Know everything about career in Dermatology in India

    career in Dermatology
    career in Dermatology

    There is not a single person who is not worried about their skin and ageing face and is looking for the best screening and treatment options. A Dermatologist is a person who takes care of such patients and the medical branch approached by a Dermatologist is referred to as Dermatology. Dermatology is not limited to skin, but it is an aggregate of nail, scalp, hair and their diseases. This article will give you an inside review about the career in Dermatology in India and dermatology jobs available after becoming a Dermatologist.

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    Dermatology involves medical surgery field, and those who would like to enter the surgical field may undergo a course in Surgical Dermatology. Pathology is another branch of medical science that deals with general diseases. Hence, Dermatology, in conjunction with Pathology, is known as Dermatopathology.

    If you happen not to know much about what or who a Dermatologist is, you should go through the following section. In this article, you will find all information related to career Dermatology field.

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    Who is a Dermatologist?

    A person who is specialised in Dermatology and has the privilege to work under Dermatology is called a Dermatologist. A Dermatologist usually deals with all diseases concerning skin, hair, nail and scalp. Various treatment methods are adopted by Dermatologists to cure diseases related to the human body.

    A career in Dermatology includes hair transplantation, hair removal using laser technology or by other means, systematic therapy, allergy testing, cosmetic filler injections, phototherapy, laser therapy etc. They are specially trained people passed out from Dermatology schools and are expert in curing various skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, leprosy and cosmetic dermatological diseases.

    How to be a part of Dermatologists?

    One can become a Dermatologist or make a career in Dermatology by doing Certificate courses, Diploma or Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology. The course duration may vary from months to years. The course which can be done with a higher secondary qualification is diploma in Dermatology, and it is for two years. The admission is made based on marks secured in a common entrance exam.

    For a better future and understanding, it is advised to go for postgraduate or PhD courses. But one must have secured a minimum of 50% to get admission for postgraduate diploma and 55% for the doctor of medicine in Dermatology.

    Various Dermatology Courses in India

    To work as a Dermatologist or to make a career in Dermatology, one can earn a degree in following dermatology courses, i.e. listed below:

    S.No. Course Eligibility Duration
    1 Diploma in Dermatology Higher Secondary with Science stream 2 years
    2 Certificate Courses in Dermatology Higher Secondary 6 to 12 months
    3 Post Graduate Diploma in Dermatology Bachelors degree in Medicine 2 years
    4 Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in Dermatology MBBS 3 years

    Future Prospects of the career in dermatology

    The very first question that rings our brain is what after Dermatology? Well after doing Dermatology courses, our prime concern is to get a job in Dermatology. We all know that skin is one of our most diverse body organs, and hence Dermatologists have achieved exceptional success in other industries.

    Dermatologists who master in cosmetic dermatology play key factors in giving a normal appearance to patients having skin related diseases without sacrificing natural skin. Safer yet more effective alternatives to existing equipment are being invented each day. Over millions of people are influenced by the various applications of Dermatology.

    Dermatologists can apply for jobs in government as well as private hospitals, nursing homes or dispensaries. Well experienced professionals can self-employ starting their clinic or can seek jobs abroad. You can further look for various dermatologist job openings advertised in the job portal.

    Top institutes offering Dermatology courses in India

    Some of the best colleges in India offering Diploma in Dermatology:

    • B. R Ambedkar Medical College, Karnataka
    • JSS Medical College and Hospital, Karnataka
    • Mahatma Gandhi Mission Medical College, Maharashtra
    • Care College of Physiotherapy and Paramedics, Andhra Pradesh
    • College of Ayurved, Pune

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