A Student’s Guide to Enhancing Thesis Writing with Artificial Intelligence

Thesis writing can be a challenging task for any student. It doesn’t only take a lot of work and requires a lot of focus, but it also requires writing of the highest quality to help students achieve their goals. That’s why, it’s important to write theses with a proper strategy. Now, one of the leading challenges that students face is finishing their thesis writing on time. Another thesis writing element that students struggle with includes research and gathering information for thesis writing.

That’s when Artificial Intelligence comes into play and makes things easier. But how exactly can a student enhance their thesis writing with AI? What sort of AI tools could they use? And is it ethical to do so? Let’s answer all of these questions and find out.

Is Using AI For Thesis Writing Ethical?

The simple answer is yes, it is ethical to use AI for thesis writing. However, it is not ethical to depend entirely on AI and not ensure originality when writing thesis material. Today, programs like ChatGPT are so capable that you just need to give them a topic and a few other prompts.

From there, the AI will formulate text from scratch and help you write something. But that would not be ethical, nor would it be original. Besides, anyone with a keen eye for content can easily tell when content is written by GPT.

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So, using AI is ethical in only a few cases, when it is being used for:

  • Researching the topic and understanding something in simpler words.
  • Using AI for assistance with writing, such as paraphrasing, rewriting, etc.
  • Using AI for quality assurance, like grammar checking or correcting.
  • And leveraging AI-based tools to find plagiarism or duplicity in the text.

So, this way, it’s an ideal scenario to use AI and leverage it for thesis writing. It is not only ethical but also quite helpful in ensuring the quality of the text that you write. Besides, it also rids the necessity of your teachers checking for plagiarism each time you submit such as these.

AI Tools That Students Can Leverage For Thesis Writing

There are quite a few tools that you can use for thesis writing, and that can help you assist with various factors. One of the first tools that might come to your mind is ChatGPT, and while you aren’t wrong, it’s not a program you should rely on entirely. There are way better programs and AI tools out there that can assist with content and keep things original.

So, to keep things simple, here are some of the AI tools that students can employ:

  • ChatGPT or Microsoft Copilot for research and information.
  • PrePostSEO’s plagiarism checker to check for duplicity or plagiarism.
  • Paraphraseonline.io to rewrite content or paraphrase it.
  • And grammar checker to ensure optimal grammar.

Besides that, there are additional tools like summarizing tools or citation generators that can help with thesis writing. However, using these tools to check plagiarism or rewrite text is the ideal use of AI in thesis writing.

3 Ways To Enhance Thesis Writing With AI

Now let’s use the said AI tools to enhance any thesis writing process and see how they can be used by students.

1: Research with AI

The first one is straightforward, and there’s likely no better tool for research today than ChatGPT. It’s the standard bearer of AI-based tools, but it’s important to use it responsibly and avoid the aforementioned unethical use.

But it is a paradise for those who wish to research or understand complex topics. Now, let’s say we wish to understand examples of something like AI and Machine Learning in the Healthcare sector, so ChatGPT can help us with that with a prompt like this:

“Role of AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare”

Here is the result:

Chat GP Results
Chat GP Results

It’s just an example of how AI can help us understand complex subjects and simplify difficult things like this. So, thesis writers or students can leverage it in their research thoroughly.

2: Detecting Plagiarism

One of the biggest problems that students face when writing a thesis is plagiarism. It’s important to avoid plagiarism, even if you are citing the source thoroughly. And the only way to find whether or not there’s duplicity in your writing is to check plagiarism with a reliable tool.

So, let’s use the PrePostSEO plagiarism checker and scan this text:

Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarism Checker

So, once the scan finishes, the tool provides us with the results like this:

Plagiarism Result
Plagiarism Result

As we can see, this content is plagiarized, and it won’t be helpful to use it in any thesis. Now, one good way to get rid of it would be to a paraphrasing tool and then use the content with citations. It’s also easier since this plagiarism checker gives us the link to the original content as well.

3: Rephrasing The Text

The next phase is rephrasing the text with AI, whether to remove plagiarism or simply enhance the quality of our text. We can use the Paraphrasingonline.io tool that we discussed earlier to rephrase text and get things done.

thesis writing:

Paraphrase Online
Paraphrase Online

As you can see, the rewording method of this tool allows us to replace specific words with better synonyms. This can bring a touch of originality to our content and also somewhat get rid of plagiarism.

Sentence Enhancement:

Paraphrase Online 1
Paraphrase Online

Sentence Enhancement is where the content really begins to shine, and our text is now easier to write. And rearrangement of the sentences also ensures it has thoroughly avoided plagiarism.

Paraphrasing Paragraphs:

Paraphrase Online
Paraphrase Online

Text Improver:

Paraphrase Online 3
Paraphrase Online

The text improver mode also improves the text quite a bit and increases fluency. So, using this method depends entirely on personal preference.


These are some of the best ways that you can leverage AI and enhance the quality of your text in any thesis. Using AI is ethical, but you need to be careful and use it responsibly. If you do so, you can be more productive as a student and write theses that aren’t only of the highest quality, but also provide original and accurate information.

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