET PG scorecard.
MS SpecialisationCandidates pass MBBS or its equivalent degree recognised by the Medical Council of India. Eligible NEET PG Score as prescribed by MCI.
M.ComCandidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any Accountancy and Commerce as a Major course (B.Com. any stream, BBM, BCS and BBA)
M.Sc.Admission Seeker must have a graduate B.Sc degree with a specialisation, meaning they want to take admission in M.Sc specialisation.
Journalism and Mass CommunicationCandidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any stream from a recognised university/college/institution.

MPT, PhD & M.Phil Courses Eligibility

Courses SRM University Kattankulathur PhD & M.Phil Eligibility
MPTBachelor of Physiotherapy with 50% of marks in aggregate
Note: – The Candidate should have completed 6 months of the G.R.I Program on or before 31 May of that academic year for MPT admission.
The compulsory Rotatory Internship Programme has to complete on or before 31st May of that Academic Year.
PhDCandidates with a PG degree or PG Diploma (two years duration) in a relevant discipline are eligible to apply for PhD programs.
M.PhilAdmission Seeker must have a postgraduate degree with specialisation which would they want to take admission in M.Phil specialisation.

SRM Useful Resources

SRM University Kattankulathur
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SRM University Kattankulathur Admission Procedure
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the courses available at SRM University?

SRM University offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in Engineering, Management, Medicine and health Sciences, Science and humanities, Law, Agriculture, PhD, and Distance education.

Which course is best in SRM Kattankulathur?

So without further ado, the best courses offered by SRM University are:
>The Department Of Engineering And Technology:
>The Department Of Management.
>The Department Of Medicine And Health Sciences.
>The Department Of Science And Humanities.

How many seats are there in SRM Kattankulathur?

For CSE, there are around 1600 seats on the Kattankulathur Campus.

Is SRM worth the money?

The SRM Kattankulathur campus has good standards, rankings and reviews for the CSE branch.

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