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Amity University Noida Fee Structure 2024-25: B.Tech, MBA, BBA, BCA etc.

Amity University Noida Fee Structure: Getting Admission to the top college is a dream for many students. Every Year Thousands of students compete with each other to get admission to Amity University Noida. Ranked the number 1 private Institute in India, Amity University is among the best colleges in India, offering a list of Engineering and other Professional Courses. Our Expert crafted this article to give you detailed info about Amity University Noida Fee Structure for various Courses with a particular department of Amity University Noida.

Amity University Noida Fee Structure

Amity University offers some of the best undergraduate courses, as well as postgraduate and PhD courses under the supervision of highly qualified faculty members. Let us find out the Amity Fee Structure for different undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, and PhD courses.

Amity University Engineering (B.Tech) Fee Structure for 2024-25

Amity University offers a wide range of engineering careers after 10+2. One has to pass the Amity Jee Entrance Examination to be admitted to different courses offered in engineering.

Semester fees
Semester fees
Aerospace Engineering4 Years1,27,000 1,90,500
B.Tech (Bioinformatics)4 Years1,02,5001,54,000
B.Tech (Biotechnology)4 Years1,62,500 2,44,000
Artificial Intelligence4 Years1,82,000 2,73,000
Computer Science & Engineering4 Years2,06,500 3,10,000
Electronics & Communication Engineering4 Years1,73,500 2,60,500
Information Technology4 Years161,500 2,42,500
Mechanical Engineering4 Years1,46,500 2,20,000
Civil Engineering4 Years1,46,500 2,20,000
Aeronautical Engineering4 Years1,55,500 2,32,500
Automobile Engineering4 Years1,63,000 2,44,500
Industrial Heavy Machinery4 Years1,47,500 2,21,500
Aerospace Engineering4 Years1,27,000 1,90,500
Electrical & Electronics Engineering4 Years1,38,000 2,07,000
Electronics & Instrumentation4 Years93,500 1,40,500
Electronics & Telecommunication4 Years1,13,500 1,70,500

Amity BBA & Architecture Fee Structure For 2024-25

BBA is a 3 years Bachelor’s program in various fields of Business Management. Amity University Noida offers a wide range of BBA and B. Arch Courses for 10+2 students. Below, we have mentioned the Amity University Noida Fee Structure for various BBA and B. Arch courses. Let’s check out the non-sponsored & sponsored category fee.

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Edufever Common Form
Semester fees
Semester fees
BBA3 Years2,09,000 3,13,500
Business Development3 Years2,09,000 3,13,500
Family Business & Entrepreneurship3 Years1,93,500 2,90,500
International Business with Artificial Intelligence3 Years1,90,000 2,85,000
Healthcare Management3 Years1,16,000 1,74,000
International Business3 Years2,09,000 3,13,500
Bachelor of Architecture5 years1,39,500 2,09,500
Bachelor of Planning4 years65,00097,500

Amity B.ED/ B.Com/ B.Design & B.A Courses Fees

Semester fees
Semester fees
B.Ed2 Years64,00096,000
B.Ed. – Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder) 2 Years44,00066,000
B.Ed. Special Education (Intellectual Disability)2 Years44,00066,000
B.Ed. – Special Education (Learning Disability)2 Years44,00066,000
B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education)4 Years51,00076,500
B.Com. (Hons)3 Years1,26,0001,89,000
B.Com., LL.B. (Hons)5 Years1,70,0002,55,000
B.Com. (3 Continent)3 Years1,42,0002,13,000
B.Com. (Hons) – Evening3 Years58,50088,000
B.Com. (International)3 Years2,20,0003,30,000
B. Des. (Fashion Communication)4 Years99,0001,48,500
B. Des. (Fashion Design)4 Years1,14,0001,71,000
B. Des. (Fashion Design) – 3 Continent4 Years1,48,0002,22,000
B. Des. (Fashion Technology) 4 Years84,0001,26,000
B.A. (Economics) (Honours / Research)4 Years1,12,5001,69,000
B.A. (English)(Honours / Research)4 Years77,0001,15,500
B.A. (Film, Television & Web Series) (Honours / Research)4 Years79,5001,19,500
B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)3 Years1,55,5002,33,500
B.A. LL.B5 Years1,60,0002,40,000
B.A. (Visual Effects, Animation & Comics) (Honours / Research)4 Years79,5001,19,500

Amity BCA/B.Sc. Courses Fees

Semester fees
Semester fees
BCA3 Years1,12,0001,68,000
BCA (Evening)3 Years59,00088,500
BCA (Honours / Research)4 Years1,12,0001,68,000
BCA + MCA (Dual Degree)5 Years1,12,0001,68,000
B.Sc. (Actuarial Science)3 Years60,00090,000
B.Sc. (Actuarial Science) (Honours / Research)4 Years60,00090,000
B.Sc. (Agriculture) (Honours / Research)4 Years64,00096,000
B.Sc. (Anthropology) (Honours / Research)4 Years41,00061,500
B.Sc. (Artificial Intelligence & Data Science) (Honours / Research)4 Years1,12,0001,68,000
B.Sc. (Biochemistry) (Honours / Research)4 Years75,0001,12,500
B.Sc. (Biotechnology) (Honours / Research)4 Years85,0001,27,500
B.Sc. (Chemistry) (Honours / Research)4 Years69,0001.03,500
B.Sc. (Clinical Psychology)3 Years1,02,0001,53,000
B.Sc. (Environmental Sciences)3 Years60,00090,000
B.Sc. (Forensic Sciences) (Honours / Research)4 Years85,0001,27,500
B.Sc. (Hons) Life Sciences3 Years60,00090,000
B.Sc(IT-International)3 Years2,20,0003,30,000
B.Sc. (Life Science) (Honours / Research) 4 Years60,00090,000
B.Sc. + M.Sc. – Biotechnology (Dual Degree)5 Years75,0001,12,500

Amity Law Courses Fees

Semester fees
Semester fees
LL.B (Hons)3 Years1,54,0002,31,000
LLM (Business Law)1 Year68,5001,03,000

Amity Integrated Courses

Semester fees
Semester fees
B.A. B.Ed. Special Education4 Years35,00052,500
B.A. – M.A. (Clinical Psychology)5 Years77,5001,16,500
BBA – MBA5 Years2,10,0003,15,000
B.Com. B.Ed. Special Education4 Years34,00051,000
B.Ed. M.Ed. – Special Education (Intellectual Disability)3 Years42,00063,000
B.Sc. B.Ed. Special Education4 Years34,00051,000
B.Tech (Aerospace Engineering) – M.Tech (Avionics)5 Years1,15,0001,72,500
B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) – M.Tech (Automobile Engineering)5 Years1,07,5001,61,500
B.Tech – M.Tech (Aerospace Engineering)5 Years1,21,0001,81,500
M.Sc. (Nanoscience by Research) – M.Tech. (Nanotechnology)3 Years69,0001,03,500

Amity Certificate Programmes fee

Semester fees
Semester fees
Certificate in Photography0.5 Years30,00045,000
Certificate in Podcast & Vodcast0.5 Years30,00045,000

Amity Diploma fee 

Semester fees
Semester fees
Diploma Counselling in Reproductive Medicine1 Year3,50,000
Diploma in Clinical Acupuncture 1 Year50,00075,000
Diploma in Clinical and Applied Genetics1 Year3,50,000
Diploma in Elementary Education1 Year35,00052,5000
Diploma in Pre-School Education1 Year25,00037,500

For PG Courses Fee Structure

This University offers a competitive Amity University fee structure for Post-Graduate Programmes.

Amity M.A/ MCA/ M.Com & Courses fee

Semester fees
Semester fees
MA (Advertising & Marketing Management)2 Years1,29,0001,93,500
M.A. (Applied Linguistics)2 Years72,0001,08,000
M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)2 Years1,35,5002,03,500
MCA2 Years1,30,0001,95,000
M.Com.2 Years61,00091,500
M.Com. (Finance/Marketing/HR) 2 Years67,0001,00,500
M. Design (Fashion & Textiles)2 Years72,0001,08,000
M.Ed.2 Years51,00076,500
M.Ed. Special Education (Intellectual Disability)2 Years40,00060,000
M.Ed. – Special Education (Learning Disability)2 Years45,00067,500

Amity MBA Course fee

Semester fees
Semester fees
MBA2 Years3,89,000 5,83,500
International Business2 Years3,40,000 5,10,000
Marketing & Sales2 Years3,24,000 4,86,000
Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management2 Years1,65,000 2,47,500
Entrepreneurship2 Years2,92,500 4,39,000
Logistics and Supply Chain Management2 Years2,27,000 3,40,500
Natural Resources & Sustainable Development2 Years1,60,000 2,40,000
Retail Management2 Years1,78,500 2,68,000
Business Analytics2 Years3,23,500 4,85,500

Amity M.Pharm/ M.Sc

Semester fees
Semester fees
M. Pharm (Drug Regulatory Affairs) 2 Years67,0001,00,500
M.Sc (Actuarial Science)2 Years84,0001,26,000
M.Sc. (Agriculture) – Agricultural Extension & Communication2 Years42,00063,000
M.Sc. (Agriculture) Agronomy2 Years53,50080,500
M.Sc. (Bioinformatics) 2 Years79,0001,18,500
M.Sc. (Biotechnology)2 Years88,0001,32,000
M.Sc. (Climate Change and Green Technology)2 Years53,00078,000
M.Sc. (Clinical Embryology)2 Years1,50,0002,25,000
M.Sc. (Cyber Forensic and Cyber Security)2 Years79,0001,18,500
M.Sc. (Environmental Sciences)2 Years67,0001,00,500
M.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition) 2 Years84,0001,26,000
M.Sc. (Genome Engineering) 2 Years1,00,0001,50,000
M.Sc. (Nanomedicine)2 Years69,0001,03,500
M.Sc. Physics (Radiation Technology)2 Years42,00063,000
M.Sc. (Wildlife Science)2 Years53,50080,500
M.Tech (Aerospace Engineering)2 Years76,0001,14,000
M.Tech (Artificial Intelligence)2 Years84,0001,26,000
M.Tech (Avionics)2 Years69,0001,03,500
M.Tech(Computer Science Engg. – International)2 Years1,50,0002,25,000
M.Tech. (Cyber Security)2 Years70,0001,05,000
M.Tech. (Electric Vehicle Technology) for Working Professionals2 Years40,00060,000
M.Tech (Environmental Engineering)2 Years72,0001,08,000

Amity PG Diploma Courses fees

Semester fees
Semester fees
PG Diploma in Acting1 Year85,0001,27,500
Diploma in Climate Change and Mitigation1 Year55,00082,500
Diploma in Clinical Virology and Immunology1 Year51,00076,500
Diploma in Counselling Psychology 1 Year70,5001,06.000
Diploma in Geopolitical Risk Analysis1 Year53,50080,500
Diploma in Luxury Brand Management1 Year1,50,000
Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies1 Year69,5001,04,500
Diploma in Plant Protection1 Year50,00075,000
Diploma in Psycho-Oncology1 Year58,00087,000
Diploma in Yoga Therapy1.5 Year16,00024,000
Graduate Diploma (Cosmetic Microbiology)1 Year76,0001,14,000
Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology1 Year1,20,0001,75,000

PhD Programme fees

Semester fees
Semester fees
Psy. D. (Clinical Psychology)4 Years1,65,0002,47,500
Psy. D. (Clinical Psychology) – L2 Years2,33,0003,50,000

Hostel Fee (if applicable):

  • Rs. 85,000/- (Non AC) per annum
  • Rs. 1,60,000/- (AC) per annum
  • 1,15,000/- (AC Bunk) per annum
  • Rs. 85,000/- (Non AC) per annum
  • Rs. 1,60,000/- (AC) per annum
  • 1,15,000/- (AC Bunk) per annum

Apart from the above information, you may also go through the relevant link of Amity University-Main Campus, Noida, to learn more about the University.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the total fees of the Amity University Noida B.Des Product Design programme?

The total fee for the B.Des Product Design course is Rs. 97000.

Are Amity University fees taken semester-wise or year-wise?

Yes, fees for Amity University are taken semester-wise.

Is Amity’s admission fees refundable?

Suppose a student withdraws their admission up to 15 days before the commencement of the academic session. In that case, the student will receive a refund of 100% of the semester fees and the Security Deposit after deducting an amount not more than 5% of the fees (subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000.00) as processing charges.

What are the sponsored category fees of Amity University Noida B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering)?

The sponsored category fees of the B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering) course are Rs. 3,10,000.

What are the sponsored category fees of Amity University Noida MBA?

The sponsored category fees for the MBA course are Rs. 5,83,500.

Is a hostel compulsory in Amity Noida?

With the knowledge of the Hostel Warden and Dy Director hostel. Compulsory Attendance of Hostelers During Central University Functions. The following University Functions are held each year, for which attendance by Hostelers is mandatory.

Is a hostel available at Amity University?

Amity offers comprehensive hostel facilities for boys and girls separately within the University Campus. Caring wardens and vigilant security ensure a pleasant stay allowing students to focus on academics.

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Comments (32)

  1. What is the fees for MBA in both sponsored and non-sponsored category for all the specializations in AMITY NOIDA?
    What are the different specializations offered in MBA by AMITY NOIDA?

    • 1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) 90,000/-
      1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) 1,35,000/-

      Any other information about admission in top BCA colleges in Delhi-NCR contact admission counsellor at 09873560333

    • Hello, Siddhartha
      The total fee of 2 yrs of MBA (marketing & sales) in Noida campus- for Non-Sponsored(NS) will be 11.2L and for Sponsored(S), it is 16.8L

    • Non-Sponsored (NS)
      It is a high merit category where a student competes and clear the criteria set up by the Selection Board. The fee structure for the Non-sponsored category is less than what is asked in Paid Seats (Sponsored).

      Sponsored (S)
      The Sponsored category applies to relatively lower merit category with high fees. Generally, students who fail to score great in Selection test are given Direct entry with higher Sponsorship charges.

    • Total Fees for B.Tech CSE is somewhere around 2.8 lakh + Hostel (Non AC) is approx 80k.
      The total fee is near about 3.5 lakh.
      The **fee structure is subjected to change.


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