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How to Pursue MBBS from Russia? See the Complete Admission Procedure Here!

How to Pursue MBBS from Russia? [Overview]: Besides being the world’s largest land area, Russia is a popular destination for international students studying MBBS. In Russia, which has about 57 medical universities, the MBBS program is top-rated. Due to the steep tuition discounts, we attract international students.

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MBBS in Russia is a popular alternative for overseas students due to its low cost and excellent educational standards. It is significantly lower when compared to other Western countries. Leading nations like the UK, the USA, the Middle East, and the WHO Medical Council recognize all universities that provide an MBBS program.

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Studying MBBS in Russia is now the world’s eighth-most famous study-abroad location due to its recent surge in popularity.

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1. For international medical students from Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, Russia is among the world’s most economical and well-liked places. Most Russian medical universities have developed English-language medical study programs in response to foreign medical students’ demands (MBBS, dentistry, pharmacy etc.).

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2. Russian universities provide remarkable services to make it easy for international students to enrol. Aside from that, doing MBBS courses in Russia would save you a sizable sum of money.

3. Compared to other universities, Russian Medical University’s tuition is less expensive, and the university’s training standards are consistently high. Because of this, Russian medical universities are more alluring to overseas medical students and fiercely competitive.

4. One of the top institutes for medical education has been and continues to be a Russian medical university. Numerous languages have been used to translate the materials and textbooks used in Russian medical schools. Russian degrees are ranked first by UNESCO and WHO and have earned international recognition.

5. The application process for MBBS admission in Russia is pretty simple. Indian students do not need to pass an entrance exam to enrol in an MBBS program at a

6. Russian Medical University. Admission is based on the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination results (intermediate). The applicant must also fulfil the NEET- UG eligibility set forth by the Medical Council of India and the Russian Medical University admission conditions.

MBBS in Russia: Admission Procedure

The following requirements must be met by Indian students seeking admission to the MBBS program in Russia:

Qualifications for MBBS/BDS admission in Russia:

  • Candidates must have completed their 10+2 coursework in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English or an equivalent.
  • The student had to have earned a passing grade of 50% overall and 50% in PCB courses.
  • As of December 31, 2023, candidates must have reached the age of 17.
  • In order to be admitted to the Russian MBBS and BDS programs, Indian students must pass the NEET Exam.

Application dates and deadlines for 2024:

Admissions for MBBS programs in Russia typically open on May 1 each year. August 30th is the submission date for application forms. By August 30th, all applications must be submitted. Because there are many applications and a limited number of seats, we suggest students apply as soon as possible. Admissions are strictly offered based on availability and are given first-come, first-served basis. As a result, individuals that apply early receive an additional reward.

Academic Session in Russian Medical Universities [Admission Open for February Intake]

There are two semesters in the Russian academic year. In Russian medical universities, the first semester runs from September to January. February to June is the second semester. After each semester, students pass tests. Later, they take two months off in the summer and two weeks off in the winter (From January 25 to February 9). (From July 1 till August 30).

How to apply to a Russian medical university? Admission Process for MBBS in Russia

Point 1: Students can pursue studies at Russian universities with a relatively simple application process. Anyone who has completed their senior secondary education and has taken biology and chemistry as required subjects is eligible to apply. Some colleges don’t even have a minimum threshold for percentages. Therefore, if you want to study overseas, Russia is an excellent place to get your MBBS.

Point 2: Indian students can enter Russian universities through a smooth admissions process. Anyone who has completed their senior secondary education and has taken biology and chemistry as required subjects is eligible to apply. Some colleges don’t even have a minimum threshold for percentages. Therefore, if you want to study overseas, Russia is an excellent place to get your MBBS.

MBBS in Russia: Important Instructions for Indian Students

Here are the detailed instructions for applying for admission to a Russian medical college as an Indian student.

  • Contact one of our offices or agents for free admissions counselling by phone or in person. You can find information about Russian medical universities, eligibility requirements, MBBS tuition costs, admission requirements, and Continental Education Consultants’ facilitation costs there. Parents and students must know all the details of Russian universities, academic programs, and living expenses.
  • After evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of studying in Russia, the applicant should submit a completed admission form together with scanned copies of their class 12 and 10 diplomas and transcripts.
  • The student must pay an application/registration fee at this initial step either by a demand draft made out to Continental Education and payable in Delhi or New Delhi, OR you can bank transfer the required sum to the business account.
  • After paying the application cost and submitting your application, you’ll get a confirmation email. Your application is then forwarded to the relevant university after this is finished. An acceptance or admission letter from the university verifying the seat reservation will be issued within two weeks. The student is subsequently handed this letter of admission.
  • After that, we will apply for the VISA INVITATION LETTER, a legal document issued by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It takes about a month to find the invitation letter, which is a tiresome process. The student should turn in his original passport at this point.
  • After receiving the INVITATION LETTER and Original Passport, CEC will apply for a student VISA to the Russian embassy. The student gets informed of the departure date as soon as the visa is prepared. The student must plan to obtain the requisite foreign currency (US Dollars) for living expenses and tuition at the university. The student receives all original paperwork, including their passport, visa, and diplomas.
  • At this point, the students should begin making travel arrangements for their trip to Russia. Additionally, the travelling students will send a list of instructions and necessities.
  • The students should also ensure they have all the required paperwork because they will need to produce it at the university office.
  • Our representative will meet the students upon their arrival in Moscow and assist them in getting from the airport to the university hostel. The agent will assist them the following day in paying the administrative and college fees for the university where they will be enrolling in the MBBS program. The students won’t encounter any difficulties because they will be led during the entire admissions process. We will go with the young students on foreign terrain at every step.

Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Russia

For admission to the MBBS program in Russia, the following documents are required of the applicants.

  • For age verification, a birth certificate is required.
  • Filled admissions form
  • You also need a student visa
  • Class 12th grade mark sheet and Pass certificate Scanned copy
  • Class 10th Pass Certificate Scanned Copy
  • NEET Admission Card/Result
  • 6 coloured passport-size photos with a white background and a Size of 4.5 cm or 3.5 cm
  • Scanned copies are required of the passport (first and last page)
  • If a passport is not yet available at the time of application, provide ID proof (Aadhar card, PAN, driving license, etc.)
  • HIV test results must be reported, according to Russian medical universities.
  • TATKAL PASSPORT SCHEME (Students can use the confirmation letter to apply for an urgent passport if they don’t already have one.

The Required Additional Documents

Additionally, bank statements must be submitted to secure MBBS seats in Russia.

  • They must have the receipt for their Russian MBBS fees.
  • Request letter for Russian Medical Universities
  • The Ministry of External Affairs-approved documentation must also be submitted by the students.
  • Genuine legal documents from the Russian Embassy.
  • To study medicine in Russia, a student must have proof of health insurance.
  • A travel insurance certificate is required.
  • If you have any further queries or require clarification, please get in touch with us.

NOTICE: There is excellent news for Indian students who want to study medicine abroad. The NEET exam’s validity has been increased to three years by a Gazette announcement from the Medical Council of India (MCI).

The National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET-UG) result would be valid for three years from the declaration of results, per the MCI Gazette notification. This will be beneficial for students who are studying abroad because the admissions procedure varies greatly between nations.

NOTE: Many brokers advertise “Subsidized Tuition Fees” with Russian medical universities. In this program, the students are required to pay tuition for six years plus a discount. The CEC always informs the student that the Russian University does not have a “subsidized fees” system. The agent would keep the money, and when they failed to reimburse the institution on your behalf, you would eventually have problems.

Therefore, if you intend to pursue an MBBS degree in Russia, we are available to provide you with whatever assistance you may require.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is NEET required for MBBS in Russia?

Indian candidates should qualify for the NEET examination.

Is MBBS in Russia or India better?

MBBS in Russia is definitely better as candidates need to score high ranks for MBBS in India, while for MBBS in Russia, candidates only need to qualify for the examination.

Is IELTS or TOEFL required for MBBS in Russia?

No, IELTS or TOEFL is not a requirement for MBBS in Russia

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