Do you speak English? It is all it takes to study MBBS abroad.

Do you speak English? It is all it takes to study MBBS abroad: Did you ever feel ashamed over the fact that your English is not that good? Or did you feel inferior to people whose English is flawless? English has always been the most crucial point of life. Yes, I am not saying that knowing this language makes you better than others, but it does add to your profile. Currently, English is one of the most spoken languages globally, and, dare I say, it is transforming into a universal language. 

Even in India, the concept of English vocabulary is gaining momentum with time. Five years ago, the language was considered to be the symbol of prestige and excellence. Today English is becoming more of a go-to language than talent, and you can do so much more just by having a command over the language.

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As per our title, if you know how to speak and write English, you are set to study MBBS abroad. Yes, we know that many people think that language is the biggest obstacle to studying MBBS abroad. But it is far from the truth. 

What is your first thought if we say MBBS in Russia? Russia is a country whose first and native language is Russian, and it will not be a surprise if you think that speaking Russian is the primary need to pursue MBBS in Russia. Well, not in the case of KSMU, the Kursk State Medical University. KSMU is the epitome of quality education at an affordable price. But here, we are not covering this. 

You heard it right in English. The Kursk State Medical University is the first university in Russia to provide a full medical program in English medium. Here, inside the university campus, you don’t need to fear the language barrier or not being able to connect with others. Due to its quality education, world-class faculties and teaching in the English medium, KSMU has become one of Russia’s leading medical institutes with the most international students. 

So, a simple hello can create the friendship of a lifetime. Here, paying attention to English class in schools and watching all those TV shows on Netflix is finally paying off.

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