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Is MBBS in Russia Safe for Indian Students – Know the Truth!

Is MBBS in Russia Safe for Indian Students: You know how safe your study destination is a crucial thing for Indian students. Your life and safety are ultimately the most important aspects of your academic career. Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. Candidates should check the safety precautions taken by the country before choosing a particular country for MBBS.

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Russia is a safe country for students wanting to pursue MBBS in Russia as they take their laws very seriously, especially the safety of a women. Through this article, readers can gain in-depth knowledge of whether MBBS in Russia Safe for Indian Students.

Want to Study MBBS in Russia?

You may get a comprehensive overview of all you need to know about studying abroad in Russia in the sections below. It’s never too early to start your research, whether you are sure that Russia is the place to study abroad or are just beginning to consider it. When international students consider Russia a study-abroad country, some of the monuments that come to mind include the Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. The experience of studying abroad in Russia will, however, take you far beyond its well-known tourist attractions.

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Russian culture today is a complex fusion of tradition and innovation thanks to its lengthy and varied past. Russia has contributed significantly to developing the global perspective on art forms like ballet, classical music, literature, and the fine arts. Russia is home to some of the most well-known cultural figures in the world, including Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, Plisetskaya, and countless others.

Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University Russia_

Russia’s two major cities are St. Petersburg and Moscow. Both cities are in Russia’s Western region. Moscow, the nation’s vibrant capital full of contrasts, is renowned for its metro system, which is frequently compared to a museum. It is also the location of Moscow State University, the oldest university in the country, which dates back to 1755. St. Petersburg is regarded as a significant cultural hub, and its old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are more than 100 museums in the city. Studying abroad in St. Petersburg gives international students countless possibilities to delve into the rich range of Russian culture that has evolved throughout the nation’s history.

Russia’s higher education system is famous for its accomplishments in scientific research. It would be a mistake to miss the smaller urban areas and towns in Russia that provide students with the genuine Russian study abroad experience, even though its two main cities are fascinating attractions for international students studying in Russia. Travelling to places like Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, and Tambov will take you away from Russia’s westernmost regions and show you how diverse Russian culture is and how many chances there are for higher education throughout its vast geographic area.

Facts about Russia

Russian higher education is well-known for its excellence in the sciences but flourishes in the humanities and social sciences. The birthplace of some of the world’s most creative artists and authors is where you will study if you decide to further your education in Russia. Along with its unique culture, Russia is home to 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, drawing in millions of tourists and Russians alike. This makes studying there much more intriguing. Russia is the ideal option for Indian students eager to explore because institutions there frequently plan student visits to famous sites like Red Square, the Kremlin, and the Golden Mountains of Altai, among many others.

For some, Russia may be an “off the beaten path” study abroad choice, but that makes it more exciting for you! Since the last two decades of rapid development, Russia has undergone significant changes from Russia that your parents may have known. Russia is constantly expanding its opportunities for Indian students! Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the fascinating study abroad opportunity in Russia waiting for you.

In recent years, Russian MBBS programs have become popular among Indian students looking to pursue a medical degree overseas. With more than 8000 students travelling to Russia for medical school, it has quickly become the top choice for medical students domestically and internationally.

Study MBBS Abroad

If you want to enrol in an MBBS program overseas, you must pass the NEET exam and decide which nation and university you wish to attend. One of Russia’s most popular destinations for Indian students seeking medical education.

Students who graduated from the MBBS program in Russia are currently employed at some top hospitals worldwide.

Is MBBS in Russia safe for Indian students? Reasons


Reason 1: Petty Crimes in Russia

As a student from India, you won’t get involved in any political issues. Petty crimes like pickpocketing on public transit should worry you more. When we travel in any other country or place, we take care of our valuable items, so you must take care of your things in public. Big cities and busy places are known for petty crimes like anywhere else. Always be on guard, avoid acting like a tourist, and keep your valuables hidden.

Reason 2: Safe for female travellers in Russia

It has been noted that Russians value and treat women with respect. However, let’s face it, this isn’t always the case. Generally speaking, women travelling alone are safe in Russia. Women who travel alone rarely draw notice and are free to dress however they like. Women can dress what they want and feel comfortable in public places as the environment is so safe and peaceful. Just remember that there are some spots that you must cover up. Dress respectfully if you’re in a place of worship.

Reason 3: Russia has no racial or religious discrimination

Despite being global leaders, Russians will never treat you like a lower-class person. They are renowned for being the most hospitable neighbourhood; they treat all visitors like members of their own families. There is no racial or religious discrimination you will face. The people in Russia will treat you with kindness and show more respect for other religions.

Reason 4: Safe Hostel amenities

For all international students, universities offer hostel facilities with all the amenities they need. For Indian students, also give vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian food. For both the boys ‘ and girls’ dorms, an Indian warden is present with complete security. Indian students will feel comfortable and safe in hostel amenities in Russian universities. Russian universities provide all the best facilities to students and make them feel safe to study.

Reason 5: Opportunities for a Wide Variety of Studies

Russia also provides many opportunities for Indian students with safe facilities to study without difficulties or problems. Russian universities offer bachelor’s to doctoral-level degree programs in almost 450 state-accredited institutions, totalling around 17,500 degree programs.

Reason 6: Cost-effective Living

Russia also provides a vast range of options for Indian students with safe facilities to study without difficulties or problems. Russian universities offer degree programs from the bachelor’s to the doctoral levels in almost 450 state-accredited institutions, totalling around Rs 17,500 in degree programs.

Besides safety, the cost of living in Russia is highly affordable compared to European standards. The nation adheres to the absolute minimum average in terms of the price of food, rent, clothing, and other regular and leisurely activities. Additional discounts are available to students in theatres, museums, opera houses, movie theatres, swimming pools, and other such establishments.

Reason 7: Security & Safety

Russia receives good marks on the global safety index, assuring citizens, visitors, and international students of safety and security. Both boys’ and girls’ pupils can go around confidently and freely. Russian universities strictly supervise the campus, dormitory gates, and other areas 24 hours a day. The students are provided with full-fledged security by the universities so that students can study comfortably without disruptions.

Reason 8: Familiarize yourself with the Russian language

Even though Russian colleges frequently offer English-language courses, students are more likely to learn and become accustomed to the Russian language. If the pupils decide to take up the language, learning Russian as a second language offers many prospects across many industries.

Reason 9: Simple & friendly locals

International students are warmly welcomed and accepted in Russian culture and society. Thus, the kids acclimate and quickly adapt to the new situation.

Now let’s see the advantages of studying MBBS in Russia

Russia is exceptionally well-liked among Indian students for its medical courses. One of the reasons Russia has remained one of the top destinations for Indian students for decades is possibly due to the positive diplomatic ties between the two nations.
It should be no surprise that MBBS in Russia has a lot to offer to all aspirants, given that Russia is the world leader in education, research, and development.

Top 7 Benefits for Indian Students Studying MBBS in Russia

Top 7 Benefits for Indian Students Studying MBBS in Russia 1

1. Affordable fee structure

In contrast to other nations like the UK and the USA, where the expense of living and studying for students approaches an excessive threshold, Russia offers an economical choice for living and studying. The federal government has drastically reduced the cost of the MBBS in Russia, making it accessible and cheap for everyone motivated to pursue their dreams.

Studying at the best medical institution in Russia can cost as little as INR 15 Lakh for the entire course; however, the actual cost of an MBBS in Russia can vary depending on the university you choose and the services you use.

2. Worldwide Recognition Degree

Most of Russia’s leading medical schools are well-known worldwide. The World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), and the Medical Councils of numerous nations, including Canada, Australia, India, and others, are a few of the significant recognitions.

3. No Admission Test

To enrol in a university of their choice in Russia, students do not need to take and pass any entrance exams, including the TOEFL, IELTS, and others.
Instead, the entire admissions process is merit-based and is determined by the student’s performance on the NEET and Class 12 exams.

4. Maximum Opportunity & Exposure

The advanced MBBS curriculum in Russia focuses on practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Due to the exposure gained during the courses, any Indian student earning an MBBS degree from a renowned Russian university is guaranteed a fantastic medical career with limited options.

5. Easy Admission Criteria

The requirements for admission to the MBBS program in Russia are comparable to those in India. This entails passing the PCB course at the 12th-grade level with a 50% grade and qualifying for the NEET test with a 50% unreserved and 40% reserved percentile.

6. Multicultural Learning Environment

Multicultural Learning Environment: Because of this, students who study MBBS in Russia connect with peers from various cultural backgrounds and enjoy a multicultural learning environment. The pupils’ confidence and lifelong friendships are fostered, contributing to their overall growth.

7. FMGE/NEXT Training

Some of Russia’s best medical schools also take the initiative to train their students for various medical license tests. The students must complete the nation’s medical license examination to pursue their chosen field of medicine. For instance, to practice medicine in India, students must pass the National Exit Test (NEXT) and the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE), whereas, in the USA, there is the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Students who study for the MBBS in Russia receive essential coaching and training from renowned professors and subject matter specialists to help them do well on the test.


Yes, studying MBBS in Russia safe for Indian Students. In Russia, even the laws governing women’s safety are severe. Nearly 55% of the population in Russia is female, and 45% is male. Along with benefits, safety is the most important factor to consider when planning to study abroad.

Russia is the safest country for Indian students since Russians have very friendly and courteous behaviour.

People don’t need to bring cash or a wallet when travelling. The nature of Russians is one of tolerance and friendliness. They’re always willing to assist you. If you want to travel anyplace in Russia, you don’t need to reserve a taxi or cab because clean, safe public buses are also available. If you’re choosing a country to study abroad, Russia is often the safest option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do Indian students go to Russia for MBBS?

1. High-Quality Education
2. Cost Efficiency 
3. World-Class Infrastructure
4. Easy admission procedure 
5. No IELTS required

Is MBBS in Russia cheaper than in India?

Yes, MBBS in Russia is cheaper than in India and other countries. Fee structure of Top Russian medical universities.

 Is Russian MBBS better than India?

MBBS in Russia is better in comparison with India in terms of fees. In Russia, a better quality of education is provided with low-budget costs. MBBS degree from Russia is valid in India.

 Is MBBS in Russia safe for Indian medical students?

Yes, Russia is safe for medical students, and more than 1,000 Indian students are already studying in Russian Medical Universities. The crime rate in Russia is lower compared to other countries. Russia and India have good diplomatic relations.

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