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NEET PG Syllabus 2023: Subject & Topic Wise Syllabus etc.

NEET PG Syllabus 2023: The National Medical Commission (NMC) is the official body that prepares the syllabus for the NEET PG. If you have applied for the exam and are searching for NEET PG 2023 Syllabus to have a better preparation strategy, you are in the right place.  This article will learn about the detailed Syllabus and Study Materials of NEET PG 2023. Aspirants are advised to read the item very carefully to know about the paper pattern and subject-wise syllabus before making any preparation strategy for the very prestigious examination.

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1 Quick Facts
2 Subject-wise distribution of questions
3 Subjects in NEET PG 2023 Syllabus
4 NEET PG Syllabus 2023 Topics wise
5 NEET PG Exam Pattern 2023
6 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quick Facts

Before going to the complete description of the entrance examination, let’s look at a summary of the exam.

Name of ExaminationNational Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Post Graduate
Popular NameNEET PG
Conducted byNational Board of Examinations (NBE)
Frequency of ConductOnce a Year
Examination LevelNational-level Exam
Application Fee (General)Rs. 4250/-
Mode of ExamOnline
Duration of Examination3 Hours 30 Minutes
Mode of CounsellingOnline / Offline

NEET PG 2023 subject-wise distribution of questions

Graduates need to understand the number of questions asked in each subject and prepare accordingly for the NEET PG 2023 exam. In this section, you will get detailed information about the NEET PG 2023 subject-wise distribution of questions, in the below table. Let’s have a look.

SubjectNumber of questions in NEET PG
Phase I – Pre-clinical subjects
Phase II – Para-clinical subjects
Forensic Medicine10
Social and preventive medicine25
Phase III – Clinical subjects
General Medicine including dermatology, Venerelogy, and psychiatry45
General surgery including orthopaedics, anaesthesia, and radio diagnosis45
Obstetrics and Gynaecology30
Total number of questions in NEET PG200 questions

Subjects in NEET PG 2023 Syllabus

In this section, you will get detailed information about the NEET PG 2023 subject-wise syllabus, in the below table. Let’s have a look.

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Medical Lead

Pre-Clinical Subjects

Pre-Clinical Subjects in NEET PG SyllabusPre-Clinical Subjects in NEET PG Syllabus
NEET PG Pre-Clinical-Subjects
NEET PG Pre-Clinical-Subjects
NEET PG 2024: Latest Update

Para-Clinical Subjects

Para-Clinical Subjects in NEET PG SyllabusPara-Clinical Subjects in NEET PG Syllabus
PathologyForensic Medicine
Social and Preventive Medicine
NEET PG Para-Clinical-Subjects
NEET PG Para-Clinical-Subjects

Clinical Subjects

Clinical Subjects in NEET PG SyllabusClinical Subjects in NEET PG Syllabus
Medicine Dermatology and VenereologySurgery, Orthopaedics and Anaesthesia,
RadiodiagnosisObstetrics and Gynaecology
NEET PG Clinical-Subjects
NEET PG Clinical-Subjects

NEET PG Syllabus 2023: Topics for Pre-Clinical Subjects

In this section, you will get detailed information about the NEET PG 2023 topic-wise syllabus, in the below table. Let’s have a look at the NEET PG Pre-Clinical Topic-wise Syllabus.

NEET PG 2023 Anatomy Syllabus

Topics for NEET PG Anatomy Subjects SyllabusTopics for NEET PG Anatomy Subjects Syllabus
Anatomical terminologyTongue
General features of bones & JointsOrgans of hearing and equilibrium
General features of MuscleEyeball
General features of skin and fasciaBack Region
General features of the cardiovascular systemHead & neck Joints, Histology, Development, Radiography & Surface marking
General Features of the lymphatic systemAnterior abdominal wall
Introduction to the nervous systemPosterior abdominal wall
Features of individual bones (Upper Limb)Male external genitalia
Pectoral regionAbdominal cavity
Axilla, Shoulder and Scapular regionPelvic wall and viscera
Arm & Cubital fossaPerineum
Forearm & hand (General Features, Joints, radiographs & surface marking)Vertebral column
Features of individual bones (Lower Limb)Sectional Anatomy
Front & Medial side of the thighHistology & Embryology
Gluteal region & back of the thighOsteology
Hip JointRadiodiagnosis
Knee joint, Anterolateral compartment of the leg & dorsum of the footSurface marking
Back of Leg & Sole (General Features, Joints, radiographs & surface marking)Meninges & CSF
Thoracic cageSpinal Cord
Heart & PericardiumMedulla Oblongata
Lungs & TracheaCerebellum
Skull osteologyCranial nerve nuclei & Cerebral hemispheres
ScalpVentricular System
Face & parotid regionEpithelium histology
Posterior triangle of the neckConnective tissue histology
Cranial cavityMuscle histology
OrbitNervous tissue histology
Anterior TriangleBlood Vessels
Temporal and Infratemporal regionsGlands & Lymphoid tissue
Submandibular regionBone & Cartilage
Deep structures in the neckIntegumentary System
Mouth, Pharynx & PalateChromosomes
Cavity of NosePatterns of Inheritance
LarynxPrinciple of Genetics, Chromosomal Aberrations & Clinical Genetics
3rd to 8th week of developmentIntroduction to embryology
Fetal membranesGametogenesis and fertilization
Prenatal DiagnosisThe second week of development
Ethics in Anatomy

NEET PG syllabus for Biochemistry

Topics for NEET PG Biochemistry Subjects SyllabusTopics for NEET PG Biochemistry Subjects Syllabus
Basic BiochemistryMolecular biology
Chemistry and Metabolism of CarbohydratesExtracellular Matrix
Chemistry and Metabolism of LipidsOncogenesis and immunity
Chemistry and Metabolism of ProteinsBiochemical Laboratory Tests
Metabolism and homeostasis

NEET PG syllabus for Physiology

General PhysiologyRenal Physiology
HaematologyEndocrine Physiology
Nerve and Muscle PhysiologyReproductive Physiology
Gastro-intestinal PhysiologyNeurophysiology
Cardiovascular Physiology (CVS)Integrated Physiology
Respiratory Physiology

NEET PG Syllabus 2023: Topics to be Covered for Para-Clinical Subjects

In this section, you will get detailed information about the NEET PG 2023 topic-wise syllabus, in the below table. Let’s have a look at the NEET PG Para-Clinical Topic-wise Syllabus.

NEET PG syllabus for Pathology

Introduction to PathologyImmunopathology and AIDS
Cell Injury and AdaptationInfections and Infestations
AmyloidosisGenetic and paediatric diseases
InflammationEnvironmental and nutritional diseases
Healing and repairIntroduction to haematology
Hemodynamic disordersMicrocytic anemia
Neoplastic disordersMacrocytic anemia
Basic diagnostic cytologyHemolytic anemia
Leukocyte disordersAplastic anemia
Lymph node and spleenBlood banking and transfusion
Plasma cell disordersClinical Pathology (Tumors)
Hemorrhagic disorders

NEET PG syllabus for Pharmacology

Basic principles of Pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacology
Experimental Pharmacology

NEET PG syllabus for Microbiology

General Microbiology and ImmunityCentral Nervous System infections
CVS and BloodRespiratory tract infections
Gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary systemGenitourinary & Sexually transmitted infections
Musculoskeletal system skin and soft tissue infectionsZoonotic diseases and miscellaneous

NEET PG syllabus for Forensic Medicine

General InformationGeneral Toxicology
Forensic PathologyChemical Toxicology
Clinical Forensic MedicinePharmaceutical Toxicology
Medical Jurisprudence (Medical Law and ethics)Biotoxicology
Forensic PsychiatrySociomedical Toxicology
Forensic Laboratory investigation in medical-legal practiceEnvironmental Toxicology
Emerging technologies in Forensic MedicineSkills in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

NEET PG syllabus for Preventive and Social Medicine

Concept of Health and DiseaseOccupational Health
Relationship of social and behavioural to health and diseaseGeriatric services
Environmental Health ProblemsDisaster Management
Principles of health promotion and educationHospital waste management
NutritionMental Health
Basic statistics and its applicationsHealth planning and management
EpidemiologyHealth care of the community
Epidemiology of communicable and non- communicable diseasesInternational Health
Demography and vital statisticsEssential Medicine
Reproductive maternal and child healthRecent advances in Community Medicine

NEET PG Syllabus 2023: Topics to be Covered for Clinical Subjects

In this section, you will get detailed information about the NEET PG 2023 topic-wise syllabus, in the below table. Let’s have a look at the NEET PG Clinical Topic-wise Syllabus.

NEET PG syllabus for Orthopaedics

Skeletal Trauma, PolytraumaPoliomyelitis
FracturesCerebral Palsy
Musculoskeletal InfectionBone Tumors
Skeletal TuberculosisPeripheral nerve injuries
Rheumatoid Arthritis and associated inflammatory disordersCongenital lesions
Degenerative disordersProcedural Skills
Metabolic bone disordersCounselling Skills

NEET PG syllabus for ENT

Anatomy and Physiology of ear, nose, throat, head & neck
Clinical Skills
Diagnostic and Therapeutic procedures in ENT
Management of diseases of the ear, nose & throat

NEET PG syllabus for ENT

Metabolic response to injuryBiohazard disposal
ShockMinimally invasive General Surgery
Blood and blood componentsTrauma
BurnsSkin and subcutaneous tissue
Wound healing and wound careDevelopmental anomalies of the face, mouth and jaws
Surgical infectionsOropharyngeal cancer
Surgical Audit and ResearchDisorders of salivary glands
EthicsEndocrine General Surgery
Investigation of the surgical patientBreast
Pre, Intra and post-operative managementCardio-thoracic General Surgery- Chest – Heart and Lungs
Anaesthesia and pain managementVascular disease
Nutrition and fluid therapyAbdomen
TransplantationUrinary System
Basic Surgical SkillsPenis, Testis and scrotum

NEET PG syllabus for Ophthalmology

Visual Acuity AssessmentSclera
Lids and Adnexa, OrbitIris and Anterior chamber
CorneasRetina & Optic Nerve

NEET PG syllabus for Medicine

Heart FailureObesity
Acute Myocardial Infarction/ IHDGI bleeding
PneumoniaDiarrheal disorder
Fever and febrile syndromesHeadache
Liver diseaseCerebrovascular accident
HIVMovement disorders
Rheumatologic problemsEnvenomation
AnemiaMineral, Fluid Electrolyte and Acid-base Disorder
Acute Kidney Injury and Chronic renal failureNutritional and Vitamin Deficiencies
Diabetes MellitusGeriatrics
Thyroid dysfunctionMiscellaneous Infections (e.g. Leptospirosis, Rabies, Tetanus)
Common malignanciesThe role of the physician in the community

NEET PG syllabus for Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Demographic and Vital StatisticsCare of the newborn
Anatomy of the female reproductive tract (Basic anatomy and embryology)Normal and abnormal puerperium
Physiology of conceptionMedical termination of pregnancy
Development of the fetus and the placentaContraception
Preconception counsellingVaginal discharge
Diagnosis of pregnancyNormal and abnormal puberty
Maternal Changes in pregnancyAbnormal uterine bleeding
Antenatal CareAmenorrhea
Complications in early pregnancyGenital injuries and fistulae
Antepartum haemorrhageGenital infections
Multiple pregnanciesInfertility
Medical Disorders in PregnancyUterine fibroids
LabourPCOS and hirsutism
Abnormal Lie and Presentation; Maternal PelvisUterine prolapse
Operative obstetricsMenopause
Complications of the third stageBenign, Pre-malignant (CIN) and Malignant Lesions of the Cervix
LactationBenign and malignant diseases of the uterus and the ovaries

NEET PG syllabus for Paediatrics

Normal Growth and DevelopmentThe National Health Programs: RCH
Common problems related to GrowthNational Programs, RCH – Universal Immunizations program
Common problems related to Development -1 (Developmental delay, Cerebral palsy)Care of the Normal Newborns, and High-risk Newborn
Common problems related to Development-2 (Scholastic backwardness, Learning Disabilities, Autism, ADHD)Genito-Urinary system
Common problems related to behaviourApproach to and recognition of a child with possible Rheumatologic problem
Adolescent Health & common problems related to Adolescent HealthCardiovascular system- Heart Diseases
To promote and support optimal Breastfeeding for InfantsDiarrhoeal diseases and Dehydration
Complementary FeedingMalabsorption
Normal nutrition, assessment and monitoringAcute and chronic liver disorders
Provide nutritional support, assessment and monitoring for common nutritional problemsPediatric Emergencies – Common Pediatric Emergencies
Obesity in childrenRespiratory system
Micronutrients in Health and disease-1 (Vitamins ADEK, B Complex and C)Anemia and other Hemato-oncologic disorders in children
Micronutrients in Health and disease -2: Iron, Iodine, Calcium, MagnesiumSystemic Pediatrics-Central Nervous system
Toxic elements and free radicals and oxygen toxicityAllergic Rhinitis, Atopic Dermatitis, Bronchial Asthma, Urticaria Angioedema
Fluid and electrolyte balanceChromosomal Abnormalities
Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses (IMNCI) GuidelineEndocrinology
The National Health programs: NHMVaccine-preventable Diseases – Tuberculosis

NEET PG syllabus for Psychiatry

Doctor-patient relationshipPersonality disorders
Mental healthPsychosomatic disorders
Introduction to psychiatryPsychosexual and gender identity disorders
Psychotic disorders (e.g. alcohol and substance abuse disorders, schizophrenia)Psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescence
DepressionMental retardation
Bipolar disordersPsychiatric disorders in the elderly
Anxiety disordersPsychiatric emergencies
Stress-related disordersTherapeutics
Somatoform disorders

NEET PG syllabus for Dermatology

AcneSexually Transmitted Diseases
Papulosquamous disordersDermatitis and Eczema
Lichen PlanusVesicubullous Lesions
ScabiesUrticaria Angioedema
Fungal InfectionsCollagen Vascular disease
Viral infectionsNutritional Deficiencies and Skin
LeprosySystemic diseases and skin

NEET PG syllabus for Radiology

Radiological investigations and Radiation safety

NEET PG syllabus for Radiotherapy

Principles of Radiation Oncology (Radiotherapy)
Radiation Protection
Radiobiology & Chemoradiation
Radiation Treatment Delivery & outcome
Cancer Prevention & Registries

NEET PG Syllabus for Anaesthesia

Anaesthesiology as a specialityPost-anaesthesia recovery
Cardiopulmonary resuscitationIntensive Care Management
Preoperative evaluation and medicationPain and its management
General AnaesthesiaFluids
Regional anaesthesiaPatient safety

NEET PG Exam Pattern 2023

Candidates must be familiar with exam patterns in addition to the NEET PG syllabus. The exam pattern provides insight into the test paper, allowing candidates to plan ahead of time. The following table shows the NEET PG 2023 exam pattern:

Mode of the examinationOnline
Medium of the examinationEnglish (only)
Duration of the examination3.5 hours
Total marks800
Number of questions200
Type of questionsMultiple-choice questions
Negative markingYes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many sections are there in the NEET PG syllabus for 2023?

The NEET PG 2023 syllabus is divided into three sections: preclinical, paraclinical, and clinical.

Which topics will receive the most weightage in the NEET PG 2023 exam?

Although there has been no official announcement regarding weightage, candidates may be able to glean some information from last year’s exam pattern. According to last year’s data, the most weightage is given to Surgery, ENT, Orthopedics & Anesthesia Medicine Dermatology, and so on.

When will the NEET PG 2023 exam be held?

The NEET PG 2023 exam is scheduled for March 5.

Is the NEET PG and MBBS syllabus the same?

The NEET PG syllabus consists primarily of subjects taught in the MBBS programme. The NEET PG syllabus includes topics from the Pre-Clinical, Para-Clinical, and Clinical sections.

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